Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 685

Chapter 685 Only Kids Do Multiple Choice Questions

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The faculty field trip lasted two days. On the morning of the third day, the bus stopped at the hotel entrance. The faculty members then went on their way back to Jin Ling University.

Lu Zhou didnt do any research over the past two days, and his trip to Purple Mountain relaxed him quite a bit. His stress from the beginning of the year was finally relieved.

As Lu Zhou sat on the bus with his head leaning against the window, he began to reminisce about this field trip. He heard Dean Qin and the dean of the foreign language department talk about something in the back of the bus.

Around five to six couples.

Five to six, not bad.

Looks like well be attending some weddings next year.

Oh yeah, did Professor Lu from the mathematics department find a partner yet?

I dont know, the female counselor from your department seems to like him, who knows if theyre a thing or not.

Ill go ask.

Lu Zhou was sitting in front of them. His eyebrows furrowed, and he coughed heavily.

The two old men didnt realize Lu Zhou was sitting so close to them. They then laughed awkwardly and stopped talking.

After Lu Zhou got out of the car, he went straight to the mathematics department building. On his way there, he called Chen Yushan.

She quickly picked up. A pleasant voice traveled through the phone.

How was it? Did you have fun?

It was fun.

Chen Yushan smirked and said, Thats good, youre always in the laboratory, Im worried that something is going to go wrong.

Lu Zhou: Nothing is going to go wrong, when I was in Princeton, I stayed at home for a month or two at a time. Nothing happened other than my skin getting paler. Oh yeah, when I went to the Purple Mountain hotel this time, I ran into Liu Wanshan.

Chen Yushan curiously asked, Liu Wanshan? The boss of Zhongshan New Materials? You guys are talking business again?

Not quite, we just chatted. Lu Zhou paused for a second and said, Theres going to be an alternative energy vehicle summit in Jinling in a few days. I want to go, try to see if you can get me an invitation.

Even though Liu Wanshan had spare invitations, Lu Zhou didnt want to use them.

It wasnt like Lu Zhou couldnt get an invitation himself.

Chen Yushan replied concisely, Ok, Ill ask them, there should be no problem.

Lu Zhou nodded and said, Okay, thanks.

After the phone call ended, Lu Zhou arrived at his office.

Unsurprisingly, Luo Wenxuan was already here. He was talking with Kong Jie about the various methods of processing coffee beans. Kong Jie had a professional smile on her face, and she clearly wasnt interested in talking with Luo Wenxuan. Unfortunately, Luo Wenxuan didnt notice this.

Lu Zhou shook his head and interrupted Luo Wenxuans chattering.

Stop interrupting my assistants work.

Luo Wenxuan realized what he was doing, so he looked at Assistant Kong and smiled awkwardly.

Oh? Im sorry.

Its fine, enjoy your coffee.

Kong Jie smiled conservatively and didnt say anything else. She then turned around and left.

Luo Wenxuan looked at her walking away and reluctantly glanced at Lu Zhou. He lowered his voice and said, This is not a good time to come here.

Lu Zhou rolled his eyes and said, Are you crazy, this is my office, your office is in the building next door.

No, I meant, couldnt you have gone home and put your luggage there? Luo Wenxuan scratched his head and said, I thought you werent coming here today.

Unfortunately, I dont have that much free time. Lu Zhou sat down at his desk and tapped on his keyboard. Soon, the printer next to him began to hum.

Several warm sheets of paper with freshly printed ink on them were pushed out of the printer. Lu Zhou grabbed the stack of papers and patted it on Luo Wenxuans shoulder as he said, However, congratulations to you, your vacation is also over.

Whats this? Luo Wenxuan took the stack of A4 papers from Lu Zhou and glanced at it. He looked shocked. He said, East Loop project is about to begin?

The so-called East Loop project was to build a large circular orbital hadron collider in outer space. Lu Zhou was the project sponsor, and the project had already passed the preliminary review stage, and it was now entering the review stage.

So far, there were two plans. One was to find a suitable area on the surface on the moon, and the other was to build it in geosynchronous orbit. The former depended on their ability to deliver payloads to the moon, while the latter depended on their ability to construct large orbital space stations. Neither of them was easy.


This project passed the preliminary examinations.

Luo Wenxuan was astonished.

Lu Zhou looked at him and chuckled as he said, When have I ever joked about academic things with you? I talked the talk, now Im walking the walk.

Lu Zhou paused for a second. He then continued, This project has already entered the design stage. We will cooperate with many units, like the Institute of Physics and the Institute of Mathematics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, as well as the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, Institute of High Energy Physics, etc. I want you to work in Beijing for a while.

Beijing Like a business trip?

Yeah, what, you dont want to go?

Not that, its just Luo Wenxuan looked a little distressed as he said, Youre not going to send me away just for a little matter like this, right?

Looking at how uncomfortable Luo Wenxuan was, Lu Zhou smiled in his mind.

Its your fault for drinking coffee in my office all day, now are you happy?

Of course, Lu Zhou didnt purposely want to ruin Luo Wenxuans potential love life He didnt even have time to take care of his own love life.

However, Luo Wenxuans actions had been starting to get a little ridiculous.

Just in case, Lu Zhou felt like it would be good for him to leave and calm down for a while.

Come on, its Beijing were talking about. This is just a business trip, youll be back in six months. I think going away and calming down is good for you, Lu Zhou said as he looked at Luo Wenxuans reluctant face. He knew Luo Wenxuan wasnt going to be obedient, so he said, If theres any work progress, you can report it directly to Assistant Kong.

Luo Wenxuan paused for a second. He suddenly smiled, and he looked grateful as he said, Bro, thanks!

Lu Zhou frowned and warned him.

Im warning you, work is the most important thing.

Luo Wenxuan smiled and said, Rest assured, I know exactly whats important!

Lu Zhou:

I hope so.

However, even though Luo Wenxuan spoke frivolously, he had never let Lu Zhou down.

When Lu Zhou thought about this, he felt a little more confident.

Luo Wenxuan: Then Ill leave Oh yeah.

Lu Zhou: What?

Luo Wenxuan stared at the A4 papers in his hand and hesitated for a bit before he said, The 750 GeV signal Its been so long, have you still not given up?

Even though the 750 GeV signal wasnt on the East Loop project plan, Luo Wenxuans intuition told him that this project was made for the 750 GeV signal.

Or at least part of the project was for this signal

Lu Zhou paused for a second and smirked.

Have you seen me ever give up on anything?