Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 755

Chapter 755 Professor Lu Is Nuts

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The experiment soon began.

With help from the logistics vehicle, the core module was quickly sent to the vacuum chamber.

Academician Yuan Huanmin walked to the control console and nodded toward the engineer next to him, signaling the engineer to turn on the suction valve.

The air in the vacuum chamber was gradually being sucked out. The mechanical cantilever above the vacuum chamber slowly moved. With the four cables attached to the core module, the cantilever slowly lifted the entire module.

After the core module was stably lifted in the air, the engineer standing in front of the console looked at Academician Yuan and said, "Ready to begin the experiment!"

Academician Yuan nodded and ordered, "Begin the experiment!"

"Yes, sir!"

The antenna on the core module unfolded.

Various lights on the console began to light up.

"Core module central computer is turned on!"

"All chipsets are performing normally!"

"Looking at battery condition!"

"Battery is operating normally!"


Lu Zhou and the other engineers from the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows. They quietly waited for the experiment to finish.

Yang Xu, who was standing next to them, glanced at Lu Zhous face. He gulped and couldnt help but admire Lu Zhou.

Jesus Christ, this is a hundred million yuan project. If this doesnt go well, Lu Zhou is screwed.

I bet Professor Lu is the only person in the world that would be calm in a situation like this

However, Yang Xu didnt know that Lu Zhou was actually staring at the temperature-time graph on the console. Lu Zhou was secretly sweating bullets, but he remained calm on the outside.

However, this wasnt Lu Zhous first time on the block.

This was nothing compared to the controllable fusion experiment. Hence, he was able to remain calm on the outside.

However, the senior executives from China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, especially Zheng Xiangdong, were sh*tting bricks. After all, they were supposed to be the people in charge of the Moon Palace program.

Back then, they were ecstatic to have this power, but they didnt expect the project to turn on them. Zheng Xiangdong hadnt had a good nights sleep for nearly a week.

After staring at the temperature-time graph for a while, he finally whispered to Academician Yuan.

"Why do I feel like the curve is more volatile than before?"

What the f*ck is happening, why do I feel like this is worse than before?!

However, Academician Yuan Huanmins facial expression didnt change. He simply explained, "This is normal, the material temperature environment is different."

"Temperature environment?"

Academician Yuan, who was still staring at the screen, nodded and explained impatiently, "Yeah, last time the core module was cooled, this time it was placed into the vacuum chamber at room temperature. The starting temperature is already 20 degrees, of course the temperature is going to be different."

Zheng Xiangdong said, "Then why didnt we cool it this time?"

Academician Yuan was annoyed by the questions.

"Why do you have so many questions? What are you, nine years old?"

Zheng Xiangdong finally realized the old man was annoyed, and he replied awkwardly, "Never mind then."

Systems Director Zhang stood next to them, gloating.

He never liked Vice President Zheng, so he was happy to see the old man chew him out.

But then again, anyone that asked questions during an experiment was quite annoying.

Time quickly passed by, and the experiment had already gone on for almost 20 minutes.

Lu Zhou stared at the temperature-time graph and suddenly tilted his head. He spoke to Yang Xu.

"13 Celsius."

Yang Xu paused for a second.


Lu Zhou smiled and said, "Lets make a bet. When the timer reaches 30 minutes, the temperature will be exactly 13.5 Celsius, plus or minus 0.5 Celsius. When the timer reaches 60 minutes, the temperature will be 14.7 Celsius, plus or minus 1 Celsius."

Yang Xu stared at the volatile curve and frowned.

F*ck sake

What is this?

The stock market?

As the director of the Institute of Computational Materials, he was quite mathematically talented. He was a big name in the materials science field. However, he had no idea where the graph was trending toward, much less making a prediction.

He couldnt believe that Lu Zhou could predict the temperature!

Therefore, he replied without hesitation, "No bets! Gambling is illegal!"

Lu Zhou replied, "Lets just bet on a bowl of rice and barbecued meat."

Yang Xu: " No need to bet, Ill buy you the rice bowl."

It was just one rice bowl anyway. He didnt want to bet at all.


Seeing how uncertain Yang Xu was, Lu Zhou shook his head and sighed.

It was obvious that the experiment was successful, so there was no reason to continue.

Even if the entire core module worked at a 100% load for 30 days, the temperature would still stay under 21 Celsius.

They couldnt take into account external factors such as radiation and sunlight. However, according to experimental data, it should be OK.

Lu Zhou was about to leave when Academician Yang Zhongquan raised his eyebrows and said, "Youre not going to wait for the experiment to finish? If this thing burns to a crisp, you still have to pay."

Lu Zhou didnt look back. He shook his head and replied, "Theres no reason to stay since I already know what the result will be."

After that, he walked out of the laboratory door.

As the researcher standing next to the door watched Lu Zhou leave, he was muddled. Academician Yuan, on the other hand, was too focused on the screen, and he didnt even notice that Lu Zhou left

Yang Xu contemplated for a second and decided not to leave with Lu Zhou.

He didnt believe that Lu Zhous mathematical abilities allowed him to predict the future value of a volatile curve. He wanted to stay behind and see how far off Lu Zhou would be.

He quietly waited for 10 minutes. When the curve went up and down, Yang Xu felt like his heartbeat almost synchronized with the curve.

The moment the experiment reached 30 minutes, someone spoke excitedly.

"Temperature is at 286.69 Kelvin! The temperature-time curve is stable!"


Yang Xus eyes were wide open.

Thats 13.54 Celsius!


Nearly on the dot!

Jesus Is he even human?

The data could be clearly seen on the big console screen.

The crowd looked at the data presented on the temperature-time function curve, and everyones eyes were wide open. The engineers from the lunar space station project burst into cheers and began to hug each other.

Sun Yuanpei stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows and looked at the core module suspended in the vacuum chamber. His lips were trembling, and tears were rolling down his face.

We did it!

We actually did it!

This is like a dream

Zhao Xianpu grabbed his arm and shook it excitedly.

"There is still hope for the Moon Palace! Professor Lu is nuts! He actually did it!"

The overly-excited engineer even began to stutter.

Sun Yuanpei, whose arm was still being shaken, nodded and began to choke up.

"Y-Yeah Professor Lu is nutty!"

Oh my God!

Even though Zheng Xiangdong didnt know what the curve on the screen meant, he could tell from the laboratorys atmosphere that this was good news. He quickly pulled Academician Yuan aside and asked him, "Whats happening? Is it fixed? Is the problem fixed?"

This time, Academician Yuan wasnt annoyed.

While staring at the screen, the old man spoke in disbelief.

"Its going very well"

It wasnt just going very well.

It was going unbelievably well!

He turned around and tried to look for Lu Zhou.

There was only one thing he wanted to know. Which was how exactly did Lu Zhou improve the cooling system by an order of magnitude without changing the loop heat pipe design

However, when he tried to look for Lu Zhou, he realized that

Where is he?

Where did he go?