Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 672

Chapter 672 It Is Time To Show The Real Technology

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In many cases, the reason why Chinese scientific researchers produced little to no results wasnt entirely the researchers fault. A lot of the time, it was because of the industry. After all, having a blueprint was different from having the real thing.

Whether it was the development of science or the development of technology, they both had to move forward coherently.

Lu Zhou hoped he could focus on the theoretical research side and let other people turn his research into a real product.

However, if he only did theoretical research, it might take him decades to see his research come to life.

The next morning, outside the space shuttle assembly center.

After Wang Peng parked the car, he looked at the building before casually asking, What do you plan on doing after the space shuttle goes into space?

When Lu Zhou heard this question, he smiled.

I dont know yet, probably an astronomical observatory station.

Astronomical observatory station? Wang Peng looked at him and said, When did you become interested in the stars?

Astronomical observatory stations arent only used for stars. Theres a branch in physics called astrophysics. For theoretical physics, experimenting is one way to prove conclusions, but it isnt the only way. Especially for problems that are beyond our technical knowledge, the more economical and practical thing to do is to look for clues in space.

Actually, many great discoveries were born this way.

For example, the famous gravitational wave was the result of an astrophysics observation. The existence of gravitational waves was first observed by looking at two black holes, which were 1.3 billion light-years away, being merged into one.

Wang Peng: Sounds like finding a needle in a haystack.

Thats just how scientific research is. Lu Zhou took off his seatbelt and asked, Do you want to look inside with me?

Wang Peng: Is it appropriate for me to go inside?

Lu Zhou smiled.

Come if you want. Its just some metal machines, nothing inappropriate.

After Wang Peng got out of the car, he followed Lu Zhou into this mysterious space shuttle assembly center.

Looking from the outside, the assembly center was protected by high walls, barbed wire, and security guards carrying high power electric batons. However, once they went inside, the assembly center was no different from any other large machining center.

They walked all the way to the center of the factory.

A staff member wearing a hard hat walked toward the two.

The materials from Zhongshan New Materials have arrived, this is the list of materials.

After Lu Zhou was handed the document by the staff member, he glanced at the document and confirmed that all of the necessary materials had arrived. He then picked up a pen and signed his name.

Tell the people in the warehouse to bring the materials here.


The staff member nodded and quickly walked toward the warehouse.

Lu Zhou gestured to Wang Peng, and they continued to walk around the factory.

Wang Peng looked around the factory building.

The last time he came here, everything was still inside various boxes. But now, they were neatly placed around the building.

The only thing he didnt understand was, all the things were here, but where were all the workers?

Are these machines going to work by themselves?

Wang Peng was confused. He looked around the factory before looking at Lu Zhou.

Work is starting today?

Lu Zhou nodded and gave a simple answer.

Yeah, China National Nuclear Corporation sent the blueprints here yesterday, I plan on testing them.

Wang Peng couldnt help but ask.

Then how come there arent any workers here?

Lu Zhou smiled and replied, Because we dont need them.

Wang Peng paused for a second. He didnt realize what was going on.

However, soon after, he knew what Lu Zhou was talking about.

He saw a large automated logistics vehicle that was parked at the unloading point.

Then, a group of small AGV logistics vehicles moved like ants, swarming to the pile of materials. They began to grab, transport, and place the materials. It was a dazzling sight.

However, this was just the beginning.

The AGV vehicles were like red blood cells in blood vessels, sending important chemicals to the organs.

Soon after, an alloy sheet was molded into a generator set casing. The casing was then transported to another industrial robot.

After that, a few robotic arms began to fill the interior of the metal shell with the generator set components, such as the stabilizer and heating device. They worked at an incredible speed. After that, they quietly waited for the magnetic coil robot to send over its component

The production process was filled with neural networks, deep learning, and sensors. Every part of the production line was completely controlled by artificial intelligence, which maximized its efficiency.

The only place in the production line that needed physical workers was the loading and unloading of large logistic vehicles.

Wang Peng stood next to Lu Zhou. His facial expression didnt change much, but deep inside, he was totally astonished.

After a while, he murmured, If these robots become mainstream, people are all going to lose their jobs.

Lu Zhou smiled.

Youre overthinking it. Even in developed countries, it would be impossible to completely popularize this kind of equipment. Also, if this becomes popularized one day, it might be a good thing.

Production technology improvements would move labor workers to a higher level. Even though this would bring a series of social problems in the short term, it would benefit the development of civilizations in the long run.

Lu Zhou was about to say something when a technician walked into the factory.

Professor, someone outside is looking for you.

Lu Zhou looked at the technician.


They said theyre from the Navy Equipment Research Institute. I think the leader is Academician Zhang Jianrong.

Academician Zhang Jianrong?

Lu Zhou vaguely remembered hearing this name before, but he forgot from where.

He remembered that this old man seemed to be in battleship power research and was an alumnus of Fuyang Institute Construction Material Laboratory. He was also good friends with Li Jiangang.

Regardless, since the old man came all the way from Beijing, Lu Zhou should give him some respect.

Therefore, Lu Zhou reluctantly walked away from the factory machines and looked at the technician.

Bring me there.