Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 757

Chapter 757 Domestic Export


Deep Spaces office building in the high-tech zone.

Xu Gui returned to his office from a board meeting. He threw his meeting notes on his table and sat on his office chair. He frowned and sighed heavily.

Since 2020, China had included aerospace as one of its main national focuses. A large number of private aerospace companies had had significant growth because of this.

Deep Space was at the right place at the right time.

Generally speaking, an industrial company needed more than just capital and policy support; it also needed time to grow its technology.

However, this company was special.

In one year, with just one billion yuan in capital, the company went from a raw materials supplier to a "high tech enterprise", mainly engaging in "aerospace launches".

Because of the successful Chinese moon landing project, Xu Gui was able to cooperate with Haifeng Capital Ventures and successfully take Deep Space to the public.

However, the good times didnt last long. The delay of the Tiangong program and the rise of the Moon Palace program lowered the demand for low-Earth orbit launches. This had a huge impact on the profits of Deep Space.

After all, Star Sky Technology was the only company that was capable of Earth-Moon transfers. That meant they couldnt receive any of the billions of yuan that was going to be spent on launches.

This was all because of Professor Lu

Xu Gui stared at his meeting notes on the table and took out a cigarette from his pocket. He was about to light his cigarette when suddenly the office door was pushed open. A man wearing a suit walked in.

Chairman Xu Gui spoke in a commanding tone.

"Ive told you before, knock before you enter my office."

"Is now the time to talk about that? Not to mention, Im not your subordinate." The man placed a document on the table and said, "The board is not happy, thats all I have to say."

As Deep Spaces partner, Haifeng Capital Ventures had a huge role in Deep Spaces success.

One could even make the case that all of Deep Spaces success came from Haifeng Capital.

Because of this, Xu Gui had no power over this man.

However, he wasnt scared of him either

After all

Xu Gui smirked and slowly said, "Forget about those useless things. I know the board isnt happy. Were walking on a tightrope here."

He Yan smiled and replied, "Youre right, I wasnt trying to offend you. I just want you to know that because the Tiangong plan was replaced by the Moon Palace plan, our stock dropped by 15 basis points in a week. Even though I trust you, if this trend continues, other investors might not."

He Yan was actually underplaying the situation. If the stock price continued to fall, the small shareholders wouldnt be able to handle it anymore. It would be a bloodbath.

With the current financial state of Deep Space, any withdrawal or liquidation of assets would be a devastating blow.

Even though He Yan was smiling on the outside, he was bleeding on the inside.

His investment in Deep Space was one of his biggest career victories. He was the one that secured series funding for Deep Space and eventually taking it public. Haifeng Capital Ventures initial 20 million yuan investment turned into 1 billion yuan.

However, unforeseen events happened. He counted on Chinas future investment in aerospace, but he didnt expect Professor Lu to disrupt the industry by sending a man on the moon.

He never expected that, in support of Professor Lu, the Communist Party of China even established a Lunar Orbit Committee!

Even though Haifeng Capital Ventures had some connections in politics, their influence wasnt comparable to the Lunar Orbit Committee at all

Xu Gui stared at He Yan and didnt say anything.

After being in the industry for so many years, his intuition told him that the man standing in front of him didnt come here without a reason. So far so that Xu Gui believed He Yan already had a solution.

He Yan smirked.

"Insider information."

"Insider information again?" Xu Gui snorted and leaned back in his office chair. He said, "Whats the news? Is the Lunar Orbit Committee going to be dissolved?"

The last thing he wanted was more news.

Ever since the establishment of the Lunar Orbit Committee, his company had had nothing but bad news.

He Yan shook his head and said, "Not yet, but close."

Xu Gui raised his eyebrows, and he said, "Oh really?"

He Yan slowly said, "According to a trusty source, there was a major failure in the core module of the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation."

Xu Guis eyes suddenly lit up, and he bounced up from his chair.

"Are you sure? Is the problem serious?"

"Very serious, the problem is with the cooling system. I think the loop heat pipe is broken or something I dont know the specifics, but apparently, the higher-ups are planning on delaying the launch."

Xu Gui slapped his thigh.


Even though he shouldnt gloat this much

But the entire companys future was on his shoulders. This was music to his ears. He wanted the higher-ups to realize the impracticality of Professor Lus moon space station. Only then would they adjust their aerospace policies and plans

Maybe Professor Lu would be removed as chief designer, or the annoying Lunar Orbit Committee would be dissolved, and a new committee would be formed

He Yan looked at Xu Guis excited face and said, "Dont get excited just yet, this is just a small mistake. At most, a few higher-ups from the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation will have to write a report. It wont reach Lu Zhous level."

Xu Gui calmed down and looked at He Yan.

"So what youre saying is?"

"Spread the news."

Xu Gui looked surprised.

"Are you crazy?! Wont we get caught?"

"Dont worry, Im not that dumb," He Yan said. "The news obviously wont come out of China. We can let the American media leak the news first, then wait for the news to travel across the ocean."

Xu Guis eyes were lighting up, but he still had some doubts.

"Are you sure about this?"

Hopefully, no one will find out were the ones behind this.

But if someone finds out

The stock price dropping wont be the only thing awaiting me.

He Yan saw that Xu Gui was a little hesitant, so he smiled and said, "Dont worry, remember that We are losing this race article?"

"Kind of" Xu Gui suddenly looked at He Yan and said, "Youre the person behind that article?"

"Manipulating public opinion is a valid strategy. Professor Lu benefits our country as a whole, but that doesnt mean he benefits us." He Yan lightly smiled and said, "Even though the public opinion isnt impactful, when combined with other strategies, it can work wonderfully!"