So Pure So Flirtatious Chapter 483

Chapter 483 An Encounter

Hmph, how? Are you afraid?” When Guo Dongchuan saw that Bao Sanli was shocked, he thought that Bao Sanli was scared. Therefore, he was filled with confidence. He pointed to Bao Sanli’s head. “I’m talking to Sun Jie. You just stay aside!”

This time Bao Sanli was completely angry.This is the land of Song Jiang. Who are you? Pointing at the boss and second boss of Song Jiang? Do you still want to live?

Well, even if you are not an ordinary person, if you are showing off in Song Jiang, you’re disrespecting me! So no matter who you are, what you are doing now was a bit too much!

Bao Sanli raised his hands suddenly. A punch was launched and directly smashed Guo Dongchuan on his eye.

“You… you dare to beat me?” Guo Dongchuan was furious and began to vent out his anger.

But unfortunately, the underlings of Bao Sanli had seen the boss start a move. Can they just watch? They swarmed Guo Dongchuan and brought him aside to beat him up badly.

Sun Jie frowned but she didn’t say anything. She didn’t know how to participate in this matter. Now, because Bao Sanli was defending her, he started a fight with Guo Dongchuan.But with the identity of Guo Dongchuan, would he stop? He wouldn’t, right?

I’m already having a headache thinking about it because my own affair involves the dispute between the two gangs…

“Forget it. Let him go.” Sun Jie hesitated and spoke.

“Sorry, Miss Sun. Now it isn’t just a matter between him and you, but a problem of my territory.” Bao Sanli shook his head and smiled. “This is disrespecting me.”

Sun Jie shook her head and she had no choice but to shut up. Anyway, she had already asked to spare him, as long as she expressed her will, it was fine.

In the distance, Guo Dongchuan was crying and screaming. Then, he was pushed into a van and sent away.

“Miss Sun, how are you going back?” Hou Zhenhan asked, “Should I ask someone to take you?”

“No, someone is coming to pick me up.” Sun Jie replied.

“Well. Miss Sun, is the person coming?” Hou Zhenhan asked.

En, he should have already arrived at the parking lot.” Sun Jie smiled.

“Well, Miss Sun, as for the time to meet with your father, I have to discuss again. You also know that there are more things in the New Year,” said Bao Sanli.

“Okay, I will tell my father.” Sun Jie nodded and said, “Then I will leave. Thank you, President Bao and President Hou, for the hospitality.”

“You’re welcome.” Hou Zhenhan smiled and said, “Where is the car? Let us take you…”

“It’s alright.” Sun Jie hesitated and said. After all, Yang Ming came to pick her up. Their relationship was very easily misunderstood.

“We should. In our territory, we are, of course, obligated to take charge of Miss Sun’s safety.” Bao Sanli said that because of the incident just now, and he said it with a caring attitude.

Sun Jie thought about it and felt that it was nothing.Even if they see it, they don’t know Yang Ming.So she nodded and said, “Okay, it’s not far ahead.”

Sun Jie came to the parking lot under the escort of Bao Sanli and Hou Zhenhan.

Yang Ming had been paying attention to Sun Jie. He saw that they were coming to him and couldn’t help but frown.If I’m seen by Hou Zhenhan, it’s still fine. But if I’m seen by Bao Sanli, it seems that isn’t a simple case.

Yang Ming fell into deep thought.Is my current identity suitable to appear together with Sun Jie?

However, from the current situation, my identity will be exposed sooner or later. I had already exposed my face to Brother Snake of the Four Snakes Gang.Therefore, Yang Ming wasn’t afraid of exposing his identity.

Thinking of this, Yang Ming didn’t care so much anymore. He stood firmly next to the car and waited for them to come.

En?” When Bao Sanli saw Yang Ming was standing there, he was very surprised. He looked at Sun Jie and looked at Yang Ming. He didn’t know how these two people got together.

Hou Zhenhan didn’t feel any surprise. After all, Yang Ming had already told him before. So, he just nodded slightly to Yang Ming when he saw him. Then, he stood aside as he pretended to know nothing.

“Brother Yang, you…” Bao Sanli hesitated for a moment before he greeted Yang Ming.

“Brother Bao, it’s such a coincidence. I am here to pick up Sun Jie.” Yang Ming smiled.

Oh…” Bao Sanli nodded with stiffness and didn’t know what to say at the moment.

