Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 96

Chapter 96 This Was Correct

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A classroom in Building A

The fourth Campus Assistant club meeting had ended. During the meeting, they discussed the release of the update.

Like last time, President Lu Zhou was absent from the meeting, he was replaced by Vice President Wu Dahai and Product Manager Yuan Liwei. Perhaps it was because of the absent of the founder, the morale was low.

After all, everyone was working for the past two weeks. Developers were writing code, the engineers were busy, even the people running errands had stuff to do.

Although most people were passionate about having a varied campus life, not everyone was keen on having a busy life. When the enthusiasm for entrepreneurship eventually faded, the complaints would inevitably come.

The situation is basically this.

End of meeting.

Yuan Liwei threw the chalk on the podium, nodded to Wu Dahai, then walked off the stage.

Fat Wu stepped on the podium as he clapped and smiled.

Everyone has worked hard. Youre all hungry, right? The president booked a table at that fish restaurant. Lets all eat.

The most important part was that the workers did not have to pay.

After they heard Fat Wus words, they finally gained some morale.

When they thought about it, other than time, they really did not have to pay anything. They did not even have to pay a sign up fee.

Even if they did not join the club, most of their time would be wasted on League of Legends. It was better to do something meaningful. For example, a few new software students that worked with Rong Hai, did not know anything in the beginning, but now they knew some basic C++.

However, even then

Humans were still emotional-driven creatures.

They arrived at the restaurant, but when the food came, the president still did not show up. Someone could not help but ask.

Where is the president? Is he not coming?

Lu Zhou has some matters to attend to. He has been working on this physics research project, just wait a few days, said Wu Dahai. He then raised his glass with a smile and said, Come, cheers.

Although the person that asked the question was dissatisfied, he did not say anything else.

After the group finished the meal, they walked toward the school gate and all went back to their respective dorms.

The person that asked the question was called Li Ruizhe. He was a first year in the computer science department. Next to him was his old friend, Wei Feng. They met Fat Wu while working for him and were convinced by him to join the Campus Assistant club.

Although both of them joined the club thinking it would be a great business, after two weeks, Li Ruizhe was getting somewhat tired.

The absence of the president was only one of the many factors. His dissatisfaction had been accumulating since long ago. He had expressed his dissatisfaction during many club activities.

Maybe it was because of the alcohol, plus they were alone, he started to complain to his old friend.

We are working tirelessly writing code, writing programs Whats he doing?

Wei Feng was not as dissatisfied. He understood the reasons given by Fat Wu and did not feel an imbalance in his heart.

After all, he joined the club with the goal of learning in mind. He did projects with Rong Hai and learned to write some simple algorithms. He felt like he learned a lot, which was what he expected.

As for making money

He honestly had not even think about it.

The president has a research project to do, hes probably busy these days. I think its understandable. He also wrote a lot of code, not like he didnt do anything.

When Li Ruizhe saw that his friend did not agree with him, his expression was somewhat unpleasant.

Pfft, I still have to prepare for advanced algebra. How come I cant say Im busy? Who isnt busy?

Wei Feng did not like to talk sh*t behind peoples backs. So, he patted his friends back and said, Fine, fine, Ruizhe, youre drunk.

Im not drunk, said Li Ruizhe as he burped. He pushed away Wei Fengs hand and said, I just feel bad

It was right, he felt bad.

It was not just him that felt bad

Seven days after the thesis was sent to the old campus, the experimental results finally came out.

The conclusion reached was beyond the expectations of everyone.

Of course, everyone included, Liu Bo, Qian Zhongming, and Professor Liu Rongen. It even included a PhD student that Professor Liu brought, but it did not include Lu Zhou.

After all, Lu Zhou was confident in his own calculation abilities. He had also repeatedly checked his calculations multiple times. If the data given was correct, then his calculation was going to be correct!


Your conclusion is correct.

The CNTs material does not have any effect on the hydration reaction in the early age when it is incorporated into the cement!

If this conclusion is true, then our experiments have been wrong. The key to solving the pressure resistance of No. 2 sample is not in the hydration reaction at the early age, but from other places.

Lu Zhou asked, Is there anything else I can help with?

Brother Qian shook his head and said, Not for now Well have to redo the experiment by adjusting the amount of carbon nanotube material usage, but you just saved us two months of research time.

Lu Zhou remembered about the documents he read. He thought about it and said, I have a suggestion, should I say it?

Please tell me! said Brother Qian seriously.

Last time I read the recently published paper on the aqueous dispersion of carbon nanotubes from the University of Dong. I imported some of the experimental data into the mathematical model I built earlier and recalculated it. I then found something interesting Why dont you try to experiment with a 0.4wt%-0.5wt% range for the amount of CNTs?

0.4 to 0.5? asked Brother Qian. With his eyebrows raised, he said, Weve done 0.6-0.8 The results obtained were not satisfactory. The current preferred scheme is still above 1 Will 0.4-0.5 be too little?

Thats why Im only suggesting, shrugged Lu Zhou. He then added, Since I saved you so much experimental time, why dont you try my suggestion?

If it was before and Brother Qian heard a suggestion from an outsider, he would have taken it with a grain of salt. However, the situation now was different. Lu Zhous calculations were proven by experiments, and Brother Qian trusted him.

Brother Qian nodded as he said, Okay Ill forward your suggestion to Professor Li. Oh yeah, can you give me the document that you read?

No problem, Ill send it to your email.

Suddenly, Lu Zhous phone in his pocket began to ring.

Sorry, I have to take this.

Its okay, I have to go to the old campus anyway, said Brother Qian as he looked at the clock. He then said, See you later.

Lu Zhou walked to the corridor and picked up the call.

When the phone connected, before Lu Zhou could even speak, Fat Wus loud and anxious voice came through.

Lu Zhou, something bad had happened!