Soul Of Searing Steel Chapter 104

Chapter 104: Cutting It in Half with a Sword!

Having no clue why, the flying snow had suddenly vanished. The dark clouds began to scatter then disappear. Sunlight started to shine upon the ground. Under the bright shining light of the sun, the red-golden light aura stayed around Joshua. The high-temperature was distorting the air around. The turbulent air flow was raging around. There was even a translucent shockwave spreading out in all directions. Meanwhile, the overbearing momentum had forced the monster horde to stop their assaults on Joshua. After that, they did not dare to approach Joshua at all.

[Avatar]'s insane power was surging back and forth around the body of the warrior, clearing out any sign of contamination, Chaos or any other traces of evil in his body. Under the unparalleled burst of his Combat Aura, any other traces of elemental power from the outside had been wiped clean. Needless to say, the Berserk Dragon Virus and the Chaos power that were spreading fast into his body were wiped out; the red golden radiance flashed. Those strange lines of runes immediately vanished without a trace. The fatigued muscles on his legs were restored back to normal. His legs were filled with energy once again.


Taking a step forward, the ground trembled. Joshua held his sword with only one hand. He did not show the slightest hint of hesitation on his face. He was determined to charge into the Dark Tide, towards the black dragon that was shielding itself behind the tremendous horde. Along with his vigorous steps forward, strong winds howled. There was a distorted red light line right behind his back while he was charging forward. From that moment on, the warrior no longer held back at all. In any case, he could not afford to hold back now. He had to unleash his full power now!

Right in the eyes of the daemons and the Aragami, all they could see was a faint glow of a red lightning strike, followed by a silver flash that was reflected from the blade of a greatsword. Their purplish blue eyes could only see Joshua's shadow. Before they could see anything else, their heads were already being cut off and sent flying into the air.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Joshua's shadow went straight through the formation of daemons. The daemons that were on his two sides were all dead the moment he passed by. Their heads were all cleaved right off their bodies by Joshua's greatsword. Their bodies were slashed opened like they were made of thin papers. The spilling blood splattered so frequently that the battlefield looked as if it was being shrouded in blood mist all over the place. After that, the blood evaporated into steamy blood mist! Meanwhile, when the Berserk monsters only began to react to the situation after being attacked by Joshua, Joshua had already gone past them. He had reached a further place when the daemons started to react.

"Just break off already!"

Upon letting out a raging roar, followed by creating a powerful air blade strike towards the monsters in front of him, Joshua slashed tens of daemons right in front of him with the air blade strike at the same instant like they were made of paper-thin material. In the meantime, he swung his sword half a circle and took out a few of the crystallized Aragami that were charging at him. After that, Joshua took the opportunity to push forward through the empty path that he just cleared out for himself. His movements were fluid with no signs of hesitation whatsoever.

At the same time, on the third second after Joshua began charging forward, the black dragon was beginning to heal. Its two horns and eyes had not even grown back yet.

[Avatar] was known as the final attack of all warriors. That final ultimate skill could be deemed as a powerful life source that could eliminate all negative status and negative effects, canceling any effect of any spells. However, as the cost of it, the user would have to exhaust 10% of his or her Combat Aura in each passing second. Meanwhile, that was the main reason Joshua had been trying to avoid using that skill. Once it was activated, even if he was at this full strength, he might not be able to last more than ten seconds.

Currently, because of the corruption of the Chaos magic that was coursing through his legs, Joshua had no choice but to activate this final skill. And because of that skill, his left arm that that was broken could still be used around in the battle. He need not worry about any restriction caused by the Gift spells cast by daemons from other worlds.


Although the greatsword that Ying transformed into was not very convenient to be swung around, the impact and power that it wielded were unrivaled. Any daemon would just be cut in half by the sharp blade of the sword, even one gentle touch would do it. Because of that, the daemons would also lose a chunk of flesh or more upon getting in contact with the Combat Aura that was surging vigorously around the sword.

Without a moment to waste, Joshua continued to slay any daemon or Aragami within his reach. He was relying on the restoration effect that the Azurite could offer to maintain the effect of his [Avatar]. The silver greatsword was being whirled around like a silver tornado surrounding the warrior. Any daemon that attempted to get near would immediately be shredded into pieces.