Sun Jie was also looking at Yang Ming and Bao Sanli with suspicion.How do these two people who have no intersection with one another know each other? And it looks like they’re very familiar with each other?

Sun Jie didn’t know whether it was right or wrong to let them meet Yang Ming, but things had already been done. She could only cope with it calmly. Then she said, “President Bao, do you and Yang Ming know each other?”

“I know; I know, a friendship of life and death!” He also saw that the relationship between Yang Ming and Sun Jie wasn’t normal, so he tried to tighten each other’s relationship. It’s because Mr. Y’s message from Hou Zhenhan was that Mr. Y was very interested in cooperating with Sun Jie. Therefore, Bao Sanli’s attitude toward Sun Jie was very good.

Oh?” Sun Jie was stunned.What kind of life and death friendship can Yang Ming and Bao Sanli have?It was just that the current situation wasn’t suitable for asking more questions. She also smiled with Bao Sanli. ”Hehe, I didn’t know before. If I knew, I would have called him to eat together.”

“Next time. There are many opportunities.” Bao Sanli hurriedly nodded and said, “Too bad we can’t make it today.”

Hou Zhenhan was standing there without talking, but his mouth was smiling. He thought,Brother Yang went to Donghai for his girlfriend. How can he catch up to eat? Isn’t Brother Yang too bad*ss? He even managed to get the Miss of the Sun Family?

“Yes, definitely!” Yang Ming also nodded. “Next time, I’ll treat Brother Bao.”

“That’s it. I won’t bother you anymore. I’m going back with President Bao.” Hou Zhenhan pulled the corner of Bao Sanli’s jacket. He didn’t know what entertainment Yang Ming would have with Sun Jie later, so he didn’t want Bao Sanli to be the third wheel.

Seeing that Hou Zhenhan pulled him, Bao Sanli also quickly said goodbye. Although he didn’t know why Hou Zhenhan pulled him, Hou Zhenhan often had his reason in these kinds of things. Bao Sanli was a rough person. He usually didn’t pay attention to these details and was too lazy so he would listen to Hou Zhenhan.

Sun Jie and Yang Ming got in the car. Yang Ming started the car and drove out of the parking lot.

“Tell me. What the hell is going on?” Sun Jie asked Yang Ming plainly.

“What is going on?” Yang Ming turned on the CD player and listened to melodious country music. He asked while knowing the answer.

“Why don’t you tell me? Do you need me to remind you again?” Sun Jie looked at Yang Ming with an ambiguous smile. “Yang Ming, you seem like you haven’t told a lot of things yet?”

“My gosh… I say Sun Jie, if I want to tell you, I need to have the chance, right? We usually don’t communication much!” Yang Ming smiled and said, “You also know that some things will be remembered suddenly. For example, it usually happens when lying on a bed or before going to bed, and then we can talk about private topics, right?”

“…” Sun Jie stared at Yang Ming. “A dog’s mouth really can’t spit out ivory [1].”

“You don’t say? Can you spit out ivory?” Yang Ming snorted.

“Stop the nonsense. How do you know Bao Sanli?” Sun Jie glared at Yang Ming and asked.

“At the detention center, we were in the same cell.” Yang Ming didn’t conceal it. He said directly, “I fought with him once. But that time was a hard fight, so our relationship is good.”

“You have been to the detention center?” Sun Jie turned to look at Yang Ming. “Aren’t you a university student?”

“Didn’t Yang Li tell you about it before? I was a punk. What’s wrong with a punk going into the detention center?” Yang Ming didn’t want to mention Lin Zhiyun’s matter. After all, that thing wasn’t so glorious. “Moreover, that’s the past. I haven’t joined the underworld for a long time already…”

“I thought Yang Li said it casually.” Sun Jie smiled and said, “It turned out to be true.”

“How? Are you looking down on me?” Yang Ming asked casually. In fact, Yang Ming didn’t think so.If Sun Jie looked down on me, she wouldn’t be so close to me!

“No, you must have known what my family business is. We’re about the same.” Sun Jie was afraid that Yang Ming would think too much, so she comforted him.

“Okay, you don’t have to comfort me. I know the gap with you…” Yang Ming said deliberately. In fact, he was just teasing Sun Jie.

“Turn around!” Sun Jie said suddenly.

Ah?” Yang Ming said, “What?”

“Go to the hotel.” Sun Jie said plainly.

Huh?” Yang Ming opened his mouth with surprise. “Why are you going to the hotel?”