Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 745

Chapter 745 Finding Treasure

As Lu Zhou looked at Xu Wenhao happily walking out of his office, he smiled and shook his head. He reminisced for a second about his younger days. He then picked up the analysis reports on his table.

The analysis results were quite interesting.

The first analysis was the liquid meal replacement.

Even though Lu Zhou had never done any biology research, he still knew a little bit about biology. Also, Xu Wenhaos report abstract was written in relatively simple language, so he could still understand it.

According to the composition analysis, the liquid meal replacement food contained almost all nutrients required by the human body. It also contained a special active substance, which improved the activity and absorption of the human intestine. This increased the absorption of nutrients and reduced the excretion quantity.

Basically, if someone ate this for three meals a day, they would only have to sh*t once every three days, but they would urinate more often.

This thing could definitely be applied in spacecraft, where excretion was troublesome.

Also, in addition to being used in aerospace food, the active substance could be made into a health supplement.

As for the toxicology test of this active substance, the clinical experiments proved there were no obvious signs of toxicity. Xu Wenhao didnt do any experiments on humans, but Lu Zhou guessed it was probably fine.

After all, the future process of clinical and pharmacological tests was bound to become more and more sophisticated.

There was no reason for Lu Zhou to worry about "food safety".

After Lu Zhou finished reading the liquid food report, he began to read the report on the Future branded coke.

This report was slightly longer, and it was around a dozen pages long.

Other than the ingredient testing, Xu Wenhao also conducted clinical trials on mice for some of the most interesting substances.

It was worth mentioning that, like Lu Zhous prediction, the coke had athletic enhancing abilities.

However, there was one part he was wrong. There wasnt a large amount of taurine; rather, a special amino acid substance was added.

This amino acid had stable chemical properties. It was insoluble in organic solvents, such as ethanol, and belonged to a special non-protein amino acid group. After being ingested into the human body, it did not participate in biological protein synthesis.

This amino acid had a special R group, which was more likely to bind to insulin receptors. This promoted cell glucose uptake and accelerated glycolysis.

Also, the amino acid could also accelerate the secretion speed of various human body glands. It improved the human bodys metabolism level and stimulated nerve cells for a certain period of time.

More importantly, there was no toxic side effect!

But, Lu Zhou obviously knew that

Because he had drunk this coke many times.

"This is basically NZT-48 The kind with no side effects."

Lu Zhou put down the report.

He was only curious about one thing. Which was whether or not the energy medicine contained similar ingredients.

Unfortunately, he drank all of the energy medicine when he was working hard. He had to wait until next time to test the ingredients.

After reading the component analysis reports, Lu Zhou contemplated for a bit. He opened his computer and opened a new Word document. He began to type up two patent document drafts.

Even though he didnt plan on selling coke, the interesting substances in the two liquids had interesting applications.

Regardless of whether or not it would come in handy, Lu Zhou decided to register a patent first.

The two patent drafts didnt take him too much time. He didnt have to write in detail. Star Sky Technology had a professional patent management department that could do the miscellaneous work for him.

Considering the fact that Star Sky Technology was in the patent licensing field, the examination and approval procedures werent much of an issue. It wouldnt take long for the patent to be approved.

Lu Zhou leaned in his office chair and stretched his back. He placed the two reports aside and saw a notification on his laptop screen.

[Master, you have mail!]


Lu Zhou sat up straight and clicked the notification, which opened his email.

The email was from Yang Xu.

Lu Zhou could tell that the material analysis of the piece of clothing was completed.

He downloaded the PDF report from Yang Xus email and began reading it. He started to get intrigued.

He glanced through the abstract and saw the transmission electron microscope image. He was in disbelief.

" This is incredible."

Nano-thin wires were tangled intricately as they weaved into a solid mesh structure.

The wire was made of hexagon-filled carbon nanotubes!

No wonder this material is so tough and has good thermal conductivity properties. It is wrapped in carbon nanotubes!

Other tests such as compression and tensile resistance tests were also in the report.

Without using an actual gun for testing, just by looking at the data alone, Lu Zhou estimated that assault rifles would have difficulty penetrating through 2.2mm of this carbon nanofiber material.

If there were another layer of ceramic chip added to the clothing to disperse the impact force of the bullet, this piece of clothing would be impenetrable.

Lu Zhou couldnt help but mutter, "I cant believe this kind of material is made into a sweater, what a waste."

The SG-1 superconducting material used in the Pangu reactor was a similar kind of carbon nanotube. However, that material was so expensive that it was only used in controllable fusion reactors or atomic colliders.

But now, there was someone using carbon nanotube fiber thinner than SG-1, to make clothes. Lu Zhou couldnt even imagine how expensive that would cost.

This thing could be applied in marine and industrial fields as high mechanical property cables. It could be made into bulletproof clothing or even tank armor. It could even be used in fighter jets and other aerospace applications. Lu Zhou had countless application ideas

However, maybe in the future, this kind of material would become cheaper, and thats why they made it into clothes?

Its just like how aluminum was as expensive as gold a century ago, but now its used in soda cans.

However, for now, Lu Zhou couldnt imagine using this kind of material to make clothes.

In short, this thing was an absolute gem of a treasure.

I guess I underestimated this sweater!

Lu Zhou immediately had an idea, and he stood up from his chair.

The Lunar Gateway moon space station program is about to begin.

What if I use this material on the lunar space station!