Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 70

Chapter 70 Proving Zhous Conjecture

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After being delayed by Professor Tang, Lu Zhou walked out of the lecture hall and was immediately surrounded by a group of school girls.

Fine, there were some guys there as well. However, when the guys saw the crowd of girls, they did not want to squeeze in.

Genius, how do you do so well at advanced algebra? I think its so hard. Is there any techniques you can teach me?

Brother! Brother, I heard that getting the national first level prize increased your chances of getting into a masters degree? Is it true? I heard getting the Higher Education Society Cup

Are you still participating in the competition next year? Are you missing a teammate? I can write a thesis! I won the high school debate competition!

Brother Zhou, do you have WeChat? Can you add me~

Lu Zhou was barraged with so many questions that he was muddled.

I know Im handsome, but you dont have to be this enthusiastic.

Im embarrassed

After he finally got rid of the students, he carried his laptop bag and went to the library.

Chen Yushan was studying politics for the past few days. As it was mainly rote learning, she did not go to the library.

Perfect, Lu Zhou did not have the time to speak to her anyway.

Although the theorem was printed in Lu Zhous mind, it still took a lot of effort to sort out the argument process. It would take three to four A4 pages just to write it all down.

If he wanted others to understand his theorem, he would have to understand it himself first.

The final thesis could not be three or four pages long, but it had to be twice as long so that people could understand.

Moreover, Professor Tangs research was not about number theory, so this time there was no one available to edit his thesis. If he wanted to pass review the first time, he had to give 100 percent of his focus and restored every vague theorem given by the system, so the academic reviewer could not find a single mistake.

[Discussion On The Distribution Law Of Mersenne Prime Numbers And Proof Of Zhous Conjecture]

[Abstract: This paper studies the distribution law of Mersenne prime numbers and proves that when 2^(2^n) < P < 2^(2^(n+1)), MP has 2^(n+1)-1, prime numbers are established. Based on this argument, it is proved that when 2^(2^(n+1)), Mp has 2^(n+2)-n-2 prime numbers. ]

Lu Zhou typed a space in the thesis body before he jumped to the cited documents and typed a line of text.

[Citation: The distribution law of Mersenne prime numbers [J]. Zhou Haizhong. Journal of Yixian University (Natural Science Edition). 1992 (04)]

He only needed to cite one literature.

For twenty years, countless mathematicians and researchers in number theory had repeatedly tried to verify this theorem, but none of them succeeded. Even Mr. Zhou, who made this conjecture/approximation himself, who had been studying for so many years, could not give a proper proof of this conjecture.

This was the charm of number theory. Number theory was like an apple on the tree. Both mathematics and math enthusiasts were fascinated by its red color. Eventually, a tall man would come and pick the apple.

Lu Zhou stopped typing and picked up a pen.

He entered a special state where he forgot about everything else.

The only thing that existed was the paper and the pen.

The infinite prime numbers were magnified under his pen tip and converged into an equation. Numbers and symbols merged into a spell that weaved magic and described the truth of the universe.

Time slowly passed by.

Pieces of fully written draft paper slowly covered the table.

Soon, it was time for lunch.

The guys who were studying for the graduate entrance exam stretched and they were ready to get up and go to the cafeteria to eat. Suddenly, they noticed the draft paper laying on Lu Zhous table. When they saw the calculations on the paper, they were shocked.

What question is this nutty?

Why does it take so many pages to calculate it?

He looks young, probably an undergraduate student. Is there such a difficult undergraduate mathematics question?

He looked over and saw that it was a number theory problem. However, when he looked further down, he could not understand it. On one hand, Lu Zhous handwriting was like a dragondancing1. On the other hand, he did not research number theory, so he was not well-versed with it.

He was full of curiosity and was about to ask what Lu Zhou was doing when he suddenly noticed the title of the document on Lu Zhuos laptop.

Zhous conjecture?

His curiosity was gone.

Oh, a crazy person.

Another idiot who is obsessed with mathematics.

That guy said in his heart before he took his backpack and left.

Although it not the direction of his research, he still knew a little about this topic.

For twenty years, number theory mathematicians all over the world had studied more or less the special prime numbers of Mersenne twin prime and Fermat prime. After all, this was a key topic of the century. Anyone that had studied Mersenne primes had tried to prove Zhous conjecture.

Not a single person succeeded.

Before one could even think about picking the apple from the tree, one had to know that no one even brought a ladder!

It would be impossible for an undergraduate student to proof it.

Lu Zhou was completely immersed in his calculations. He did not even notice the guy next to him. He barely even noticed time or hunger. Those external factors were all annihilated by the mathematics calculations.

Lu Zhou did not know when it began, but he was used to this unhealthy way of studying.

By the time Lu Zhou wrote down the last calculation, the view outside the window was completely dark.

Breathing a sigh of relief, he leaned back in his chair and felt as if his whole body had collapsed.

On the one hand, he was tired.

On the other, he was hungry.

I cant believe I forgot about eating It seems that Ive become an immortal.

This thesis was much more difficult than [Optimal Inversion Theory Of Linear Operators And Linear Functions]. The academic value of this thesis was also higher. Fortunately, the core of the thesis had already been done. Now, he only had to copy the content on the A4 papers onto the computer and his thesis would be done.

Lu Zhou rubbed his stomach. He was about to stand up and tidy the draft papers when a list of numbers on a draft paper caught his attention.


Lu Zhou took his pen and circled the numbers on the draft paper. He then started to arrange them.

The two sets of numbers after alignment were all twin prime numbers.

Lu Zhou frowned and clicked his pen.

He wrote down two equations before quickly crossing them out.

The famous Polignac conjecture had an infinite number of prime pairs (p, p+2k) for all natural numbers k. When k=1, it was a twin prime approximation. The study of the distribution law of Mersenne prime numbers, in a certain sense, also provided an idea for solving the problem of infinite twin prime numbers.

He seemed to have discovered something while trying to prove Zhous conjecture.

He pinched his glabella and felt a headache.

I dont have a train of thought at all

His flash of inspiration was gone and he had missed the opportunity.

F*ck sake!

As expected, number theory isnt something ordinary people can play with.

System, give your user some inspiration.

Lu Zhou said in his heart but the system did not respond.


Guess vague problem solving was not part of the systems abilities.

Student, the library is about to close.

Lu Zhou suddenly realized that the librarian was standing next to him. He looked around and saw that he was the only student left in the library.

Oh, sorry, Ill pack up right now, said Lu Zhou as he smiled apologetically and reached for the draft papers on the table.

He could not study for much longer anyway.

Ill go out and eat something.