Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 82

Chapter 82 Can't Even Go To Lecture

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The next morning, the first ordinary differential equation lecture began.

When Lu Zhou went into the classroom, he felt a strange vibe.

Class one and two of applied mathematics were combined into one lecture. Two classes of students sat there and filled the classroom.

When Lu Zhou realized that he was being stared at by numerous pairs of eyes, he felt slightly worried.

Even worse, the lines of sights were accompanied by whispering.

“Wow, Lu Zhou from applied mathematics class one!”

“The study god that got full marks in mathematical analysis and advanced algebra!”

“Who gives a f*ck about those two exams! This guy proved a textbook conjecture, getting full marks is easy for him!”

“May I add, it was a graduate-level textbook”

“Hey, don’t be too jealous. I heard that this guy stayed in school for the entire summer holiday. We were playing League of Legends while this guy was grinding textbooks all day.”

“What a god”

“I’m shaking!”

F*ck, can these group of animals keep it down.

Although It’s pretty cool to listen to them.

The teacher came.

Lu Zhou knew the professor that walked in. It was Professor Liu Xiangping from his modeling competition.

The professor had a unique way of coming to class. He was neither early nor late by a second.

“Why are you standing? The class is about to start, go and find a seat,” said Professor Liu while he smiled at Lu Zhou. He placed his vacuum flask on the podium.

“Ok, I just got here.”

Lu Zhou was embarrassed as he smiled. He quickly glanced at the back of the classroom and found his three roommates sitting far away from one another. Clearly, they could not find seats that were together. Lu Zhou could not find a seat, so he was about to go move a chair from the other classroom.

At this moment, a male student in the first row suddenly stood up and packed his stuff on the table before making a welcoming gesture.

“Please sit here.”

Lu Zhou replied, “No, no need. I’ll just grab a chair from next door.”

“No no no. I’ll go grab the chair. Just remember to borrow me your notes!” said the guy as he stubbornly insisted.

I’ll borrow you my notes, as long as you return them on time.

However, the problem was not the notes.

The problem was that Lu Zhou was scared to sit in the front row! He had the attention of everyone around him. If he even made some noise, everyone would look at him

The feeling of having no privacy was horrible.

Lu Zhou did not sit down. Instead, he immediately went next door and grabbed a chair before sitting down next to Huang Guangming.

These people won’t turn around and look at me during class right?

Professor Liu Xiangping smiled at him and did not speak.

The bell rang and when the class began, Professor Liu started the PowerPoint and smiled as he said, “Turn your textbooks to the introduction page.”

While others were taking their notebooks out, Lu Zhou was flipping through [Practical Machine Learning]. He started to study advanced algorithms designed specifically to tune and teach artificial intelligence.

Without the help of a focus capsule, it was difficult to study an entire book in one study session. Good thing was that when he leveled up his core subject, not only did it increased his ability to use knowledge, but it also increased his ability to absorb knowledge.

So far, he had already read half of this thick textbook.

However, when he was checking the code of Xiao Ai last night, he still could not understand most of it. His level of knowledge was too low.

Professor Liu continued his lecture on stage.

“ High school questions usually asked you to find the relationship between the unknown and known number. To list the equations containing the unknown and solve them.”

“In actual work, we often encounter problems that are completely different from those equations. For example, to find the movement of a substance under certain conditions, it’s necessary to find their laws of motion. For example, in space flight, the rocket is driven by the engine. To find the orbit of its flight requires us to obtain an analytic function from the existing data, rather than calculating a specific unknown by the known function given by the question.”

“Ordinary differential equations are a very useful tool. They have important applications in many disciplines, from mechanical automatic control to ballistic calculations of rocket missile aircraft to even the stability of chemical reactions.”

Professor Liu smiled as he continued, “Therefore, you applied mathematics majors should really pay attention to this class. If you don’t do well, don’t tell people that you are from my class! It’s too shameful!”

Professor Liu was an interesting person, so his lectures were pretty interesting. He could explain complicated things in an easy manner.

Even Huang Guangming who usually did not pay attention in class turned off his phone and looked intently at the PowerPoint on the screen. He even typed notes in his laptop.

The speed of a college class was very fast and Professor Liu’s was of no exception. His speed of lecturing was almost faster than turning the pages.

It was impossible to take notes in class. It was good enough just to keep up and listen. The students kept taking photos like they were at some tech conference.

By the time half of the lecture was done, the basic definition and geometric interpretation of the differential equation and its solution in the first chapter were finished. Next was the first subsection of the second chapter of integral methods, the exact differential equation.

The difficulty was increased instantly.

A ton of new knowledge was being thrown at the students. Even though the professor was simplifying and explaining everything, the dumb students were still overwhelmed.

“Theory is pretty much done. I trust you guys to revise this by yourself, let’s do some questions,” said Professor Liu with a smile. He turned the PowerPoint to the next page and said, “Whoever can solve this question, feel free to come up to the blackboard.”

[Judge whether {y2/(xy)2-1/x}dx+{1/y-x2/(xy)2}dy=0 is the appropriate equation and solve the equation.]

Lu Zhou’s eyes scanned the question on the PowerPoint. He thought it was easy so he continued to read his book.

However, it was not as easy for other students.

This was their first class and most people only studied the first chapter. They had not studied the second chapter yet. As most of them stared at the “exact differential equation” with a confused expression, a few geniuses took out their pens and started writing on draft papers.

Two minutes later, the classroom was entirely silent.

“How come no one has raised their hand?” asked Professor Liu asked with a smile. He jokingly said, “You guys are all students from the University of Jin Ling, so you should be able to solve this, right?”

A student that was sitting in the first row smirked and said weakly, “The study god didn’t raise his hand, so we’re scared to raise ours.”

A lot of people in the first row nodded.

Some people did figure it out, but no one dared to raise their hand.

Professor Liu pretended as if he did not hear anything and laughed as he said, “No one can solve it? Guess I have to give some incentives? Okay! I’ll add 10 marks to anyone that can solve this problem.”

Even though Lu Zhou was still reading that machine learning textbook, he instantly put his hand up. The speed of his hand shocked Huang Guangming.

However, Lu Zhou did not look at Guangming. Instead, he was staring at the PowerPoint.

10 marks!

Simple as f*ck question. Free marks!

Professor Liu did not even give him the time of day as he smiled and said, “Put your hand down! This 10 marks isn’t for you. You’re going to be getting full marks in the exam anyway. What? Do you want to get 110% percent?!”

Lu Zhou: “”

The students gasped.

Is the genius already confident that he’s going to get full marks?

Lu Zhou smiled awkwardly as he put his hand down.

At that moment, all Lu Zhou wanted to say was “Motherf*cker!”