Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 91

Chapter 91 Physics Research Mission?

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The next morning, Lu Zhou received a call from Professor Tang, so he went to the laboratory building.

As soon as he entered Professor Tangs office, he saw his physics teacher, Professor Li Rongen in there.

Whats this?

Why are you standing there, come and sit, said Professor Tang. He then put down his vacuum flask and smiled as he asked, Whatve you been doing recently?

Mainly working on Campus Assistant

Lu Zhou smiled. He then greeted Professor Li Rongen politely before he sat on the sofa.

Professor Li Rongen asked with a smile, How is it? Is there any improvements?

Lu Zhou coughed softly before he answered, Its the same

There havent been any significant improvements so far, but the update hasnt been released yet, so who knows?

What if the app fails

Professor Tang, why did you find me?

Lu Zhou quickly opened the subject.

Im not the one finding you, said Professor Tang with a laugh. He then added, Its Professor Li. He recently ran into a bottleneck in his scientific research and wanted me to find an expert to help him. I actually wanted to help him myself, but Im too busy with my own projects. I thought about it for a bit. Most of the PhD students and masters students that I know arent as well versed in functions analysis as you. But I dont know if Professor Li would be satisfied.

Professor Li immediately said with a smile, Haha, why did you say that? You sent your number one student in the mathematical department to me. Im going to welcome him with both arms open obviously!

Ah, youre over-complimenting me!

Lu Zhou was still modest on the surface and so, he smiled and said, Professor, youre too kind. Im not the number one in the department.

The two masters students who were researching did not say anything but they rolled their eyes.

F*ck, why are you humble-bragging?

Piece of sh*t!

Okay, stop being so humble, said Professor Tang who could no longer stand it. He continued, You solved a world-class mathematics problem. Be real with us. Are you doing this project? I can find someone else.

Yes! Of course, said Lu Zhou as he immediately agreed. He then asked, Can I ask what this project is about?

There were not that many opportunities for undergraduate students to participate in research projects, especially for the mathematical department where the research funding was tight. Thus, research projects were in high demand. If a normal undergraduate student wanted to do work in a laboratory, they would have to beg the professor.

Of course, there were not that many scientific research projects in the mathematics department. However, because of the usefulness of mathematics, a lot of mathematics students had opportunities to join projects from other departments.

The most demanding projects were from the physics department.

Everyone knew that the physics department in the University of Jin Ling had the most research projects, and the most funding. From nuclear physics to semiconductor materials, from national level research projects to company collaboration projects. All of the projects produced valuable results!

Due to this, when the two masters student heard that Lu Zhou was invited to a physics research project with Professor Li Rongen, they were insanely jealous.

Everyone knew that Professor Li Rongen was part of the carbon nanomaterials research institute.

That institute was considered the most well funded in the University of Jin Ling!

However, this Lu Zhou kid was too charismatic and all they could do was to be jealous.

Receiving an offer from New York University as a first-year because of an SCI thesis and solving a world-class mathematics problem in his second year, Lu Zhou was way ahead of the two masters students.

Professor Li smiled and said, The research is about carbon nanotube modified cement-based composite materials! Its mainly used in flood control, disaster prevention, land reclamation, bridge pedestal, etc. This project is backed by the Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province and the National Engineering and Materials Science Fund. Joining this project would be very helpful in your future development.

Carbon nanotube modified cement-based composites?

Sounds very nutty.

Lu Zhou, Professor Li, Im not familiar with materials science. Can you tell me exactly what Im going to do?

Professor Li smiled and said, Dont worry, everyone starts from somewhere. As for what to do, Ill allocate a task to you when the time comes. Specifically, its mainly to analyze the collected Fourier infrared spectrum data.

Thats it?

Lu Zhou sighed in relief.

That was easy since he was an expert in functional analysis.

So, he smiled and said, No problem! I got this. When do I report to you?

Lets just do it now, said Professor Li Rongen as he stood up from the sofa. He then smiled and said to Professor Tang, Then I wont bother you, let be borrow your precious student!

Haha, youre welcome. Go ahead, just remember to return him! said Professor Tang with a smile.

The Carbon Nanomaterials Research Institute of the University of Jin Ling was located at the northeast corner of the campus, next to a tree-lined path leading to the observatory.

Who wouldve thought that this laboratory containing hundreds of millions worth of equipment would be in this ugly building?

At least, Lu Zhou had not expected it.

He had never been to this part of the campus.

This is our schools carbon nano research institute. Its pretty disappointing from the outside, right? said Professor Li jokingly.

Lu Zhou smiled and said, Im not disappointed, but it does look quite ordinary from the outside.

Extraordinary mysteries are often hidden in the ordinary things, just like what we are studying right now. A piece of graphite that can be seen everywhere, it can be softer than water, it can be harder than steel This all depends on our research. Its up to us to reconcile the relationship between those microscopic particles.

While walking to the main entrance of the institute, Professor Li Rongen talked about some physics with Lu Zhou.

There was no difference between the interior of the institute and the normal school buildings. The only difference was that there were no classrooms; only rooms with various labels, and laboratories with different instruments.

Compared with the various cutting-edge experimental instruments displayed here, the experimental equipment that Lu Zhou had seen before were more like toys for children.

After Professor Li Rongen brought Lu Zhou to the entrance, he found a tall and skinny graduate student who was wearing a white science coat.

Xiao Liu, take him on a walk around here and help him to familiarize with the environment. I still have some stuff, so Ive to go back to the campus. When you get the data, send it to my mailbox.

Okay, Professor Liu, said the graduate student named Xiao Liu as he smiled.

After Professor Li Rongen handed Lu Zhou over to Xiao Liu, he left.

Xiao Liu pushed his glasses and extended his hand as he said, My surname is Liu, first name Bo, just call me Liu Bo!

Lu Zhou, said Lu Zhou while shaking his hand. He added, Liu Bo, nice to meet you!

Haha, Lu Zhou, right? Hello, hello. Ive heard of you before, said Liu Bo. He then let go of his hand and made a welcoming gesture, This way please.

While they were walking in the corridor, Liu Bo started to tell Lu Zhou about the situation of the institute.

Like the name implied, the main research topic of this research institute was aimed at carbon nanomaterials. Research on sub-projects such as carbon nanotubes, fullerenes, and graphene materials was also included.

According to Liu Bo, the optoelectronic devices were the latest generation of photoelectric sighting devices that 99 tanks produced. They were mainly for the interference caused by electromagnetic pulses and component damage. As for the specifics, it was confidential, even Liu Bo did not know.

In addition, there were many public research results. For example, the research on the inhibition of tumors by perfluorocarbon nanoparticles would soon produce results that could provide new ideas for the treatment of cancer.

These were all cutting edge research projects.

Liu Bo casually talked about his own project.

The project that were doing isnt as earth-shattering as the others. It is related to the countrys infrastructure. So, its also very important! Of course, you wont be under too much pressure. Youve to do research with a calm mind, you cannot be urgent.

When they were at the entrance of the laboratory, Liu Bo looked back at Lu Zhou. He then smiled and said, Its here, this is where we work!