Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 79

Chapter 79 The Reporters Are Downstairs

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Lu Zhou was shocked and he quickly looked out of the balcony when he saw a van from Jin Ling TV station. It looked like the people carrying the camera equipment were negotiating with dorm staff.

What is going on?

Shi Shang looked at Lu Zhou with admiration and said, Lu Zhou, be honest. Did you do some earth-shattering thing again? My instincts tell me that the car downstairs is after you.

Liu Rui was more logical after he heard Shi Shang and he said, Ill go on Weibo, see what is going on.

He did not even have to search for it.

It was number one on trending. It was even above the celebrities!

Huang Guangming could not sleep anymore and he leaned against the bed as he scratched his head, What did you find?

Zhous guess

What? Zhous guess? What did Zhou guess about? Shi Shang came over and asked.

No Lu Zhou proved Zhous conjecture, said Liu Rui as he staring at the mobile screen. He then looked at Lu Zhou and said, That Zhous conjecture seems to be a world-class mathematics problem. Ive seen it before in number theory books.

After today, those number theory books would have to be edited.

In a sense, history was changing before their eyes.

Huang Guangming and Shi Shang gasped and they both turned to stare at Lu Zhou.

Awkward, Lu Zhou touched his face and said, Oi Is there something on my face?

Other than his handsome face, Lu Zhou did not feel anything on it.

With a serious expression, Shi Shang said, Zhou, were brothers, right?

Lu Zhou sighed softly, Just stop, Ill buy you guys food.

After his groundbreaking discovery, it would be too cheap of him not to treat his roommates to a meal.

Shi Shang was unhappy, Am I that type of person?

Lu Zhou asked, Then I wont buy you that meal?

Wait, no! I mean Im not that type of person, but if you insist, Ill still take you up on your offer! said Shi Shang. He coughed before laughing mischievously, Umm When youre doing the interview, can I be in the shot? Ill post it on my news feed and brag to my friends.

Huang Guangmings eyes widened and he yelled, F*ck me, Shi Shang, this isnt like you! I didnt know you would step this low I have to be in the shot as well!

Liu Rui sat in his seat and was scratching his head about the proof of Zhous approximation. Although he found the original thesis online, he could not understand the proof process at all and thus, he did not join in their conversation.

Lu Zhou:

For the sake of his own reputation, Lu Zhou suddenly felt like he could not do the interview here.

Who knew what these group of animals would say about him?

Its best if the reporters dont interview them!

Therefore, he put on his backpack and left the dorm.

As he rushed down the stairs, he ignored the screams of Huang Guangming.

However, just as he was about to leave the dorm building, he was blocked by a group of journalists and reporters.

Lu Zhou thought that it was bad. He pretended to be a normal student and tried to slip past them. Unfortunately, he brushed shoulders with a cameraman and was recognized.

A reporter from Jin Ling Evening News asked, Hello, may I ask if you are Lu Zhou?

Lu Zhou, how did you solve Zhous conjecture? Are the articles true? Did you really dream of the proof?

Can I ask how do you normally study? Do you have any advice for college students?

The internet is saying that Professor Deligne from Princeton has given you an offer to study a masters degree there. Will you accept the offer?

The questions made Lu Zhou cringe, especially when he saw his own reflection in the camera. Furthermore, with the crowd of students staring at him, he could not even form sentences.

Fortunately, at this moment, someone came over and dissolved the crowd

Move away, move away.

Dont block the dorm building door.

A few men in suits stood in front of the entrance while the reporters gave way.

Lu Zhou stood behind the men in suits and was relieved. He saw Dean Qin and two other strangers. From the looks of it, the two strangers were pretty high status, probably leaders of the school.

While Lu Zhou was pondering over the identities of these two people, the old man in a suit walked in front of Lu Zhou, smiled, and extended his right hand, Lu Zhou, congratulations.

Lu Zhou shook his hand and politely asked, This professor May I ask, who are you?

Hahaha, laughed the old man. Even though he smiled amiably, he said, Dean Qin is the only professor here. Im not a professor.

The cameras next to them clicked and photographed the two shaking hands.

Lu Zhou was even more confused.

If youre not a professor, then who are you?

He had no idea who the guy was.

Dean Qin said, This is Secretary Liu. He works for the city government of Jin Ling. He smiled and lightly introduced the other person, This is the president of the Su Mathematical Society and the vice chairman of the Chinese Mathematical Society, Professor Wang Zhongming.

That professor had glasses on and smiled as he nodded towards Lu Zhou.

Hello, Professor Wang! said Lu Zhou politely as he stuck out his right hand.

Two old magnates

Hello, said Professor Wang with a smile as he shook Lu Zhous hand. He shook it gently and said, No wonder Professor Tang spoke so highly of you. You really are talented.

Lu Zhou smiled and said humbly, Professor Wang, youre too kind.

Lets talk another time. Secretary Liu still has some stuff to say and so, I wont waste your time, said Professor Wang with a smile.

I can afford to waste this time, said Secretary Liu with a smile. He looked at Lu Zhou and said, Lu Zhou, on behalf of City of Jin Ling, I thank you for your contribution.

Lu Zhou was flattered.

At most, he only contributed to the field of mathematics. He had not really contributed to the City of Jin Ling.

I just solved a mathematics question. I dont deserve this, said Lu Zhou as he smiled modestly.

Thats where youre wrong, replied Secretary Liu. He smiled and continued, The problem you solved isnt a normal mathematics problem. Its a problem that plagued the mathematics industry for 20 years! You are from University of Jin Ling, so how can the City of Jin Ling not thank you?

Secretary Liu spoke nicely, but also bureaucratically.

It was because he was not in the mathematics industry.

A 20-year-old mathematics question doesnt mean that mathematicians around the world had been trying to solve it for 20 years. Everyone had different research topics. Most mathematicians did not even invest any time or energy to this question.

Lu Zhou smiled but he did not try to explain anything. Some words were better left unsaid. This conversation was mainly for the microphones and cameras around them, Lu Zhou just had to be a good listener.

Lu Zhuo saw Secretary Lius smile and analyzed in his heart.

This busy man suddenly came to visit the University of Jin Ling and specifically came to meet me. Most of my papers are famous in the international and domestic mathematics community. But why is this political guy here? From which newspaper did you hear about me?

Speaking of which, if this guy wants to show his thanks for my talent, there should be something else waiting for me.



Ill take either, as long as its good for me!

After a pause, Secretary Liu smiled and spoke.

Our basic policy is to be education-oriented! Talent training has been the top priority of our citys Education department! Yesterday, the leader of our Municipal Education Bureau told me about you. This immediately aroused my attention. Especially after learning about your family situation, several directors of our city met overnight and decided to give you a reward. Our future scientists cant be poor!

Lu Zhou heard him and suddenly said, Secretary Liu, you work too hard!

Not hard at all, said the old man as he waved his hand. He then said with a smile, Youre the one that is working hard as a scientist who is fighting in the front line!