Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 754

Chapter 754 Cold Welding

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Academician Yuan immediately responded.

"Professor Lu, you have mistaken! The Moon Palace problem is our mistake, you came all the way here to help us, we are very grateful."

The old man stared at Zheng Xiangdong and hissed, "Shut up!"

Technically, chief engineer Yuan was below the "vice president".

However, Academician Yuan was a legendary figure in the aerospace industry. Even the president had a certain amount of respect for him, much less the newly promoted vice president.

Zheng Xiangdongs face turned bright red. He knew he had misspoken, so he lowered his head and smiled at Lu Zhou.

"Dont worry about the costs, I was afraid this would impact the countrys aerospace industry. I hope Professor Lu can forgive me."

Lu Zhou smiled and didnt respond.

Even though he said he would pay back any damages, he was only kidding.

There was no way he would have to pay for anything.

Even if he did, there was no way Zheng Xiangdong would accept his money.

As for why?

Because all of the funding came from the state.

There was no reason for them to accept Lu Zhous money.

Lu Zhou ignored Zheng Xiangdong. He looked at Academician Yuan and said, "If everything goes well, I can give you a conclusion in three days."

Academician Yuan paused for a second before saying solemnly, "Only three days? Is that enough time?"

Lu Zhou nodded his head.

"Three days is enough."

The required materials could be prepared by the Jinling Institute for Advanced Study in two days. The extra day was reserved for sending the materials from Jinling to Tianjin.

This was Lu Zhous only idea. If this method didnt work, he could only wait for them to redesign the core module

After Lu Zhou returned to his hotel room, he lay in bed and took out his phone. He opened his contacts list and called a phone number.

"Hello? Is this Academician Yang Zhongquans office? Yes, its Lu Zhou Can you please ask Chief Engineer Yang if there are any cold welding experts at Shenyang Machine Tool?

"Oh? I have to make an appointment? Well, tell him that its about time for him to return the favor!"

Three days quickly went by.

A dozen or so individuals stood next to the core module, inside the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation warehouse.

An engineer was wandering around the warehouse. He was curious to see how Professor Lu would solve this problem.

Out of curiosity, Zhao Xianpu asked Sun Yuanpei, "What do you think Professor Lu is going to do?"

"I dont know."

"Didnt you give him a tour last time?"

Sun Yuanpei: "I only gave him a tour, he didnt tell me what he is going to do."

"Then do you think he can solve it?"

Sun Yuanpei shook his head.

"Impossible, no one can solve it."

"No one?"

"Yeah, if Tesla were alive, hed call this madness."

Zhao Xianpu paused for a second.

"What does this have to do with Tesla?"

Sun Yuanpei sighed and said, "Nothing, but hes the godfather of engineering, right?"

Zhao Xianpu: ""

Inside the core module.

With so many people watching, Academician Yang Zhongquan was nervous. He glanced at Lu Zhou anxiously.

"Ive never dealt with aerospace equipment before, so I cant guarantee anything."

Lu Zhou rolled his eyes and said, "Couldnt you have found a more experienced person then?"

The f*ck?

Yang Zhongquan nearly swore in Lu Zhous face. With his eyes wide open, he said, "Oh, really now? Go and find someone in Shenyang Machine Tool thats more experienced than me. If you can, Ill eat an entire toolbox."

F*ck sake!

I came all the way here to help you fix this crap, yet youre complaining.

Lu Zhou coughed and said, "Forget about it, you still havent eaten that machine tool yet"

When Yang Zhongquan heard about the machine tool, he immediately calmed down and started to work.

"Where am I soldering? Hurry up, dont waste my time."

Lu Zhou smirked and unrolled the core module loop heat pipe blueprint. He then pointed to the red circles on the blueprint.

These were all locations where overheating were detected, mainly surrounding the central computer.

"Here, here, and here All of these spots. Ive already prepared the materials, so you just have to find a way to weld them."

Yang Zhongquan stared at the blueprint for a while. He frowned and rubbed his chin.

"Welding directly on the capillary structure? Carbon nanotubes powder? This is a bit interesting If something goes wrong, how are we going to fix this?"

"Dont worry, nothing is going to go wrong. As long as you dont weld the capillaries together," Lu Zhou shook his head and said, "Just pretend this is a water pipe, weld a layer of this powder between the capillary structure and the overheating components."

Yuan Huanmin: ""

Zheng Xiangdong: ""

Systems Director Zhang: ""

Engineers: ""

"Okay then, Ill try." Yang Zhongquan scratched his head and said, "If something goes wrong, dont blame me."

"Dont worry, just do what I say."

With the cold welding tool in his hand, Chief Engineer Yang began to drill into the core module.

Academician Yuan was expressionless, while Systems Director Zhang looked at his watch from time to time. Vice President Zheng was nervous. Unfortunately, he couldnt see what was happening inside.

The engineers extended their necks and tried to see what the man from Shenyang Machine Tool was doing.

As for Lu Zhou, his face was calm, but his palms were sweating.

Yang Xu wanted to say something, but he didnt know what to say, so he shut his mouth and quietly waited.

Time quickly passed by, and soon, an hour had gone by.

Lu Zhou was about to fall asleep, but Chief Engineer Yang finally crawled out of the core module.

Lu Zhou wanted to ask how the welding was going. But before he could speak, Vice President Zheng Xiangdong spoke first.

"Everything is solved?"

Chief Engineer Yang smiled and said, "I dont know if its solved, youll have to ask Professor Lu for that. I just did what he told me to do."

"Thank you so much, Chief Engineer Yang!" Academician Yuan Huanmin looked at his assistant and said, "Prepare the vacuum chamber for experimentation!"

There was nothing left to discuss. All they had to do now was to test the damn thing.

"Yes, sir!"

The assistant nodded and ran off.

Chief Engineer Yang placed his cold welding tool back into the toolbox. He then nodded toward Lu Zhou.

Lu Zhou nodded back to him, as a show of thanks.

He did everything he could.

Now, he just had to wait for the results!