Soaring Of Galaxia Chapter 590

590 Expressing Our Thoughts To One Another Endless Love

The Heavenly Emperor who stood high and remote seemed to be slightly astonished by Qin Wushuang's fearless temperament. At the Heavenly Emperor Mountain, he had seen many many types of young people, as there was a large number of young talent existing at the Heavenly Emperor Eight Gates..

However, Qin Wushuang of the human countries slightly astonished the Heavenly Emperor. Having maintained a strong and unperturbed composure before a large number of Supreme Dao warriors, Qin Wushuang had gained a whole new level of respect.

Inwardly, Qin Chongyang was feeling somewhat anxious, yet it was inappropriate for him to give Qin Wushuang the hint to stop. However, after Qin Wushuang had finished these last words he did not continue to speak.

Suddenly, the Heavenly Emperor laughed. "Everyone, did you hear that? This is why so many heros come from youngsters. Our Heavenly Emperor Eight Gates do need such daring young people. Alright, I will speak a few words. Firstly , the Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect should not chase to kill Qin Wushuang for these trivial matters. They should also have not gone to the human countries to harass them. As for the matter with the Stargaze Palace, whether it's related with the Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect or not, I've already sent people to investigate. Considering how the Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect has already encountered severe shock, this matter will end here. Moving forward , regardless the person, regardless the grudge, all conflicts must be solved within the Xuan Yuan Mound. Even if you were to take it outside the Xuan Yuan Mound, you are forbidden to harass the human countries even in the slightest. If anyone is to defy this , you will be punished severely without mercy!"

The words spoken by the Heavenly Emperor appeared extremely fair. However,Qin Wushuang could hear that in the end, the Heavenly Emperor did not wish to suppress the Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect too much.

Miss Mu Rong's lawsuit, had at most, forced the Heavenly Emperor to make his stance and put an end to any future troubles. Although he spoke of investigating the past grudges, it was clear that they would settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

Thinking of this made Qin Wushuang chuckle to himself, though he dare not speak another word. .

"Chongyang, what do you think of this matter?" The Heavenly Emperor's question was sudden and unexpected.

Qin Chongyang said with a light smile, "How could I object to the ruling of the Heavenly Emperor? Now, Qin Wushuang is the disciple to my Heavenly Emperor Qin Clan. You can count all grudges and gratitude to the Heavenly Emperor Qin Clan."

Qin Chongyang's deemphasized tone was filled with confidence and power. Despite facing the Heavenly Emperor, he did not bow down his head to compromise.

Luo Tongtian looked at Qin Wushuang with resentment and said while swallowing his anger, "Your majesty, Qin Wushuang has destroyed my mountain gate. The Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect will fight till our dying breath with him.I will, however, bear in mind your ruling and will never spread the battle flame to the human countries."

Qin Wushuang said lightly, "Luo Tongtian, your words are bullshit and I don't believe your nonsense. If I had not foreseen your despicable actions and transferred my family and disciples, you would have got what you wanted. However, for all the ghosts of the Stargaze Palace that died unjustly, I will avenge each of their lives with you and the Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect! Just you wait!"

Luo Tongtian said with an enraged tone, "Your fellow disciples of the Stargaze Palace are counted as lost lives and the lives of my Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect's disciples are not of the same worth? When you destroyed my mountain gate, hundreds of core disciples had died, including a portion of Elders and countless ordinary disciples. For this debt, even if you do not come after me, I will come after you."

Qin Wushuang opposed him with equal harshness, "That's all because of your trespasses. As a result of your actions, you must accept the consequences. "

The Heavenly Emperor said with a laughter, "Alright, the martial artists of the Xuan Yuan Mound do not specialize in fast-talking. You can resolve your personal grudges privately. Regardless of the method, it should follow the survival of the fittest rule of the Tian Xuan Land. There is only one point, you must not violate the bottom line!"

Upon finishing speaking, the Heavenly Emperor said to Mu Rong Xu, "Miss Mu Rong, are you satisfied with this ruling?"

Initially, Mu Rong Xu came to file the lawsuit because she was worried about Luo Ting as a threat to Qin Wushuang. Although upon hearing how Qin Wushuang had taken out the Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect's home and with Qin Wushuang seeking shelter at the Heavenly Emperor Qin Clan, it meant he no longer feared the Heavenly Luo Daoist Sect.

As long as Qin Wushuang was free from danger she could be calm. Thus, she said, "As your majesty conducting business impartially, I have no objection."

The Heavenly Emperor said with a chuckle, "I have always heard how Mu Rong Qianji has a good daughter and the Floating Snow House has a great princess. After seeing you with my own eyes today, this reputation is indeed well-deserved."

He continued by speaking to Qin Chongyang with a teasing tone, "Chongyang, does your Aspiring Throne Mountain intend to become in-laws with the Floating Snow House? Ha ha."

Qin Chongyang said with a smile, "This would depend on what the young people think. Your majesty, could it be you intent to host the marriage or officiate the ceremony?"

The Heavenly Emperor laughed. "I do have such intentions, yet unfortunately in my position, I would not be able to be the host or officiate the event."

Everyone laughed. In the end, Mu Rong Xu was a young girl. Hearing these words from everyone caused a surge of blush to flash across her face as she retreated to the side.

After they departed from the Heavenly Emperor Mountain, Qin Wushuang and Mu Rong Xu walked side by side. Interlinked with mutual feelings they were overwhelmed with joy.

"Miss Mu Rong, thank you" Qin Wushuang fixed his gaze at Mu Rong Xu and said from the bottom of his heart.

Mu Rong Xu revealed a light smile. "Young Master Qin, as long as you are alright, that's what really matters."

