Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 97

Chapter 97 You Cant No Show

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There were five withdrawal applications on the table.

Lu Zhou looked at Fat Wu who was wearing an awkward expression.


I guess the twelve slaves have become seven

Lu Zhou took up the resignation application and glanced at it.

Li Ruizhe?


I dont know him at all.

This is my fault, said Fat Wu as he put out the cigarette and threw it in the bin. He sighed, I just want to get more workers, but I forgot about the internal problems.

Its not entirely your fault, its my fault as well, said Lu Zhou as he put down the withdrawal application. He sighed softly and said, There are five applications for resignation. I dont remember four of these names. Also, Ive been busy with science research, I didnt care enough

As the president of the club, not knowing the names of club members was an ignorant move.

Also, they were not just club members, they were his friends.


He really was unsuitable for doing business.

Lu Zhou asked, Is the impact big?

Fat Wus smile was a bit reluctant as he said, The impact is pretty big. The two first years that left was not too big of a deal, but the three others that left were pretty significant. Right now, we only have Rong Hai and a first-year student to do programming

The update was about to go live, but suddenly this thing happened. They might even have to postpone the update release.

Also, it was not just about the update.

The blow to morale was even more deadly.

Lu Zhou thought and said, Call the rest of the people for a meeting Forget about it, Ill book a table at the fish restaurant.

Okay, said Fat Wu as he nodded. He then left the office.

In front of the school gate, at the fish restaurant

The same place, but different time. This time, including Wu Dahai and Lu Zhou, there were only nine people.

This time, Lu Zhou poured himself a beer and stood up.

You might have noticed that we lost five companions.

Actually, when I made this club, I already said that if anyone feels out of place, they can leave. Were all friends here. But I feel that I have not been able to maintain the cohesiveness of this team. As the founder, this is my fault.

It has been more than half a month since our clubs establishment. You guys have put in a lot of work for our business. I think that before the new update goes live, I have to say some words.

Today I brought everyone here to say one thing.

I intend to take 20% of my shares as an equity reward.

Of course, right now this equity is worthless. Campus Assistant hasnt made a profit yet, it also has half a million of debt. Therefore, this 20% of equity will be honored after the round of angel financing.

Depending on each persons contribution, theyll receive different amounts of shares. Ill promise a fair judgment.

Lu Zhou looked at everyone as he said this.

After that, he lifted his glass and drank the whole thing.

It was much more difficult to unite a team than to come up with a business idea or make a powerpoint.

Fortunately, relying on equity and angel financing, the morale of the team increased again.

Next up was honoring these two promises.

After the dinner, Lu Zhou went back to his dorm and as he leaned against the balcony, he stared at the track field and pondered.

He thought about Campus Assistant and was inexplicably annoyed.

It was like he encountered an impossible mathematics problem.

He had not encountered this kind of problem in a long time.

As expected

Compared to entrepreneurship, he was more suited for scientific research.

Maybe after the round of angel financing, Ill find an opportunity and cash out the shares.

Lu Zhou stayed on the balcony for a while. He sighed and looked at the stars before he began to talk to himself, Is it because Im burning myself out?

With the five days of high-intensity research work plus the launch of the Campus Assistant update, he felt burnt out. He thought of Mrs. Yangs advice and gave it serious consideration.

Perhaps, he should consider the balance of work and rest.

At this moment, the dorm room door was pushed open. Shi Shang who was wearing a jersey walked in with a basketball.

Zhou, ball? We still need one person.

Li Tao and Tian Jun stood behind him. They were both wearing jerseys.

Lu Zhou wanted to say he was disinterested, but he changed his mind and blurted out, Wait for a second, Ill change my clothes first.

He turned around and went into the dorm. He then pulled out a jersey from his cabinet. Once he put on his shoes, Lu Zhou followed the group to the basketball court.

Run, shoot, dunk

Okay, Lu Zhou could not dunk. At most, he could grab a rebound.

They were just playing casually, so they did not assign positions.

Lu Zhou was sometimes in the free throw line, sometimes in the three-point line.

For him, the score was unimportant. He just wanted to vent and sweat.

After an hour of playing half-court, the teams were extremely tired. Especially Lu Zhou. It looked like he fell into a pool.

Midfield! Lets take a break!

Shi Shang shouted with the ball and everyone agreed.

Lu Zhous sweat soaked through his clothes as he laid on the wooden floors and gasped. He had an indescribable pleasant feeling.

He had not felt this type of pleasure in a while.

Shi Shang bought two bottles of water and sat next to Lu Zhou. He then placed one bottle on Lu Zhous head and asked, How are you, feeling better?

The bottle almost fell, so Lu Zhou grabbed it and rolled his eyes at Shi Shang. He then took a deep breath and said, What do you mean by feeling better?

Emotionally, said Shi Shang with a smirk. He added, Dont you have some stuff on your mind? Why dont you talk about it?

Its just that Im too busy. Emotionally, Im okay.

That doesnt make sense, said Shi Shang as he shook his head.

What do you mean it doesnt make sense?

As Lu Zhou stared at Shi Shang, he suddenly felt a sense of premonition.

His intuition told him that this guy was about to go on a rant.

Shi Shang laughed and said seriously, According to my experience, when a guy has your expression, its because of a girl.

Lu Zhou:

Shi Shang saw that Lu Zhou did not respond, so he thought that he was correct. He sighed and said, Were still young, who hasnt been rejected? The road is still long, dont be so sad about one person.

Lu Zhou: ? ? ?

F*ck me, Shi Shangs brain tumor is getting bigger.

Lu Zhou was about to insult Shi Shang when his phone suddenly rang.

Lu Zhou picked up the call and placed his phone to his ear.


Its me!

Chen Yushans voice traveled through the phone.

Lu Zhou adjusted his breathing and asked, Whats up?

Not much. I just wanted to ask if youre free tomorrow afternoon?

Im free.

Oh! Thats great, said Chen Yushan as she sat in her dorm. Her eyes lit up and said, I won two movie tickets with my roommate at the schools entertainment festival. We were going to go together but she stood me up. Do you want to watch a movie?

Watching a movie?

Sounds good.

Lu Zhou heard that the movie was Nolans new work. It was only domestically released recently. Lu Zhou had been looking forward to it since he saw the trailer, but he was so busy that he almost forgot about it.

Perfect, he wanted to relax anyway.

Okay, Ill see you at the school gate tomorrow, two oclock.

Be there! Someone already ditched me, you cant ditch me as well! Also, why are you panting?

Lu Zhou, Im playing basketball.

Chen Yushan was surprised, You know how to play basketball?

Lu Zhou replied, Im just playing around casually, talk to you later.

Oh, ok. I have to study vocabulary, bye bye then.


Lu Zhou hung up the call and stuffed the phone back into his pocket. He stared at Shi Shang and asked, What were you saying?

Shi Shang looked at Lu Zhou and was silent. He did not want to talk