Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 761

Chapter 761 Deserved

Chapter 761: Deserved
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Lu Zhou always thought that he was an easy-going person.
He was able to joke about anything and would never take someones joke to heart.
Therefore, when he first read the blog that criticized him, he didnt take it seriously.
So much so that he even agreed with part of the persons viewpoint. Blind worship was a dangerous thing in academia. Everyones opinion should be given attention and taken seriously.
In fact, Lu Zhou knew he didnt always make the right decision. Whether it was the controllable fusion energy project or Skyglow, the power of teamwork played a considerable role.
That didnt mean all opinions were useful.
Some opinions were made purely for criticism, some were made out of jealousy.
Because of this, he laughed at the Internets comments and didnt take it seriously.
However, even though he didnt care
Some people did.
After all, his reputation was no longer his own matters.

Haifeng Capital Ventures building.
Per usual, He Yan didnt have any meetings to attend. He carried his briefcase through the cubicles and went straight to his office.
Just after he sat down on the cold office chair, he heard chaotic footsteps outside the door.
He Yan frowned and was about to stand up to see what was happening. However, the office door was slammed open.
A group of police officers walked in, led by several officers in plainclothes. They immediately filled up the small office room.
He Yans pupils dilated, and he subconsciously grabbed the armrest of his chair and stood up.
However, he quickly realized this was the 20th floor. There was no way for him to run, so he let go and sat back down again.
"Im just an ordinary businessman, I havent done anything illegal. Why are you guys here?"
The slightly older officer in plainclothes smirked and said, "Havent done anything illegal? Mr. He, you are one forgetful man. Why would we come here if you didnt do anything?"
He Yan felt the pairs of eyes staring through his heart, and a flash of panic swept his mind.
" I dont know what youre talking about."
His mental strength was quite good. Even though he knew he wasnt going to escape, he still stuck to his story.
As long as he didnt admit anything, there was still a chance for him to get out of this mess.
He could bribe his way out, or blame it on someone else.
After all, his boss in Beijing, the man that gave him orders, didnt want to see him end up like this
He Yans mind was racing. Wang Peng looked at He Yan pitifully, like He Yan was a man about to drown, who was hanging onto his life.
He Yan gulped and spoke.
"What I dont know what youre talking about."
"He Yan!"
He Yan was frightened by Wang Peng shouting his name. It was like his throat was filled with cotton. He tried to argue, but nothing came out of his mouth.
"According to Article of the Criminal Law of the Peoples Republic of China, you are facing 12 charges, including espionage, defamation, disruption of the economic and financial market order, manipulation of the securities market, and insider trading. The charges were brought before the court, and an arrest warrant was issued by the court, thus permitting the national security agency"
Wang Peng took out the relevant documents. He stared directly into He Yans eyes and said without emotion, "Here are my credentials, please cooperate with our investigation."
"I dont know"
Seeing how He Yan was about to argue again, another office impatiently waved his hands.
"Shut up, take him away!"
Several law enforcement officers stepped forward. They held He Yans arms and dragged him from his chair.
When He Yan was being dragged out of his office, he was no longer calm. He began shouting with all his strength and screamed, "You have no right to arrest me! I am an American citizen! I demand extradition, I request for my lawyer! F*ck, dont touch me!" 1
Seeing how distorted He Yan was, Wang Peng almost felt a little sympathetic.
As the mastermind of this whole incident, He Yan played a big role. However, he was just a front-line soldier.
He Yan was still hoping the back office in Beijing would protect him, but he didnt know that his boss actually left him to die
Of course, even though Wang Peng felt sympathetic, the court wasnt going to drop the charges.
"We have contacted your lawyer for you. He will soon visit you at the detention center." Wang Peng paused for a moment and said, "Your old friend Xu Gui is there as well. Im sure you will meet him soon."
At the same time, Shanghai International Airport.
Xu Gui was walking through airport security.
Xu Gui looked at the police officer walking in front of him, and he knew he had no hope of running away. He let go of his suitcase and smiled.
"Looks like Im not getting on this flight."
The old sheriff raised his eyebrows.
"Oh, so you know?"
Xu Gui smiled and said, "I have to pay the price at some point."
The old sheriff stared at Xu Gui and said in a deep voice, "I dont know what gave you the courage to do something like this!"
Leaking state secrets to foreign forces
This was no different from treason.
Xu Gui stared at the pairs of eyes and suddenly smiled.
Old sheriff: "What are you smiling at?"
"Do you really think I am the only one doing such things? Im just the only one that got caught." Xu Gui reached out his hands. His face was full of despair as he calmly said, "Come on, cuff me."
The old sheriff stared at Xu Gui and went silent for a while.
He had been in the field for many years, so this wasnt anything out of the ordinary.
He didnt have any sympathy for those that betrayed their own country.
He looked at a younger police officer and instructed, "Cuff him."
Even though the suspect wasnt resisting, they still had to put him in handcuffs.
The younger police officer nodded and walked toward Xu Gui.
The same thing was happening in an apartment tens of kilometers away.
Another pale-skinned man had no strength to struggle at all. He was dragged out of his apartment by two policemen.
He was the smallest character in this whole incident, and he wasnt worthy of the national security team. The police officers at the local police station were enough.
Compared to He Yan, the manager of Haifeng Capital, and Xu Gui, the chairman of Deep Space, his charges were relatively light. If Lu Zhou wanted to sue him for defamation, he might be set as an example and be locked up for two weeks.
The pale-skinned mans face was full of regret, and with his neighbors watching him, he was placed into a police car.
People couldnt believe that the "big man" blabbering his mouth on the Internet only had an undergraduate degree
The Internet was a wonderful place, and anyone could pretend to be something different.
But then again, there were no places to hide on the Internet.
There was no anonymity there.