Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 71

Chapter 71 You Cant Even Imagine The Joyfulness Of A Genius Student

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Lu Zhou took half a day to organize the contents of the manuscript on A4 paper, inputted it into the computer, and completed the rest of the thesis. It took him two and a half days just to translate it into English.

In total it took four days. Lu Zhou had finally turned the drawings in his head into a thesis and he even converted the thesis into PDF format.

Next was thesis submission.

Lu Zhou had thousands of choices and his final selection was the [Mathematics Chronicle] journal.

The journal was published by Princeton University and was published in the journals of Johns Hopkins University Press in the 1990s. Mainly, it published theoretical mathematical research papers. It covered a wide range of topics and had a pivotal position in the academic circle. The impact factor was also quite large.

In fact, Lu Zhou originally had a better choice. For example, the [Journal of Number Theory], which specialized in the publication of number theory had a higher authority in the field of number theory. However, the impact factor was slightly lower and it also carried a charge for the processing of the thesis.

Americans are so stingy, said Lu Zhou as he shook his head and uploaded his thesis onto the website of [Mathematics Chronicle] before entering his email.

He did not know if the system could make him cut in front of the thesis review line but he hoped that it would not delay his mission for too long.

The mathematical modeling competition prize money was finally released and the total amount was 15,000 yuan. Of which, 10,000 yuan was given by the school directly to Lu Zhou and the other 5000 yuan was with Wang Xiaodong.

Lu Zhou was surprised to hear that Lin Yuxiang gave up on the prize money.

Even though Wang Xiaodong wanted to give her half of his money, she smiled and refused.

He did not know what the girl was thinking

The first thing Lu Zhou did after the team was disbanded was to block her from his news feed.

He had spent so much money on the artificial intelligence Eye that he was glad that finally got some money back.

According to the agreement, he bought food for his three roommates.

These three animals were not polite at all. The first thing they did was to ask for half a box of beer, a plate of grilled fish, and five side dishes.

The food came and Shi Shang opened a bottle. He then took turns and filled the everyones cups with beer. Finally, he took his cup and looked at Lu Zhou.

Zhou, you were a scrub at first, but now youre a god. You still remember this meal, which means you havent forgotten us. I respect you.

Its just a dinner. You guys have bought me food before, why are you being so cringy now, said Lu Zhou. He smiled and once he cheered Shi Shang, Lu Zhou drank the whole cup.

Huang Guangming also raised his cup, Zhou, Ill cheer you as well. No reason, I just want to be happy.

No need, no need, said Lu Zhou as he raised his hands and cheered Huang Guangming.

Liu Rui also raised his cup, Congratulations

Thank you! said Lu Zhou said.

Regardless of the complex meaning behind Liu Ruis congratulations, everyone was roommates and brothers.

Lu Zhou cheered Liu Rui and drank the whole cup.

With beer running low and the dishes almost finished, Shi Shang sighed with a belly full of alcohol.


Whats up?

Ive recently been thinking of a problem.

Ask away.

Whats it like being a genius student? asked Shi Shang as he sighed. He stared at the bottles of beer and said, Insanely high exam marks, guaranteed masters entrance, scholarships

Perhaps it was because Shi Shang read some books in the library or perhaps it was because of the alcohol but Shi Shang had been thinking about the philosophy of life. Huang Guangming always said that he would take him to psychological counseling, but he never went.

Regardless, Shi Shangs question hit the spot.

The two animals next to him pretended to eat but their ears were open wide. Especially Liu Rui. He even stopped moving his chopsticks as he waited for the genius experience.

Lu Zhou shook his empty cup and burped.

He was slightly blushing because of alcohol. He coughed and slowly said, You think, being a genius is fun?

I understand. Youre actually not happy, right? Tired, right? said Shi Shang as he sighed.

No, said Lu Zhou as he shook his head. He continued, I meant that Being a genius is great. You cant even imagine the joyfulness of being a genius.

Shi Shang: ? ? ?

Huang Guangming: ? ? ?

Liu Rui: ? ? ?

By the time they went back to the dorm, it was already seven oclock at night.

Liu Rui was again carried back and he fell unconscious on the mat. Shi Shangs alcohol tolerance was quite good. Even though he drank six or seven bottles, when the class leader called him to play basketball, he went.

What a guy. How can you even play basketball after drinking so much?

Drunken basketball?

This time it was Huang Guangming that carried Liu Rui to the toilet. Lu Zhou climbed in bed, opened his laptop, and went on the [Mathematics Chronicle] website.

Without any surprise, the status of his thesis had become [Under Review].

It seemed that his guess was correct.

Not just ordinary missions, but even with the reward missions as well, the system would help him save time. As for how the system did it Lu Zhou decided not to bother it with that question.

It would only hurt his head!

When he logged onto his email, he saw that the authorization file had already been sent.

Lu Zhou completed the authorization file as required before uploading it onto the website.

Next was the long peer review. He had to wait for an academic editor to free up and verify his certification process. Unlike his previous papers, this paper involved a proof for an important conjecture, so it would take longer to review.

Academic editors would be extra cautious in reviewing and would not miss any mistakes. It was because once a wrong proof theorem was published, it was not just a joke, but it would seriously damage the academic reputation of the journal.

Of course, his thesis could be sent to a master of mathematics and that master could finish the review within a day. However, the probability of it happening was very low.

Lu Zhou went back to his dorm and opened his laptop. He chatted with his artificial retardation bot Xiao Ai before he went to check the Campus Train bug reports.

When Lu Zhou saw the stagnated user number, he did not anything.

He ignored the messages that were asking for thesis help. As always, there were no error or bug reports.


I dont have to release an update.

Lu Zhou closed the developer website and logged onto the Academic Affairs Office website. He was about to look at his class timetable when a notice caught his attention.

A Twin prime conjecture lecture will be held at 9 am tomorrow

Lu Zhou saw the words of twin prime number and suddenly remembered his inspiration from when he was writing the thesis on Zhous conjecture.

He was so busy with the submission of the thesis that totally forgot about his accidental discovery.

Now that he thought about it, it was pretty interesting.

I dont have class tomorrow morning anyway, maybe I should listen to this lecture. Ill get partial credit for it, thought Lu Zhou. To sign up, he entered his student number and password.

Speaker is Ren Changming I think Ive seen this name? thought Lu Zhou as he stared at it for a long time but he could not remember.

In a mathematics textbook?

Or I read it online?

Who cares. This doesnt matter.

Lu Zhou shook his head and threw a towel over his shoulder before picked up his basket of laundry and went to the bathroom.