Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 682

Chapter 682 Yikes

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Autumn was the most beautiful season in Jinling.

The summer heat was still blasting through the tree branches yesterday, but in just a blink of an eye, the golden autumn leaves already covered the ground. A group of young people stepped on the golden ginkgo leaves scattered across the mountain asphalt roads.

Im so tired.

Who told you to come in high heels?

I thought the bus would take us to the hotel, who knew we would have to walk there Ah, this is so painful.

Look, theres actually quite a few handsome guys from the mathematics department.

Oh, look, Professor Lu is there

Lu Zhou didnt know why, but he felt like someone behind him was staring at him.

And it wasnt just one person staring.

Wang Peng was walking next to Lu Zhou. He looked at the mountains and suddenly said, Ive lived in Jinling for nearly two years now, but its my first time coming here.

Luo Wenxuan said, Ah, thats nothing, I was here for four years for my bachelors, and two years for my masters, and I havent been here either.

Two years for your masters? Wang Peng looked surprised.

Yeah, I received an offer from Princeton in my second year, so I went there instead.

Luo Wenxuan was quite proud of this.

Even at a top university like Jin Ling, being able to receive a PhD offer from the well-known Professor Edward Witten was an extraordinary accomplishment.

As expected, Lin Yuxiang, who was next to them, clapped her hands.


Luo Wenxuans ego was through the roof.

Haha, yeah.

Lu Zhou couldnt help but say, Then you took six years to graduate?

Luo Wenxuan coughed.

Thats because Witten loves to Ok, can we not talk about this?

Han Mengqi was nearby. When she heard their conversation, she couldnt help but chuckle. Other professors from the mathematics department also smiled.

The atmosphere was full of joy, and Luo Wenxuan quickly changed the topic. He began to talk about the things he experienced at CERN and his internship at the Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Lu Zhou had to admit, this guy had a lot of experience. Lu Zhou had always wanted to go to Brookhaven National Laboratory, but the closest he got was talking with Professor Wilczek about the 750 GeV signal at a cafe near the laboratory.

After walking for about five or six kilometers, they took a break at a gazebo. After that, they walked some more. Finally, they reached their destination.

The name of the hotel was simple. It was named after the Purple Mountain. The decor was elegant. Apparently, there was also a spa, but Lu Zhou didnt know if it was manmade or natural.

After the mathematics department arrived at the hotel, they did their usual check-ins. After a while, the foreign language department also arrived at the hotel.

Lu Zhou looked around the hotel while holding his room key. Roughly speaking, the foreign language department was similar to the mathematics department. Other than some older professors who were still in good shape, most of them were young people. The only difference was that the sex ratios were the exact opposite, and they were on the younger side. There were even a couple of beautiful foreign teachers.

Because there were so many people, Lu Zhou originally didnt want to go. However, Dean Qins invitation made it difficult for him to refuse.

Besides, he had finished most of the work for the upcoming bid. The fusion battery improvements were also in its final stage. Since he wasnt as busy with work anymore, it was time for him to get some rest.

This was what Chen Yushan told him over the phone last night.

This was just a way for him to get some rest.

Lu Zhou picked up his luggage and was about to go upstairs.

Suddenly, the hotel manager walked into the lobby and smiled at the faculty members.

You guys are all from Jin Ling University, right? Welcome!

Dean Qin seemed to know the manager. He went up and shook the managers hand.

Manager Song, youre too kind.

This is nothing, our little hotel is honored to accommodate these scholars.

Dean Qin smiled and said, This hotel is not little at all.

Manager Song smiled and didnt say anything. He looked at Lu Zhou, who was standing behind Dean Qin. He had a surprised expression when he said, You are Professor Lu?

Lu Zhou was a little shocked. Even though he had been on the news a few times, he was rarely recognized in public.

Yeah, nice to meet you.

Lu Zhou smiled politely.

Its an honor, Manager Song shook Lu Zhous hand and said, I didnt expect you to be here.

You know of me?

Of course I do, my daughter worships you. She follows and comments on your Weibo all the time.

Dad, said a teenage girl who was hiding behind Manager Song. She pulled her dads arm and said, Please stop.

Lu Zhou didnt expect to meet his fans here. He smiled awkwardly.

Ah, I guess this is the downside of being famous?

Lu Zhou asked, How old are you?

The girl blushed and said, Im in middle school.

Browsing Weibo in middle school?

Thats not good.

Lu Zhou began to lecture her.

Dont spend all your time on Weibo, make sure you keep your studies up and try to get into a good high school.


The girl nodded.

It seemed like the girl took Lu Zhous advice seriously.

Lu Zhou smiled and continued to ask, By the way, what did you comment on my Weibo?

The girl went silent.

Manager Song smiled and patted his daughters shoulder.

Go on, Im curious as well, you never let me see your phone.

The girl hesitated for a long time and looked at Lu Zhou. She finally replied in a small voice, Stuff like yikes

Theyre all commenting on it, so I commented on it as well. I mean, youre actually pretty handsome, so

The lobby went silent for a second.

Luo Wenxuan nearly laughed out loud. Han Mengqi covered her mouth with her hands and turned around. She tried to control her laugh, which made her look as if she were in pain.

As for Lu Zhou, he was muddled.


The hell is yikes?

Manager Song suddenly pulled his daughter aside.

What the hell is this?

Didnt you tell me to say it? the girl said.

Dean Qin coughed and tried to diffuse the situation. He said, Shes just a kid, Im sure Professor Lu wont take it to heart.

Lu Zhou:

Lu Zhou obviously didnt care about what a kid said.

After all, he was quite confident in his looks.

However, Manager Song seemed a little unhappy.

Due to this incidence, during lunchtime, the teachers tables were given some extra delicious steamed crabs. Even Lu Zhou, who normally didnt like seafood, ate several plates full of crabs.

This stuff pairs well with alcohol, Old Tang said as he munched on a crab leg while drinking rice wine.

Another professor replied, Haha, should we come back in the spring?

To Purple Mountain again?

Okay then, Ill organize our next trip, we can go Beidaihe instead.

Beidaihe in spring? What a horrible idea.

While the mathematics professors were chatting, Lu Zhou quietly ate his crabs. He suddenly remembered something.

Oh yeah, what are we doing in the afternoon?

Professor Tang, who was filling his drink, said, I think were going on a hike.


Sounds so boring.

Lu Zhou thought for a bit before asking, Can I not go?

Professor Tang smiled and said, Of course you can, but the evening barbecue is at the top of the mountain. Let me tell you, Old Lu went to the villages and bought several barrels of fish just for this. It would be a shame if you missed this barbecue!

When Lu Zhou heard there would be grilled fish, he hesitated for a second.

Even though he wasnt interested in hiking, he was quite interested in eating.

Especially when it came to barbecued fish

Then I guess Ill go.