Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 769

Chapter 769 Three Warriors

Every space flight was an adventure, every spacecraft test was a gamble.

No one knew what the outcome of a spacecraft launch would be.

Starlight had two pairs of rotating wings, and these would increase its maneuverability. However, this also added a certain amount of risk.

Even though the servomotor control system was designed by Xiao Ai, Lu Zhou wasnt certain that Starlight would be without accidents.

All he could do was try his best to minimize the chance of an accident

During the second half of the meeting, they talked about the timetable of the Starlight test flight, as well as the Moon Palace unity module launch next month.

Both the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation and China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation agreed that the launch should be scheduled next month. After the unity module combines with the core module, the Moon Palace floating in lunar orbit would have more room for experiments. Moon Palace would also be able to dock with manned spacecraft such as Skyglow.

Therefore, even though it was still quite small, this could truly be considered a "space docking port"!

While China was planning the Starlight test flight, the Americans were also cooking up their secret sauce.

The life support system on Mars was successfully activated by the ground command center, and the three volunteers had also completed their training. There was no reason for the Americans to wait any longer.

With approval from the United States Congress, NASA quickly announced that the Ares program was moving to the next stage.

They were going to send out their first colonists!

After the news was announced, the news caused a worldwide sensation.

Even though people knew the Americans were eventually going to send someone to Mars, none of them expected that it was going to be this soon.

Perhaps Chinas advancements in the aerospace field really made NASA anxious. NASA might have wanted to prove to its country that it was still the king of aerospace.

Before the launch, The New York Times and Columbia TV, which were sponsored by Space-X, arranged a talk show for the three volunteers.

Not only was this to bid farewell to the three heroic volunteers, but it was also an opportunity to recruit more volunteers through this media event.

The third phase of the Ares program was to send 10 functional modules to Mars and 50 colonists to the "Mars Village". For Space-X and NASA, eliminating peoples fear of going to space was essential for the survival of the Ares program

On the day of the talk show, the famous talk show host Jimmy Tang came on stage wearing a fancy suit. He gently bowed toward the audience and smiled with his pearly white teeth.

"Hello, hello, welcome to todays special space warriors talk show. If youve accidentally tuned in just now, then you just hit the lottery!"

The audience chuckled at Jimmy Tangs skillful attempt to heat up the atmosphere. Jimmy Tang then looked at the big screen behind him.

"Im sure I wont have to explain what today is about. Our opponent sent a Moon Palace to the moon, but NASA is going to destroy them! Not literally, but in a metaphorical sense."

Jimmy looked at the audience members and continued to speak with a fake smile on his face.

"Everyone, dont get too excited. Even though our opponents are strong, they are still 60 million kilometers behind us. The victory is in our hands!"

Jimmy raised both of his hands and spoke passionately.

"Therefore, rather than calling it a competition, Id like to call it an adventure! Our warriors, our heroes, will cross tens or even hundreds of kilometers to the unexplored planet, opening up civilizations territory.

"This great plan has never been about winning a competition! The only worthy opponent is the future!"

The atmosphere was at its peak.

Jimmy smoothly transitioned into todays show.

"Im honored to welcome these three heroes to our show!"

The thunderous applause was mixed in with whistling and cheers.

The three astronauts appeared one after the other as they walked onto the stage and sat down.

The applause and background music slowly subsided.

Jimmy lifted the microphone and spoke to the audience.

"Its my honor to introduce Johnson! The captain astronaut! As an ex-marine, he is a true warrior and patriot, lets give it up for Johnson!"

The audience erupted in applause again.

Johnson smiled at the audience and nodded.

After the applause subsided, Jimmy smiled at Johnson and said, "Looks like youre quite popular, why dont you introduce yourself!"

"Hello, everyone, I am the captain of this expedition. Its an honor to be here."

Johnson was a typical Caucasian male with a masculine appearance and a built figure. He also had a charismatic vibe and appearance.

As he explained the details of the second phase of the Ares program, the audience listened carefully.

After Johnson finished speaking, he looked at Jimmy.

Jimmy smiled and asked, "So, have you been on an aircraft carrier before?"

"Yeah, I have."

Jimmy said, "Then what made you interested in aerospace? Or rather, why did you want to join the Ares program."

Johnson contemplated for a second and said, "Because it has always been my dream Also, its because of my children."

"Your children?" Jimmy looked surprised, and he asked, "Can you elaborate?"

Family was a core part of American values, especially when it came to children.

Johnson paused for a second before explaining, "I have a loving wife and two kids at home. My kids think of me as a hero, and I want to be a better role model for them. Thats why I decided to sign up for the Ares program. I didnt have any expectations, so I was surprised to actually be chosen."

Jimmy smiled and said, "Fate works in wonderful ways. Im sure your kids will think of you as a role model!"

Johnson nodded and smiled.

"Thank you."

The camera began to rotate, focusing on Johnsons two teammates.

The good looking female astronaut was in her twenties, and her name was Julia. She didnt seem to have an amazing background, and she was clearly a little nervous.

According to her self-introduction, before being accepted as an astronaut, she was a secondary school teacher in Amsterdam.

The other black guy was named Travis, and he was more jacked than Johnson. Apparently he was a professional football player and played as a quarterback on the Atlanta team.

For some reason, while Travis was being interviewed, it seemed like he was a little dazed, like he didnt sleep well.

Jimmy joked, "You must have been so excited for this interview that you didnt sleep well."

"Maybe" Travis forced a smile and said, "Im just too tired, you know, training is not easy."

"Take it easy, my friend." Captain Johnson patted Travis on the shoulder and said, "Our return will be glorious!"

"That is if we do return"

Travis tried to smile, but his eyes were looking around erratically.

Jimmy turned his attention to the audience and spoke passionately.

"Our warriors are ready to depart! The huge ship is about to set sail!

"The launch time is 8 pm next Wednesday, and CNN will broadcast live at the launch site!

"God will protect our warriors, the torch of Liberty will light their way! Lets send our blessings to our warriors!"

The studio was once again filled with applause.

The show came to an end.

The "Heart of Gold" launch date was the exact same day as the Chineses Starlight launch. No one knew whether this was intentional or not.

The two sides were clearly competing against one another.

This competition was becoming more and more interesting