So Pure So Flirtatious Chapter 365

Chapter 365 Lan Ling's Love

365 Lan Ling’s love

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This was the phone number that Lan Ling registered when she was in Tengchong. There was only a difference of one number from his number. Hence, Yang Ming’s impression was quite profound. It seemed that this phone wasn’t discarded.

Yang Ming quickly pressed the button to read as though he was afraid that the phone would fail him at this moment. He was staring at the screen tightly. The process was less than a second, yet Yang Ming felt as though he was waiting for a long time.

“Yang Ming, have you received the book that Grandpa Zuo brought to you? It’s a medical book of our Miao Tribe. Not only are there a lot of healing techniques, but also a lot of voodoo solutions. I heard from Grandpa Zuo that you’re an assassin. I was worried about you, so I asked him to give you a book.

“There’s no cell phone signal in the mountains. Today, my grandmother went down the mountain to buy daily necessities. This is the message I wrote in advance. I asked her to send it out. There’s no need to call back.

“Wait for me. Don’t miss me too much. Lan Ling. ”

In a few short sentences, Yang Ming was moved. It seems that even though Lan Ling is far away deep in the mountains, she was always concerned about me and worried about me.

In particular, Yang Ming received a strong love from reading the last sentence “Wait for Me” from Lan Ling. Yang Ming sighed and edited a message and sent it over, “I have received the book, and I miss you every day.”

Nokia’s cell phone had the function of receiving a receipt for text messages. When Yang Ming received a receipt from the other party, he was relieved. He knew that Lan Ling would see this message.

After many days of missing her, Yang Ming finally felt a sense of relief. It was because he knew that Lan Ling was fairing well at this moment. As for how Lan Ling knew that he was an assassin, Yang Ming was very puzzled. But, eighty percent of it was that the old man who called Grandpa Zuo and Fang Tian had some kind of connection. Or, probably the old man had been secretly watching me.

With the old man’s phantom-like skills, Yang Ming simply couldn’t find him.

The weird things were finally made clear. That book was actually given to him by Lan Ling, which made Yang Ming very surprised. However, the old man is really quite bad. With the relationship between me and Lan Ling, why couldn’t he tell me about it? He was acting mysterious intentionally, letting me ponder upon it for a long time!

However, this incident also seemed to indirectly indicate the fact that Lan Ling was very powerful, or that her grandmother was strong. Grandpa Zuo was obviously a master. Even when people like Fang Tian and Fang Tian’s master couldn’t command him, he had actually run an errand!

Now, it seemed that the book was apparently genuine. Lan Ling was unlikely to lie to him, so Yang Ming planned to find a good time to study it, or else, he would disappoint Lan Ling.

After Yang Ming locked Lan Ling’s message, it was transferred to the memory card and stored there.

In the evening, Yang Ming went to Wu Zhongjie’s home to give him a tutor session.

“Brother Yang, have you been to our school today?” Wu Zhongjie was a bit puzzled. It was reasonable to say that every time the parents were asked to go to school, the class teacher always called him, but if the parents didn’t come, the class teacher would ask him why he didn’t come.

Today, Wu Zhongjie waited until school ended and Class Teacher Gao didn’t have any doubts so Wu Zhongjie couldn’t figure out what was going on.

“I went. Why wouldn’t I go?” Yang Ming said indifferently, “Isn’t your teacher called Gao Dexin on the second floor of the teacher faculty building?”

“Ah? You went? What did Old Gao say?” Wu Zhongjie asked quickly.

“Pfff!” Yang Ming almost spit after listening, “Do you also call him Old Gao?”

“Yes, what’s the problem? My classmates also call him that!” Wu Zhongjie replied as though it went without saying.

“No… There was once an Old Gao in the underworld of Song Jiang.” Yang Ming shook his head and said.

“Oh? You mean that Old Gao used to be in the underworld?” Wu Zhongjie didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. “I know that the school had such rumors. We asked Old Gao before, yet he gave us an ambiguous reply. But, I think it’s a lie because he is just too much of a gentleman to mingle around the underworld society, right?”

“Gentleman? Haha…” Yang Ming smiled bitterly. He thought to himself. You didn’t see how he was like in the past! He shaved his head bald and swayed on the street with an iron bar.

“What’s wrong? Isn’t that true?” Wu Zhongjie had some disdain.

“He didn’t lie to you. He’s the Old Gao like I said!” Yang Ming nodded and said, “I know him.”

“You know him? Damn, is that true? Brother Yang, you also mingled in the underworld? Are you Old Gao’s underling?” Wu Zhongjie was so shocked that he opened his mouth widely. “No wonder you are so bad*ss. It seems that you are a brother in the underworld! If you are an underling of Old Gao, then I’m also his underling. Aren’t we on the same team?”

