Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 78

Chapter 78 Answering Qian Xuesens Question

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In the end, Lu Zhou did not pick any mission.

Both mission two and three were inside the scope of consideration. Mission three was a higher priority than mission two even though they both cost around the same amount of time to complete.

After all, the 20,000 mathematics experience point was really tempting. Furthermore, it also had a 100% blueprint prize probability. Even though world-class mathematics awards could not be obtained by just a conjecture proof, but considering the academic value and political significance of the paper that Lu Zhou had just published, a country might give him an award.

It was possible.

Anyway, the other two missions would take a long time. It was not as if they would run away. Lu Zho could apply for the mission after he met the conditions.

He could first ask Professor Tang or Dean Lu the conditions for those national mathematics awards and the time it would take for approval. He could then decide which one would be better.

After Lu Zhou exited the system space, he took the E-class physical strength needle and stabbed himself with it before he rolled over and fell asleep.

However, what he did not know was that while he was sleeping, his name was being printed on newspapers. Countless mathematics media writers were writing an article headline. However, they were unable to understand the mathematics behind Lu Zhous thesis and they could only scratch their heads in confusion

The latest edition of [Mathematics Chronicle], page thirty: [Discussion On The Distribution Law Of Mersenne Prime Numbers And Proof Of Zhous Conjecture]

At the end of the thesis, there was a review of the paper.

[This is groundbreaking work. We finally have a theorem that we can rely on to constrain the variation of Mersenne primes to a visible range. Professor Pierre Deligne]

Professor Deligne was famous for being critical. Whether in an academic conference or in a Princeton lecture, if someone made a mistake, he would not hesitate before pointing it out. He had embarrassed many well-known professors and scholars in the industry.

However, he used the word groundbreaking to describe Lu Zhuos thesis and it was rare for him to use that word when evaluating theses.

It had not even been a week since the mathematics journal was released but it had already caused quite a stir in the international mathematics community. It could have been the proof theorem itself, or professor Delignes evaluation, or the age of the author

Furthermore, the week before Lu Zhou even saw his thesis in the journal magazine, countless scholars had devoted themselves to repeatedly verified the proof process.

After that

Mathematics professors at the University of Jin Ling were shocked!

The China Mathematics Society was shocked!

The results of the verification were

Completely correct!

The cranks were

Okay, the cranks were not shocked. They were still tackling Goldbachs conjecture or Fermats last theorem. Most of them would not even care about the Chinese conjecture unless someone won an international award.

Soon, this sensational news went from the mathematics community to the press.

Zhous approximation which had plagued the number theory community for over 20 years was finally proven.

This meant that from now on, Zhous conjecture would become Zhous theorem.

Another Chinese surname was entered into the history of mathematics!

Both the person that made the conjecture and the person that proved the conjecture would be included in the history of mathematics!

The most important fact for the media was that the person that proved the conjecture was a second-year undergraduate student!

Many people thought of Student Liu who proved the Sitapan conjecture a few years ago.

All mathematics experts knew that even though one was a Chinese conjecture while the other was a British conjecture, the academic value and difficulty of the two could not be compared.

The so-called Sitapan conjecture was only a counter-inference in the field of mathematics about the strength of Ramseys two-staining theorem. The RT^22 may be stronger than WKL0. Liu gave a negative answer to the conjecture by proving that RT^22 does not contain WKL0.

Solving a conjecture was difficult and there were thousands of other conjectures just like it

However, even though there were also thousands of conjectures on the same difficulty level as Zhous conjecture, the research on the distribution law of Mersenne primes was more significant. Numerous mathematicians had tried to express the distribution law of Mersenne primes numbers. All of the expressions were conjectures and none of them could be promoted to a theorem.

Right now, a theorem was born.

Due to that, the media went crazy.

At least, the domestic media went crazy!

A new star in mathematics was rising and the media labeled him as a guy who could win the Fields Medal.

Although proof of Zhous conjecture was far from a Fields Medal as only something like the Jacobian conjecture could actually be worthy of the Fields Medal, but

He was only twenty years old!

The Fields Medal had a 40 years old limit and he still had 20 years to go.

Based on that alone, it was enough for the medias headline.

[Huaguo Youth Daily] used a domineering title. It chose Professor Delignes evaluation of the [Mathematics Chronicle] paper. It reported the sensational news title: [Answering Qian Xuesens question, an undergraduate student from the University of Jin Ling conquers the world of mathematical puzzles! We can also produce amazing talents!]

[Everyone Daily] also reported the news. Although their focus was not on Lu Zhou, it published an article with a similar title. It encouraged researchers to climb Mount Everest and to continue to pave the road of science.

Compared with the traditional media, we-media was not as accurate. They greatly exaggerated their titles.

[Shocked! An undergraduate student of the University of Jin Ling solved a world-class number theory problem overnight!]

[The problem that plagued the mathematics community for twenty years was solved by an undergraduate student! ! !]

[American mathematicians are shocked, Japanese mathematicians cant even understand]

They bragged about Lu Zhou so much that it seemed as if Lu Zhou had nearly become immortal.

The popularity of the media inevitably pushed Lu Zhous name onto trending for the third time this year.

Except that this time, he was first on trending!

Netizens were blasting Everyone Dailys comment section.

[Amazing Second-year student solving a world-class problem, what would happen if he does a PhD! (frightened) (frightened)]

[Im going to cry, Im leaving, Im not going on Weibo anymore. Im changing my PhD thesis. (cry)]

[When I was twenty, I was worrying about advanced algebra while this guy is already doing world-class mathematics problems]

[Hes from University of Jin Ling! Me too! I remember! He was the modeling champion!]

[This guy is going to be a godly mathematician.]

[Is there anyone that is still insulting old dog Zhu?]

[Do you want to insult him? (dog)]

[Zhu is old news. (dog)]

[F*ck Zhu.]

[Strong Chinese man! Contributing to research! (fist) (first)]


Right now, Lu Zhou still had no idea what was happening on Weibo because, at 3 pm, he was still sleeping!

Lu Zhou coughed and woke up. His entire body felt sore as if he ran for hours and did a hundred sit-ups.

Not only that, the blankets and bed sheets were all soaked with his sweat. It even smelled sour.

Lu Zhou pushed the wet blanket away and was shocked.

The f*ck, why did I sweat so much?

It was like the sheet and blankets were soaked. Lu Zhou quickly bounced off the disgusting bed.

When he stretched his body and cracked his joints, he felt as if the soreness of his muscles were decreasing. It was oddly comfortable.

Lu Zhou sat up from the bed and threw the blanket and sheets on his chair before he climbed down the ladder.

He stared at himself in the mirror and as he touched his chin, he felt that he was still handsome.

He then took the blanket and sheets before heading to the balcony where he threw them in the laundry basket with the plan of throwing them into the washing machine later. Then, he took a shower.

When he walked out of the bathroom humming, a cool breeze blew through and his entire body relaxed. He could not help but stretch.

Samples from the high tech system were really good. Although he did not feel an obvious increase in strength or reaction speed, he felt better physically.

At least, the fatigue and injury that were accumulated from staying up late were cured by the needle. He went from unhealthy to almost healthy overnight.

At this moment, the dorm door was suddenly pushed open. Liu Rui and Shi Shang both rushed in as they tried to wake Huang Guangming up.

F*ck me, whats wrong with you two.

Instead of responding to Huang Guangming, Shi Shang shouted, There are many reporters downstairs! Zhou, did you do something again?!