Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 717

Chapter 717 Ares Project

[Shocked! American Begins "Ares" Project, Their Goal Is Mars!]

Inside the office at the end of the corridor, Jin Ling University mathematics department.

Lu Zhou was sitting at his desk drinking coffee while browsing the Internet. He happened to read this eye-catching headline.

After he read the full article, he shook his head and smiled.

"It looks like the Americans are intrigued."

According to the news article, NASA would begin the "Ares" Mars-colonization project within this year, and they would dismantle the entire project into several sub-projects and allocate them to Space-X, Blue Origin, and other aerospace companies around the United States and the world.

According to the disclosed information, the entire project was divided into three parts. The first part was to deliver life-supporting machines to the surface of Mars.

After they confirmed that the life-supporting machines would work properly, the second launch plan would begin.

Which was, to launch a manned spacecraft to Mars and send 2-3 astronauts to prepare for future colonization plans.

Lu Zhou was surprised to see this sudden announcement from NASA. He was shocked that the United States Congress approved the budget so quickly.

However, he also knew why this was happening.

Not only had China implemented a series of aerospace policies, but Skyglows ion thruster propulsion technology had been wildly successful. This definitely triggered the United States.

Not to mention the Garden project and the manned moon landing project happening in mid-February. Not only did the White House witness Chinas determination to explore space resources, but the White House was also frightened by it.

After all, space technology wasnt just about national defenses; it was also about honor and glory.

Therefore, NASA didnt have any problems with the United States Congressional Budget Office.

On the other hand, even though NASA was being overly ambitious, Lu Zhou still had to admit that the United States was a strong aerospace opponent.

In the 1960s, they completed the initial flight for Saturn V, with a low-Earth orbit carrying capacity of up to 140 tons and a success rate of 13/13. As a substitute for the Saturn V, the SLS system was known as the strongest launch vehicle in history.

In contrast, the Long March V, which China flew for the first time in 2016, only had a low-Earth orbit carrying capacity of 25 tons and a 1/2 success rate.

Even though the ion thruster propulsion system used by Skyglow was a huge achievement, the low-Earth orbit carrying capacity was only 50 tons. Due to the relatively lower thrust from the ion thrusters, it was very difficult to increase the carrying capacity.

More importantly, he wasnt the only one researching ion thrusters.

Before he left Princeton, the PPPL was working on the development of Hall-effect thrusters for deep space navigation beyond the Moon

Lu Zhou put down his coffee cup. He was about to end his lunch break and get back to work when he heard footsteps from outside the room. Soon after, he heard knocking sounds.

Before Lin Yuxiang could get up and open the door, a clear voice traveled through the office.

"Long time no see, Professor Lu."

"Secretary Yang?" Lu Zhou stopped writing and looked toward the office door. He stood up and asked, "Why are you here?"

Secretary Yang was the second highest-ranked official from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Lu Zhou briefly interacted with him at the states dinner. The Blue Hall party in Stockholm and the international controllable fusion conferences invitations were sent by him, on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to Lu Zhou.

Unfortunately, Lu Zhou wasnt able to go.

"Im here to see you." The old man smiled and walked into the office. "I purposely came during lunch break. Im not interrupting your work, am I?"

"No, please sit down Lin Yuxiang, get us some tea."


Assistant Lin had worked at the office for more than a year, so she knew exactly what to do.

Within five minutes, a cup of hot tea and a cup of instant coffee were placed on the coffee table.

Secretary Yang sat across from Lu Zhou. He took a sip before saying, "This is good tea."

Lu Zhou smiled awkwardly and didnt say anything.

He didnt know what to say.

After all, he normally didnt drink tea. Every year, he would bring back some tea from Beijing for the mathematics department professors.

The tea in the office was actually cheap tea bought in the supermarket

Secretary Yang put the teacup down and looked at Lu Zhou. He then smiled and said, "You like coffee?"

Lu Zhou coughed and said, "Kind of, tea is too weak for me. I like the strong taste of the coffee."

Secretary Yang smiled and said, "Haha, I knew you liked coffee, thats why I brought some of the coffee beans my international friends gave me."

Lu Zhou quickly said, "Dont do this. Im not used to grinding coffee beans. I only drink instant coffee."

"You have quite a unique taste. Okay then, Ill keep the coffee beans for myself." Secretary Yang smiled and shook his head. He paused for a second and said, "The reason why I came to Jinling is that theres an important diplomatic summit here. Also, I wanted to ask you some questions on behalf of the Communist Party of China."

Lu Zhou put down the cup of coffee and looked surprised.

Ask me some questions?

What questions?

"Its regarding the recent rumors about the Garden project. You must have heard them." Secretary Yang paused for a second and added, "The international rumors."

Lu Zhou nodded and said, "Ive heard some Why?"

Secretary Yang waved his hand and said, "Its nothing big. Its just regarding the international academic community. Two days ago, the International Union of Biological Sciences and International Council for Science sent us letters. They want to participate in our artificial biosphere program."

Lu Zhou vaguely knew what was going on. He nodded thoughtfully and asked, "What does the state want?"

"The state hasnt decided, but it hasnt rejected the offer either." Secretary Yang looked at Lu Zhou and said, "The state is in a dilemma. Even though we welcome international scholars to participate in this project, this project is related to aerospace. The risks involved are difficult to assess. Since I happened to be in Jinling, the higher-ups want me to ask for your opinions."

He solemnly looked at Lu Zhou and continued, "What do you think we should do?"