Shift The Side Character Heroine Chapter 457

Chapter 457: A Pair of Living Treasures

Zhao Youyue was a genuine legend. Each year had its own Number One Scholar of the College Entrance Examination. But none of them were ever like her. She had started off as a live-streamer in her high school. Not just any live-streamer, she had been one of the best ever, and everyone practically knew her!

The money was then used as funds for her company - Source World
Zhao Youyue had maintained remarkable results, while keeping her other interests on track. High school students did not simply do that?

Of course, she could not be considered as a high school student any longer. Her innumerable experiences of life and death were far beyond what any ordinary high school student had under her belt. Let's not forget those abilities that she had gained through hard work.

It was not easy for media to arrange an interview with Zhao Youyue. Which media dare to bother Zhao Family like a paparazzi?

It was a wonderful day for Zhao Youyue and her parents. They were happily discussing about her potential universities.

Most of the famous universities reached out to Zhao Youyue, expressing their intentions to recruit Zhao Youyue as a student. Peking University and Chung Hwa University were particularly aggressive. Both of them offered conditions that were difficult to resist.

This was what top students go through. There was no need to look for universities. University invitations would be sent straight to their doorsteps, with offers that could be amended to suit their needs.

Zhao Youyue was not just any Number One Scholar of the College Entrance Examination. She was a legend, a genius with remarkable achievements at a young age. Her enrollment would guarantee the addition of an iconic graduate for that university.

"I've made up my mind. I will enroll at Jiangnan University, majoring in professional Chinese linguistics and literature" Zhao Youyue stated in a serious tone.

Wang Hua was indifferent to her daughter's decision. Of course, Jiangnan University was one of the best professional literature across the nation, almost on par with Peking University courses.

However, job prospects for this profession was rather bleak. Wang Hua would have agreed if Zhao Youyue had shown any sign of passion in literature, to being with. The problem here was that Zhao Youyue had never been interested in literature, whatsoever!

In fact, how many professionals in Chinese linguistics and literature ended up as authors?

Almost all authors did not start off as so. Most of the influential authors came from science streams. They produced much more logical plotlines and far better organization of contents. Art students were good at writing, but without a good script or chronological arrangement, nobody would read their novels.

Wang Hua was aware of her daughter's preference towards entertainment novels. She barely touched any literature, period!

"Take some time, think about it. Don't you even dare to presume that this is my field of expertise, that I would cut corners for you. I can tell you right now; there are absolutely no shortcuts!" Wang Hua emphasized.

Perhaps others would take account of the knowledge they could learn in a famous university. Zhao Youyue did not care about that. All she wanted was to graduate, get a job in a big corporation with a handsome salary

It was unnecessary for Zhao Youyue to learn anything from a university. Her "Two Dimensional Gate" offered more knowledge than any university could ever provide. Furthermore, her dreams stemmed from her days in high school. She wanted to expand her company, Source World.

Therefore, Zhao Youyue preferred having a university near her house. Jiangnan University was a good option, and she could enroll in the course taught by her own mother. It would be boring, but she had the iconic character card - "Wen Qingyu." No literature in this world would be a problem.

"Who says that I do not love literature? That is absolutely absurd! You'll see my literature face in class soon. I had you, my old mother, the semi-professional author as a mentor. I do not need you to offer me any new shortcuts. All I need is for you to be strict on me!" Zhao Youyue replied confidently.

Of course, she was. She had Wen Qingyu as her back up.

The slimy little brat had fired shots. Wang Hua was riled up. She was not just some semi-professional author. Being the director of Jiangnan Province Writers Association and a member of the Chinese Writers Association, she was often invited to write articles for newspapers and magazines. Her only flaw was that she had never once produced any literature that was hundreds of pages long.

"I did not want to waste time writing rubbish. My articles consist only of the essence of philosophy! And stop calling me old mother!"Wang Hua tugged the chubby cheeks of her daughter.

"Admit it, old mother; you could not write anything that sold well! Not unless one day, you earn the blessing of your beloved daughter, me!" Zhao Youyue smiled happily.

Wang Hua almost burst a vessel. She was a highly respected literature author. If she was placed in another world, she would become Tie Ning. [1] She might even be The chairman of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles and the chairman of the Chinese Writers Association. Her reputation would be greater than her work.

Even if her book was a complete failure, given her reputation, award-winning movie adaptations would pop out for most favor-fuelled reasons.

Wang Hua was a member of Zhao Family as well. Her influence spread far and wide across the country!

"How could you help me?" Wang Leng questioned coldly.

"I could provide you solid inspiration!" Zhao Youyue smiled again.

"Say what you like! It seems that you don't believe in me, right? Perhaps it's time for me to show you what I am capable of."

Wang Hua had to think of a new style of writing. Only then might her book make it to the hot-sellers sections!

It was imperative that she displays some form of ability in front of her daughter. One day, she might become her student. Things would quickly get out of hand.

Wang Hua soon accepted the fact her daughter will be enrolled at Jiangnan University, becoming one of her students. She looked forward to it. Her job had been getting boring as of late. Her daughter's presence might change something.

Nevertheless, it was a fortunate outcome for students and lecturers at Jiangnan University. Wang Hua and Zhao Youyue made a fine pair of beautiful ladies

Translation Note:

[1] Tie Ning (born September 1957) is a Chinese author based in Beijing, China. She has, since 2006, been the president of the China Writers Association and is a member of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. Her works include short stories, "Ah, Xiangxue" (Chinese: ,), The Red Shirt Without Buttons (Chinese: ), "June's Big Topic" (Chinese: ), Wheat Straw Stack (Chinese: ), Cotton Stack (Chinese: ), "The Village Road Takes Me Home", Rose Door (Chinese: ), "How Long is Forever" (Chinese: ) and Da Yu N (Chinese: ) (Big-Bath Woman).