“Get out of the way. Who would want to be on the same team as you?” Yang Ming smiled and said, “Old Gao was under me in the past! If we look at it, you are at the level of a grandson.”

“Uh… ah?” Wu Zhongjie was shocked. “Really? Old Gao was your underling? Then, aren’t I even bad*ss in the future?”

“Then, why do you think that Old Gao didn’t bother you?” Yang Ming said with a sigh of relief, “Okay, I’m telling you this, just to let you see. There’s no good in mingling around in the underworld. Stop admiring these things in the future! It’s useless. It’s more important to study hard! Look at me and Old Gao, didn’t we still return to the right path?”

“Oh… I know…But at school, boys like these kinds of things. Whoever knows more people in the underworld will become more bad*ss and girls like these kinds of boys!” Wu Zhongjie said.

“Really?” Yang Ming was stunned. Am I a disjointed person from the current times or is the aristocratic school different from my school? When Yang Ming mingled around in the underworld, there were no girls who liked him, of course, except for girl delinquents.

“Yeah, our class monitor. The reason why he was nominated as the class monitor was that he knew a lot of people from the underworld. He is bad*ss at school. Everyone respects him!” Wu Zhongjie said, “Can I say that I know you in my class?”

“Even if you say it, no one would know.” Yang Ming shook his head and said, “How about this? Based on the results of your final exam, I will have a look. If it’s good, then I’ll introduce you to an actual gangster boss. When you’re bullied, you can look for him. However, you can’t go out and pretend to be bad*ss.”

“Really!” Wu Zhongjie was very happy to hear it. Pretending to be badss? Of course, it will not just be pretending! I will act like a badss on purpose!

“En, let me say it. I will look at your results first.” Yang Ming nodded. Since Bi Hai takes charge of this area, there is no harm in introducing him.

Today, Wu Zhongjie’s questions were relatively fewer. Wu Zhongjie wasn’t stupid. In the past, there was Lin Zhiyun’s tutoring, so there weren’t a lot of problems piling up.

“I won’t be coming after tomorrow.” Yang Ming said, “Which day will you take the exam?”

“We will be having the exam after New Year’s Day. Brother Yang, why don’t you come?” Wu Zhongjie quickly asked, “Am I not doing well? Are you mad?”

“Damn, tomorrow night is Christmas Eve. The day after tomorrow is Christmas. I have to accompany my girlfriend. You can go play with yourself!” Yang Ming smiled and said, “Didn’t you ask your little girlfriend to go out and play?”

“I wanted to, but she wants to watch a movie. I didn’t manage to buy a movie ticket. She was unhappy!” Wu Zhongjie sighed and said, “Hey, if I knew about that, I would have booked the tickets a few days in advance!”

“Isn’t your dad quite powerful? You can ask him for help!” Yang Ming thought if Hou Zhenhan could obtain the ticket. Shouldn’t Wu Zhongjie’s father be able to get it, too?

“How can I trouble him for that? If he finds out about it, he would be caning me to death.” Wu Zhongjie shook his head again and again.

Yang Ming had a bitter smile for a while. He knew deep in his heart. Every parent is like this. Wasn’t I caned in the past?

“I have a few movie tickets here, but the couple suite tickets can’t be given to you. Here are two ordinary ones for you!” Yang Ming opened his backpack and took out the two ordinary movie tickets.

“Damn, Brother Yang! You’re great. Are you really giving it to me?” Wu Zhongjie saw the movie tickets, and his eyes immediately emerged green light like a hungry wolf.

“Of course, did you think I took them out just to show off to you?” Yang Ming said with a glare and a hint of annoyance.

“Hehe, Brother Yang, you’re so good to me…” Wu Zhongjie suddenly slapped his head and said, “That’s not right, Brother Yang. Don’t you lack money? I think your family conditions are not bad. I noticed the cell phone you use, the N, is more high class than mine! Also, aren’t these movie tickets more than a hundred? How come you are tutoring me? Isn’t it only fifty yuan each time?”

“I wonder if you’re just stupid or have a lack of a brain in your head.” Yang Ming shook his head in tears and laughter. “When did I say that I’m short of money?”

“Is there a difference between stupidity and lack of a brain?” Wu Zhongjie said silently, “Brother Yang… Are you a rich family kid who came to experience life?”

“When I came the first day, I thought you were quite smart. In a few days time, have you already revealed your true self?” Yang Ming looked at Wu Zhongjie with mercy. “I have told you that I’m tutoring for Lin Zhiyun!”

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