Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 77

Chapter 77 The Three Deadly Missions

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Lu Zhou went back to his dorm and washed his face before he laid down on his bed. He said in his heart system space. When he opened his eyes, he was already in the pure white system space.

[Congratulations, User, for completing the reward mission!]

[Mission completion details are as follows: Successfully published an SCI thesis. Final evaluation of task: None (no evaluation for reward mission)]

[Mission reward: 10,000 mathematics experience points. One lucky draw ticket (50% sample, 50% blueprint)]

10,000 mathematics experience points!

When Lu Zhou saw the number, he was floored.

How much experience did I get for my first thesis? I think I got 400 mathematics and 100 physics points. Thats only 500 in total!

He finally understood why Professor Tang and Dean Qin paid so much attention to his thesis. The academic value of his thesis was indeed higher than his expectations.

Lu Zhou could not wait to open his characteristic panel.

Sure enough, his mathematics level was upgraded.


Core science:

A. Mathematics: Level 2 (2000/50000)

B. Physics: Level 1 (2100/10000)

C. Biochemistry: Level 0 (0/1000)

D. Engineering: Level 1 (0/10000)

E. Materials science: Level 0 (0/1000)

F. Energy science: Level 0 (0/1000)

G. Information science: Level 1 (100/1000)

General points: 1175


Level 2 mathematics!

When Lu Zhou saw the upgrade, he had an indescribable pleasant feeling.

Of course, there was another pleasant thing waiting for him.

Next was the really exciting lucky draw.

Lu Zhou saw the 50% sample and 50% blueprint probabilities and smiled in his heart.

This system had screwed me over so many times! This time, Ill finally get a good prize!


He could not believe it.

There was no way he was going to get garbage!


The wheel began to rotate at a rapid speed.


The wheel span for a couple more turns before it slowed down.

[Congratulations, User, sample reward chosen.]

[Received: E-class physical strength enhanced needle (repair damaged cells, improve metabolism, boost immunity)]


Seems average?

From the description, it seems to be some kind of health supplement?

Repair damaged cells, improve metabolism, and boost immunity These seem pretty good. Ive been grinding a lot, I should repair my body. But why do I feel like I got screwed again

Oh well, at least it wasnt garbage.

Now I have to pick the next mission.

Lu Zhou reached out and selected the mission panel on the information screen.

Three dialogs popped up.


Mission1: Balanced development

Description: As a true genius, a comprehensive improvement of knowledge is a basic skill. Although mathematics is the foundation of science, science isnt just about mathematics. In order to advance the science and technological progress of mankind, please take biochemistry, materials science and energy science seriously.

Requirements: Obtain achievement points (0/20) in the fields of biochemistry, materials science, and energy science. Achievement points can be obtained through subject competitions (1), participation in research projects (1-n), the publication of academic thesis (1-3), national research rewards (1-5), etc.

Reward: Core subject experience points (achievement points * 300. One lucky draw ticket (90% garbage, 5% sample, 2% blueprint, 2% unlock a new technology branch)]



Mission 2: Start your career

Description: As a true genius, the achievement is not just in the academic field. For example, Watt, Siemens, Edison, Gates, Dean Kamen and so on. They may not be particularly prominent in their grades, but their contribution to the progress of civilization is undisputable. Humans are economic animals and the distribution of social resources are determined by the economy. A genius doesnt have to learn how to manage a business, but its important to know how to turn your knowledge into a social resource that can be used

Requirements: Have a net worth of 5 million RMB (only assets are calculated, liabilities are deducted, intangible assets not included.)

Reward: 5000 experience points towards any subjects. 500 general points. One lucky draw ticket (90% garbage, 10% sample)



Mission 3: Can I touch your trophy?

Description: As a true genius, one medal is not enough. Awards such as the Abel Prize, the Fields Medal, the Wolf Prize or even the second rate Cole Prize, the SASTRA Ramanujan Prize, the Chen Shengshen Mathematics Award, the Birkhoff Applied Mathematics Award, and the Royal Societys Tory Medal are undoubtedly the best proof of the abilities of a genius.

Requirements: Obtain a mathematics award that is internationally recognized(competition awards is not allowed).

Reward: 20-100K mathematics experience points. 1000 general points. One lucky draw ticket (100% blueprint)


As a real genius

It seems that this system doesnt understand humans very well. It has a misunderstanding when it comes to geniuses

Lu Zhou felt like he was already a genius, but according to the standards of the system, he would be an idiot.

Lu Zhou resisted the urge to insult the system and focused his attention on the three missions.

The Zhous conjecture might not be able to win a world-class mathematics award, but I could earn a national award

When Lu Zhou saw the minimum 20,000 mathematics experience points that mission three had, he was excited.

However, he had a concern.

There was a very slow selection process for any mathematics award. Even if his contribution was recognized by the international academic community, it could take years before his medal could arrive in his hand.

He could not delay his mission for years just for one award. Who knows how high the level of his mathematics could get within those years.

Even though Lu Zhou was greedy, he was still logical.

As for mission one, it was also a bit awkward.

He was engaged in mathematics. It made sense that he studied physics and information science as well. However, if he suddenly entered into biochemistry, materials science, and energy science, it might look a bit suspicious.

Even if he put rationality aside and looked at it realistically, the three fields of biochemistry, materials, and energy were not easy to succeed in. The SCI thesis in these three areas was not like mathematics and computer science. He could not just write a sh*tty thesis and published it.

Lu Zhou used to listen to a chemical genius who he met while working. That student did research and development of biological reagents, wrote SCI submissions, and even pointed out which laboratory the research was done, the chemicals used In short, it was extremely cumbersome.

As for mission two

If five million yuan was so easy to earn, everyone on this planet would be rich.

Lu Zhou calculated. If he wanted to earn five million yuan, he had to do 25,000 hours of tutoring that would be 2.85 years of tutoring.

Otherwise, he had to write more than 250 theses in the [ International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mathematics].

Theres no way.

Actually, theres one more way.

That is to sell my app or raise the value of it by financing

Could I raise the value to five million?

Not gonna happen.

Opening VIPs accounts to users and classify it before advertising to them. Anyone can think of this. At most, it would decrease my losses. Any app (other than mobile games) are basically money losers in the early days of development. They dont make a profit until they take over a significant portion of the market.

This was called strategic loss. It used the economics of scales to operate by betting on the future.

This was a common sense amongst the tech industry.

However, the road to financing was not that good. Until now, not a single company had offered to finance his app. Obviously, no one was optimistic about his Campus Train app. No one was interested in his hundreds of thousands of inactive users.

The missions are getting more and more difficult

Lu Zhou stared at the semi-transparent holographic screen as he bit his lower lip and frowned.

Which mission should I pick?