Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 725

Chapter 725 Special Blessing

The day before Chinese New Year.

A family sat around the dining table while eating Chinese New Years Eve dinner.

The dishes were beautifully laid out on the table. There were braised trotters, which was Lu Zhous favorite, crispy and tender bream, as well as leek dumplings.

The dumplings were especially tasty.

Lu Zhou nearly started to tear up after he tasted his mothers dumplings.

This was the most delicious thing he ate all year

Old Lu saw that Lu Zhou already finished two plates of dumplings. He grabbed a piece of braised beef into his plate and spoke.

"Dont eat too much, youll overeat."

Lu Zhou replied while chewing, "I only get to eat this once a year, so just let me eat."

"What do you mean once a year, if you want, your mom can cook more," Fang Mei said as she looked at her son. She then stared at Old Lu and said, "Our son wants to eat, whats your problem?"

Old Lu said, "Im just worried hes going to overeat."

"What do you mean overeat, hes clearly gotten skinnier. Stop worrying about him, how about you do the dishes instead?"

Lu Zhou looked at his parents arguing and said, "No, its fine. Just put the plates in the kitchen. We have a dishwasher."

His phone vibrated.

Lu Zhou knew Xiao Ai was messaging him again.

However, he didnt have time to reply. He had to eat.

Xiao Tong looked at her brother furiously eating and smiled as she said, "We just started eating. Slow down, Brother."

"Ok! Ill slow down."

However, Lu Zhou didnt slow down at all.

As for overeating

That was impossible for him.

The system had strengthened his physical abilities a long time ago. Even if he ate twice the normal amount, his metabolism could easily handle it. The excess calories would be converted into things other than fat.

Because of this, he could never get fat.

After being ridiculed by his wife, Old Lu shut his mouth.

Lu Zhous phone had been vibrating non-stop.

He couldnt take it anymore, so he put down his chopsticks and took out his phone.

As expected, Xiao Ai was the one messaging him.

There was only one message.

[Master, I want to eat as well. ~ ()]

Lu Zhou: ""

This request was too difficult.

Lu Zhou sighed and replied.

[Youre still young, lets talk about this later.]

Xiao Ai: [QAQ]

Lu Bangguo stared at Lu Zhous phone, but Lu Zhou quickly turned his phone away.

Old Lu drank some alcohol and smiled.

"Hey, why are you so shy? Girlfriend?"

Before Lu Zhou could answer, his mother happened to walk out of the kitchen while holding a fresh batch of dumplings. Her eyes immediately lit up, and she put down the plate of dumplings and asked, "What? Girlfriend? Oh my, why didnt you let us meet her?"

Sitting across the table, Xiao Tong sighed and said, "You guys dont know my brother at all."

Lu Zhou: ""

Xiao Ai: [( *)?]

The New Years Gala show began.

Even though no one was interested in watching the show anymore, this show almost became a Chinese New Year tradition.

It made the atmosphere more lively.

It would feel like something was missing if they didnt watch the New Years Gala show.

Before the show began, the host gave new year blessings to the entire country.

The male host stood on the stage while holding a microphone, and he stared at the cameras as he said enthusiastically, " We have a special new years blessing this year."

The female host pretended like she didnt know what was going on.

"A special blessing? From who?"

The male host raised his voice and said, "Not from who, but from where! It comes from the Moon!"

The TV screen quickly switched to a scene of the lunar orbit, 380,000 kilometers away.

Nie Yun was floating inside the Skyglow cabin, and he smiled as he waved at the camera.

"Hello, everyone, this is Skyglow. We are currently 380,000 kilometers away from Earth.

"My two teammates have already set foot on the Moon. On behalf of my teammates, Id like to wish you all a happy new year!

"Also, Dad, Mom, happy new year!"

The TV scene quickly switched back to the New Years Gala.

The New Years Gala live audience was cheering and applauding.

Old Lu stared at the big TV screen and suddenly asked, "You built that spacecraft?"

Lu Zhou was also staring at the TV, and he smiled as he replied, "Obviously I didnt build it myself. That was the joint effort of all of the aerospace research institute engineers and the staff members at the launch site."

Not to mention those who were still working at the launch site.

Forget about a family dinner, those people didnt even have time to eat some instant noodles.

Old Lu: "So you built it."

Lu Zhou made a helpless expression. He didnt answer.

I guess Ill just agree with Dad.

Old Lu looked at his son and said, "Not bad, son."

Lu Zhou smiled and said, "Its alright."

Old Lu nodded and said sincerely, "Nicely done."

Lu Zhou smiled and spoke.

"Thanks, Dad."

Air and water werent the only precious resources on the Moon, communication was also a scarce resource.

After all, the ground command center needed to communicate with Skyglow, and the data collected by the lunar module also had to be sent in real time. Therefore, it wasnt realistic for them to send a live broadcast of the moon landing. Sending the 57mb Chinese New Years greeting video already occupied a significant amount of the data stream, which was originally allocated to scientific research missions.

However, traditions were important.

The same applied to aerospace.

If everything were done for scientific research, then life would be pretty boring.

After all, not everything had quantifiable value.

Lu Zhou continued to watch the New Years Gala, and he quietly smirked.

Communication from the Moon is quite difficult.

But thats only for now.

After the communication base or communication satellite is set up on the surface or the orbit of the Moon, the communication bandwidth problem will ease significantly.