Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 681

Chapter 681 Luo Wenxuan Is Lovestruck?

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Because of Kong Jie, Luo Wenxuan recently liked to visit Lu Zhous office. Hed either come for some coffee or talk about some difficult problems with Lu Zhou.

Honestly speaking, even though Lu Zhou was too lazy to care about this guys love life, Luo Wenxuan was the type of guy who went through 5 girlfriends in a month, and this made Lu Zhou slightly worried. If Luo Wenxuan really started dating his assistant, Lu Zhou was afraid it would end badly

Speaking of which, Lu Zhou was quite puzzled since Luo Wenxuan mentioned before that he never dated people from his workplace.

Somehow, he changed?

Fortunately, Luo Wenxuans pickup tricks didnt work every time. At least from Lu Zhous perspective, Assistant Kong had no interest in Luo Wenxuans attention-grabbing behaviors. She only concentrated on her work.

Even though Luo Wenxuan was a bit frustrated, Lu Zhou was relieved.

However, Lu Zhou was getting tired of his shenanigans.

Therefore, on the last day of September, Lu Zhou couldnt help it anymore. He put down his cup of coffee and sighed.

Do you know what Edward Witten said about you?

Luo Wenxuan, who was bothering Lu Zhou with a discussion about the electrostrong interaction, paused for a second.

What did he say?

He said that if you spent half of your womanizing energy on physics, physics would be your lover.

There was something else Lu Zhou didnt say.

Witten once thought that Luo Wenxuan was the best student who could take on Wittens torch and carry forward the M theory, but unfortunately, it took Luo Wenxuan a billion years just to graduate

Of course, this would be too hurtful to say out loud, so Lu Zhou thought that it would be better to never tell him.


Witten thinks this highly of me?

Lu Zhou: ???

You think he thinks highly of you?!

Anyway, give me a break! Im already in my thirties! If I give up on this opportunity, who knows how long itll take for me to find my true love

Go figure it out yourself!

Han Mengqi peeped in their direction, but she couldnt hear what they were talking about.

Suddenly, they heard a knock outside the office door.

Lin Yuxiang, who was sitting near the door, saw Dean Qin appear at the front of the door with a smile while holding a vacuum flask in his hand.

Oh, Professor Luo, youre here too, Im not interrupting your discussion, am I?

Nope. Lu Zhou leaned back and sighed. This guy is going a bit crazy these days, Im enlightening him Whats up?

Dean Qin smiled and said, Theres some stuff I have to tell you, its regarding the faculty event in October.

Faculty event?

Lu Zhou was confused.

What event?

Field trip.

Field trip?

Yeah. Dean Qin nodded and sat down on the sofa. He smiled and said, This autumn season field trip is jointly organized by our mathematics department and the foreign languages institute. Faculty members below the age of thirty are encouraged to participate. Its designed to provide a chance for the faculty members to relax and take a break from the stressful workplace Of course, the main part is to let you young people get to know each other.

So its a group date?

Dean Qin: You can think about it that way, but the main part is to give everyone a chance to go out. Everyone will stay at the Purple Mountain Hotel for a night. Ive been there a couple of times, the environment and scenery are nice. What do you think? Are you interested?

Actually, there was one thing the dean didnt mention. For faculty events like this, especially between departments, it was mainly hosted to help the single employees find their partners.

After all, universities and academia was a closed circle. Compared to other professions, there werent many opportunities to contact the outside world. Especially for some of the more introverted scholars, without these faculty events, they might never find their partners.

As for Lu Zhous relationship situation

There had been countless people trying to find him a partner

Lu Zhou felt a little suspicious. He felt like Dean Qin was hiding something.

Lu Zhou shook his head and said, Oh well, Im probably not going to go, you guys have fun.

Dean Qin knew Lu Zhou would say this.

You have tons of time for research, but you cant even spend one day to socialize? Socializing is good for research!

Lin Yuxiang was eavesdropping on the conversation, and she walked over with a cup of instant coffee and nodded. She said, Yeah, its much better than staying at home.

Lu Zhou said, Im not staying at home.

Dean Qin: Staying at your office is the same! Youre young, go out and have some fun.

Lu Zhou went silent for a while and sighed.

Okay then If Im not busy, then Ill go.

He really wasnt good at rejecting people.

Especially when it came to things that werent too troublesome for him to do.

Yay! Lin Yuxiang held up a victory sign and smiled at Dean Qin. She said, Dean Qin, can assistants go as well?

Dean Qin smiled and replied, You can apply if you want to!

When Luo Wenxuan heard that anyone could sign up, he quickly poked Lu Zhous arm. He pointed at himself and looked desperate.

Lu Zhou rolled his eyes and cleared his throat.

Who else wants to go?

The office went silent for a while.

Other than Lin Yuxiang, no one else held their hand up.

This made sense

After all, this was for faculty and staff members; students didnt want to go. As for the low-level assistants, they werent interested either.

Lu Zhou gave Luo Wenxuan a helpless expression.

Suddenly, an arm went up.

Umm Me.

Lu Zhou looked over and saw Han Mengqi with her hand up in the air.

Lu Zhou looked at her face and asked, You want to go as well?

Han Mengqis face turned red, and she quickly nodded.


Lin Yuxiang looked at Han Mengqis reddened face. She blinked and pretended to be dumb as she said, But Youre not a staff member, right?


Compared to Lin Yuxiang, Han Mengqi was too innocent. Even though she wanted to say something, she couldnt think of anything.

Dean Qin waved his hand and smiled as he said, Its fine, its fine. Graduate students can go as well. Youre all young people anyway. Its healthier to go out than staying in the office all day!

Lin Yuxiang was a little disappointed, but Han Mengqi felt relieved.

Originally, Han Mengqi didnt want to go

It was just that she was worried about Lin Yuxiang being with Lu Zhou alone.

After all, Lu Zhou was Mengqis future brother-in-law!

1Han Mengqi picked up the pen and wrote down her name on Dean Qins registration form.

Luo Wenxuan, who was standing next to Lu Zhous desk, looked heartbroken.

Even though Assistant Kong wasnt interested in signing up, he still put down his name.

Ill just go to clear my mind.

Luo Wenxuan sighed and handed the registration form to Lu Zhou. He then turned around and left.