Scholar's Advanced Technological System Chapter 98

Chapter 98 This Did Not Make Sense

Chapter 98: This Did Not Make Sense
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It was winter in Jin Ling and the temperature was dropping.

This was the most beautiful time of the year.

At two oclock in the afternoon, in front of the school gate, Chen Yushan stood under a parasol tree wearing brown colors clothing. Her high waist skirt matched her knee length boots. Even though she was not six foot tall, her legs looked as if they belonged on a six-foot-tall person.

Was this the so-called visual effect?

Lu Zhou had a moment of realization.

When Chen Yushan noticed Lu Zhou, her eyes lit up and she waved at him.

Lu Zhou was wearing a laptop bag and when he went up to her, he asked, Where are we watching the movie?

Chen Yushan shook the two movie tickets in her hand and said, Yida Plaza! Also, why are you wearing a laptop bag?

Lu Zhou answered honestly, I went to the library for a while in the morning, and I didnt go back to the dorm before I came here.

Even though he could have left his bag in the library, Xiao Ai was on his laptop so he did not feel safe leaving it in public.

Chen Yushan had a defeated expression on her face. She glanced up at the parasol leaves and sighed, Little brother, youre putting so much pressure on me.

Lu Zhou did not know how to respond.

He felt like no matter what he answered, he would be hated.

It was best if he kept his mouth shut.

The two called a DiDi cab and once they were in the back seat, they started chatting.

Since they were close friends, naturally they had a lot to talk about.

They talked about college life, the dorm building reconstruction, extracurricular activities, and etc. Twenty minutes quickly passed by, and the pair arrived at the destination.

They then went to the ticket booth and looked at the showtimes list.

They looked at the available movies, and Lu Zhou asked, What do you want to watch?

Chen Yushan did not hesitate at all as she responded, Haunted Road.

Her eyes sparkled with excitement when she said this.

She had been looking forward to this horror movie ever since she saw the first trailer, but it was too scary to watch alone.

She originally planned to watch this with her roommate, but her roommate was too scared and ditched her.

In desperation, Chen Yushan could not find anyone to go with. Finally, she thought of the student that helped her with mathematics.

Okay, said Lu Zhou as he nodded. He spoke to the ticket seller, One ticket for Haunted Road, one Interstellar.

Chen Yushan: ? ? ?

The ticket seller looked at Lu Zhou before she looked at the girl behind him. She then smiled awkwardly and asked, Dont you think you should reconsider?

Lu Zhou was stunned, Reconsider about what?

The ticket seller smiled and said, Reconsider, reconsider!

Lu Zhou: ? ? ?

The f*ck? Are you selling this ticket or not?

Chen Yushan silently came forward and placed the two vouchers on the counter before she said, Two tickets for Haunted Road.

The cashier smiled and said, Great.

Lu Zhou: ? ? ?

Once Lu Zhou realized what had happened, Chen Yushan had already received the two tickets, and she put one of them in Lu Zhous hand.

The voucher was already used, so there was no chance of going back.

Lu Zhou looked at the movie ticket in his hand and sighed.

It was not that he was scared of horror movies, it was that he did not care for them at all.

He could watch Ring and still fall asleep. This type of childish horror movie was too simple for him.

It seemed that he would have to wait until next time to watch the Nolan sci-fi blockbuster.

Chen Yushan saw that Lu Zhou did not say anything. Slightly embarrassed, she said, Fine, stop being so angry. Ill watch Interstellar with you next time.

Im not angry, Im not that stingy, sighed Lu Zhou as he put away the movie ticket. He looked at the time and said, Ill go buy some popcorn. Do you want any?

After all, since he became a millionaire, he became slightly more generous.

At least, he was not as stingy when it was about food.

Chen Yushans big beautiful eyes widened, Are you sure that youll be able to eat popcorn

Lu Zhou was surprised, Is there a problem?

No, nothing, said Chen Yushan as she shook her head in respect. She added, Just buy it for yourself, I dont have an appetite.

Lu Zhou nodded and went to the counter.

He bought popcorn and a coke.

After he bought the food, they went into the cinema hall that was almost full.

Under Chen Yushans constant urge, Lu Zhou walked in front of her while holding the popcorn and coke.

He did not know if it was an illusion, but he felt that people were looking at him strangely.

However, Lu Zhou did not care. Instead, he threw a piece of popcorn in his mouth and leaned back against the chair as he quietly waited for the movie to begin.

Soon, the intro started. A melodious and cheerful piano song came on, the tone gradually became more gloomy and strange.

The people around them stopped whispering as they stared at the screen and held their breath. Lu Zhou was the only person eating throughout the movie.

Of course, it was because he was disinterested.

At least, Lu Zhou was still following the movie plot.

The movie was about seven normal people going to a wedding when they encountered a car crash. They said something disrespectful for the dead and even took a photo of the accident for fun.

Then, they basically all died. When the car broke down in a rural area, the people decided to stay the night in the car. They even took a group photo and the caption said they would not die here.


They all died.

Lu Zhou heard screams nearby. The more he watched, the weirder he felt.

This plot

Why does it feel like

Its similar to Final Destination?

Like the other audiences around them, Chen Yushan could not help but scream.

However, she did not retreat.

She was scared to death, but she was still curious, her eyes stared straight at the screen. Her big eyes were full of fear and excitement and her hands were on her cheek, ready to cover her eyes

Lu Zhou glanced at her.

This chick

Is she okay?

The movie continued. It was the main confrontation scene and screams came from all around the theater.

Lu Zhou was eating popcorn and drinking his coke. He did not feel anything at all. He just wanted to go to the toilet.

However, Chen Yushan was screaming her head off next to him. People around her were wondering if she had gone crazy.

Finally, the movie came to an end.

From an objective perspective, the music was not bad. For a domestic horror film, it was okay. At the end of the movie, the whole situation was revealed to be just a dream.

After all, the focus of a horror movie was about the process, not the ending.

However, Lu Zhou did not understand the process at all.

Honestly speaking, artificially created horror like Detective Conan scared Lu Zhou a lot more than these horror films.

Of course, he was talking about the television show, not the movie version.

After they came out of the theater, Chen Yushan was quiet, like she lost her soul. Her face was white and scary and she was limping.

It was like her soul returned after they left the cinema. She sighed as she held her chest and said, I was scared sh*tless

Lu Zhou threw the empty cup and popcorn bucket into the trash can and said, Is it really that scary?

Chen Yushan looked at Lu Zhou in disbelief, Of course its scary! Dont you agree?

Lu Zhou said, But ghost dont exist?

I know it doesnt exist, but dont you think that if a woman suddenly climbed out, its scary? Her face is bloody said Chen Yushan with an unease heart.

Lu Zhou thought and still did not think it was scary. Instead, he stubbornly said, But its all fake

Chen Yushan: