Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 718

Chapter 718 Space Plant Unit

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After hearing Secretary Yangs question, Lu Zhou paused for a second. He couldnt help but smile.

"If they want to participate, then we should let them participate. Do you really need to ask me about this?"

Secretary Yang said in a serious manner, "But what about confidentiality?"

Lu Zhou shook his head and spoke.

"Theres no need to be so nervous. The Garden project is different from STAR-2. Theres nothing to keep confidential. If we receive help from international organizations, a lot of problems will become a lot easier to deal with."

Back in the day, the Biosphere 2 project created a large number of advanced technologies such as "temperature control systems", and it also trained a large number of outstanding ecology and biology scholars.

Even though the Biosphere 2 project failed in the end, the experience and the knowledge gained were valuable.

Not to mention that people had been begging for a "Biosphere 3" project. These past scholars had summarized their failures, and they were ready to challenge this futuristic scientific project again. Therefore, there was no reason why the Garden project should exclude these talents.

Even though there might be a chance of espionage, the risks were acceptable.

Secretary Yang rubbed his chin and said, "So what youre saying is, we should let the international scholars participate?"

Lu Zhou nodded and said, "I strongly recommend doing this, not just the Garden project, but we should cooperate with the international community for other projects, like the manned moon project. As long as it doesnt involve sensitive technologies."

This reduced the surveillance of other countries on Chinas aerospace industry. Also, it could attract more talents to do research in China, or even stay there long-term.

Also, China could focus on cooperating with its ally countries.

This was extremely beneficial for enhancing Chinas influence in the international academic community.

Lu Zhou was well aware of this, but Secretary Yang, who was from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, wasnt aware.

After hearing Lu Zhous explanation, he went silent for a couple of seconds. He then stood up from the sofa.

"Your opinion is very valuable. I will convey it to the higher-ups."

Lu Zhou: "Are you leaving? Lets have dinner or something?"

"No, thanks. I still have to go back." Secretary Yang smiled and said, "Lets have dinner some other time. Ill treat you in Beijing."

Lu Zhou smiled and walked him out of the office.

China had plenty of experience in large-scale scientific research projects, but they lacked experience in large-scale international projects. This cooperation would be a great opportunity.

Lu Zhou sat back down at his desk and took out a couple of blank paper from his drawer. He contemplated for a second before writing down his opinion, which was from the perspective of a scholar, on this matter.

Scientific research was inevitably going to be globalized.

Just like the already globalized manufacturing industry, as humans understanding of nature deepened, huge scientific research projects would no longer be taken on by one country alone.

Whoever took on the most responsibility in these cooperation projects would lead the future

The tip of the pen smoothly glided across the paper as he quickly finished writing five pages.

Lu Zhou read the letter from start to finish. Satisfied, he nodded. He then shoved it in his pocket and planned on mailing it later.

At this moment, he still didnt know that this letter would have profound impacts on Asia and the entire worlds politics.

In a sense, this letter had more impact than controllable fusion

Lu Zhou leaned back on his chair and contemplated on whether or not he should order takeout. His phone on his desk suddenly began to vibrate.

He picked up the phone and saw that Chen Yushan was calling. He stood up from his chair and picked up the call while walking out to the corridor.

The moment the phone connected, he heard a familiar and pleasant voice travel through the phone.

"The China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation just called me. Their plant growth unit that they designed in cooperation with Agricultural University has been completed. They can deliver to our launch site in a week."

Lu Zhou had a look of surprise on his face.

"Already finished? This soon?"

The plant growth unit wasnt a sub-project in the government manned moon project. It was a private project conducted by Star Sky Technology. The reason why Lu Zhou made this arrangement was obviously because of the "Take Control of the Earth and Moon" system mission chain.

The first phase of the mission chain had two interesting mission branches. One was the deployment of a 10 square meters unmanned planting module on the surface of the Moon, and the other was the breeding and observation of ten mice on the Moon.

Since the Moon landing project was happening soon, Lu Zhou asked the China National Space Administration to green light this project.

After receiving Lu Zhous application, the China National Space Administration quickly approved the project.

Skyglows Earth-Moon transfer orbit had a carrying capacity of 25 tons. After subtracting the 17 tons required for the moon landing program, there was still 8 tons of carrying capacity left remaining. This 8-ton carrying capacity was going to be wasted, so it would be better for them to make use out of it.

As long as Lu Zhou didnt apply to go on the Moon himself, China National Space Administration would agree with anything.

2The application happened in July or August last year. After Lu Zhou received approval from the China National Space Administration, he immediately contacted the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Agricultural University, and the Research Institute of Technical Biology and Agricultural Engineering for the space plant growth unit project.

Even though the name sounded fancy, it was actually just an automated plantation device. In order to reduce the size, the growth medium was separated from the hardware, with a foldable design. It wasnt even considered "high tech".

Even then, being able to research and produce the device within six months, with less than 10 million yuan of funding, was quite impressive. That was why Lu Zhou was so surprised.

"Not as fast as your spacecraft building. Its been almost six months." Chen Yushan smirked and said, "Just like you requested, the plant growth unit is using hydroponics technology. After the device is fully unfolded and the culture medium is filled, the planting area is exactly ten square meters and the total weight is about 5 tons. As long as there is sufficient power, the stored nutrients can catalyze the first stage of the crop growth."

Lu Zhou nodded and said, "Not bad, what about the technical specifications?"

"Ive sent them to your email."

"Ok, Ill read them right away."

After Lu Zhou hung up the phone, he returned to his office and sat at his desk. He opened his email on his laptop and opened the email.

After Lu Zhou read the email in its entirety, he couldnt help but smile.

I knew it.

This 50,000 experience points is in the bag!