At this moment, Little Bamboo interrupted, "Young Master Qin, my miss has spoken very freely back there. I am afraid everyone in the entire Xuan Yuan Mound is talking about my miss. I truly do not know what my master will think of this matter. I am worried that he might blame miss."

Perhaps, Mu Rong Qianji would not have said too much when Mu Rong Xu had left home. However, she had caused a great commotion by coming to the Heavenly Emperor Mountain to file the lawsuit.

It'd be easy for the outside world to reach the conclusion that Mu Rong Xu was doing it for Qin Wushuang, but it seemed as though all the rumors about her intimate relationship with Qin Wushuang were true.

If the public followed this opinion,it would be a great disadvantage to the reputation of the Floating Snow House. It would not matter if Mu Rong Xu had truly been together with Qin Wushuang.

The only thing that one would be afraid of was that in the end, Mu Rong Xu had not been together with Qin Wushuang.

Hearing these words from Little Bamboo, Mu Rong Xu comforted her, "Don't worry. This was my choice. If father were truly to blame me and if the Floating Snow House truly regarded my actions as a disgrace, I will have no regret even if I am to leave the Floating Snow House."

Mu Rong Xu's tone sounded full of determination. However, she spoke these words with an indifferent attitude as if she was talking about an extremely ordinary matter.

Instantly, Qin Wushuang felt his chest tighten. When a young girl has done so much for you, even an idiot should have known her intentions.

Little Bamboo stammered, "Miss, if that's the case, master will be sad."

Mu Rong Xu said with a smile, "You stupid girl, leaving the Floating Snow House does not mean I would sever my relationship with Father. Father will still be my father. I just don't like the things that were forcefully pushed on me by the Floating Snow House, yet I know this is not what my father had wanted."

"Miss Mu Rong…" Qin Wushuang was emotionally moved, "How could I make you treat me in such a way? With such kindness, even if my body was torn and my bones were crushed, it would be difficult for me to repay you."

Little Bamboo chuckled, "You giant piece of wood. Usually you appear to have a flexible mind when you deal with the enemies. How come you are so stupid before my miss? Miss has done this because she wanted to from the bottom of her heart. Could it be she has done it to go after your repayment?"

"Little Bamboo, you talk too much." Rosy clouds filled Mu Rong Xu's cheeks as she blushed endlessly.

Little Bamboo extended her tongue and laughed. "Miss, I see that Young Master Qin is like a giant piece of wood. I am trying to enlighten him a bit!"

Qin Wushuang conscientiously looked at Mu Rong Xu as her expression was brimming with devotion. A surge of endless love had emerged from his heart. This form of love was different than the love to his family, to friends and to his teachers. Yet it was as sincere and intense as those forms of love. Compared to those other feelings of love, this one had more sweetness.

"Ha ha! Miss, you guys keep talking and I will wait for you ahead." Little Bamboo winked at Qin Wushuang and quickly dashed forward.

After she ran forward a few steps, she suddenly remembered something and turned around to laugh at Qin Wushuang, "You dull person, let me tell you something. My master calls miss Xu'Er. Whatever miss Mu Rong, it sounds too estranged! It sounded uncomfortable to the ear, ha ha."

Although stunned for a moment, Qin Wushuang smiled immediately after.

Upon watching Little Bamboo's distant figure, Mu Rong Xu chuckled, "Young Master Qin, I have spoiled Little Bamboo too much, please forgive her."

"I see Little Bamboo is artless and without guilt. Her straightforward personality makes her extremely adorable. Only someone like miss Mu Rong would have such a lovable maid."

Mu Rong Xu laughed and revealed a trace of mischief in her smile. She raised her head and looked at Qin Wushuang, "You still like to call me miss Mu Rong?"

Qin Wushuang was stunned for he had already formed the habit. Now he realized the truth and a surge of happiness spurted from his heart. He blurted out, "Xu'Er…"

Mu Rong Xu smiled sweetly and leisurely looked to the distance ahead. The glow of the sunset had sprinkled onto the faraway mountains. Even just by looking at the sunset, Mu Rong Xu felt incomparable happiness at this moment. With a few traces of dazed tone she said, "Brother Qin, I have never felt such happiness in my whole life as I do in this moment. . It would be great if this sunset never fell and forever stops here."

These words had sounded somewhat childish, yet it reflected Mu Rong Xu's genuine emotions at the moment. After drifting for all these years in the outside world, she was miserable. At least, she was without purpose and without hope.

Now, sharing mutual feelings with the man she admired, all beautiful things of the world could not exceed the happiness before her eyes.

Qin Wushuang said with a smile, "Xu'Er, after this sun goes down, there will be even more beautiful sun tomorrow morning. For as long as the world lasts we will watch the sunset and sunrise together. Regardless of what happens we will always be together."

Mu Rong Xu's entire body trembled as she looked at Qin Wushuang with discouraged eyes. "Brother Qin, is this truly what you think from the bottom of your heart?"

"Absolutely." Qin Wushuang revealed a face full of sincerity.

"It doesn't matter which person, danger, or obstacle is in our way? You will work hard and fight for me? Any obstacle in our path?"

Qin Wushuang held Mu Rong Xu's soft and seemingly boneless hands tightly. He looked into her clear water-like eyes and said with full emotion, "I will!"

Mu Rong Xu could only nod her head as she was in between laughter and tears. "Brother Qin, I am so happy. With your words, I feel that all my years of drifting were right. It's the best decision I have ever made in my life. If they had forced me to marry Luo Ting, I would've died."

"Don't worry, Xu'Er, Luo Ting is no longer here," Qin Wushuang comforted her with a soft voice.

Mu Rong Xu gave a heavy nod, yet there were still traces of sorrow within her complexion.