When a warrior had an extraordinary power that exceeded everyone's expectation, skills that were fully adapted and mastered, and an unstoppable resolution, then no one or nothing could stand in his way. No one could stop him from moving forward.

The mountains would not be able to, neither would the seas. Hence, the endless Dark Tide would not be able to stop him as well!

His right arm had been swinging around to the point that no one could even see the shadow of his arm. The silver flashes of the reflection from the sword were stacking up layer by layer, so fast that Joshua looked like he was currently shielded by a silver radiating barrier. Instantly, the daemons all around him were getting slashed up as if they were devoured by the radiating barrier that were actually flashes of reflection from the blade. Although Joshua had his left arm heavily injured at the moment and he was forced only to use one hand in battle, however, his assaults were still as intimidating as before when he was wielding both his greatsword and his lance. He was charging forward swiftly, turning himself into a stream of golden light cutting through the Dark Tide. In the meantime, the daemons were cut in half one after another and their heads were sent flying all around the air.

"A chance!"

With a swing that swept horizontally across the air, the sword landed right on a daemon that was in the form of a rhino. The neck of that daemon was broken and distorted by the immense impact of the strike. Then the huge body of the daemon slammed onto the ground and it began to tumble. The next thing that happened was that the huge and heavy body of the daemon rolled onto a group of daemons. Joshua swept his eyes across the situation in his surroundings and he instantly noticed that he was only less than fifty meters away from the black dragon that was about to completely regrow its head! Half of its head had already grown back!

In the meantime, on the sixth second after Joshua activated his [Avatar], even though the Azurite was endlessly recharging Joshua's power back up, however, Joshua only had approximately 20% Combat Aura left!


The warrior stomped his feet onto the ground with might, which generated an intense explosive sound. Then the ground that was rock solid was shattered by the impact of that stomp. A large crack appeared, and the initially flat ground was separated into a few smaller parts. Meanwhile, after the mountains and the ground trembled violently, a large rock rose from the ground. It was like a huge monolith standing solidly in the middle of the monster horde. However, it was just a rock though.


With two steps out, Joshua leaped onto the top of the huge rock. Adjusting himself ninety degrees from the ground, he bent his legs down and his muscles tightened up. Meanwhile, his eyes peered at the Dark Tide monsters. He was looking directly at the black dragon that was completely corrupted by Chaos. The red blazing radiances in his eyes appeared to be boiling.

Combat Aura was a form of power that could only be generated when one's body had been trained to the limit. It was very simple to use it. All you need to do is to ignite your heart, your flame, your will, and your belief.

Currently, the warrior's Combat Aura was set ablaze to the limit!

Joshua knew no strategy. He did not even want to consider using any dirty tricks!

He could become the Legendary warrior all by himself mainly because no one could beat him!

Kicking off both feet, a shockwave stirred up the dust all around. The standing huge rock immediately rolled after being pushed by the shockwave that was visible. The warrior used the rock as his standing point and he pushed himself into unleashing his fastest speed. He was charging at the fastest speed an arrow could travel!

Right in the middle of the sky, he laughed out loud. "I'm strong not because I'm a legendary warrior!"

Instead, Joshua was called the legendary warrior because he was strong!

These bunch of pathetic weaklings! They'd better not confuse the cause and effect of it!

Along with the prideful statement, the red golden radiance was shot into the sky like a meteor that was blazing on with an aura that could annihilate anything, breaking off the tide of the Dark Tide, pushing towards the chaotic black dragon that was heavily protected by many daemons. In the meantime, Joshua had arrived right above the black dragon. The huge silver greatsword that was engulfed with the blazing Combat Aura was swung from the top to the bottom. The sharp edge of the blade was swung straight at the body of the black dragon!


It seemed like a normal slash with a sword. However, that swing of the sword had a strange whooshing sound. The wind was stirred along by an explosive force that burst in the air. As the blade went across the air and left a trace of a red light mark in the form of a line in the air, multiple explosive sounds were emitted right out the air. Just before the head of the black dragon was about to fully heal, just when Chaos energy had been charged to the maximum, just one moment before the dragon was about to undergo metamorphosis, the swing of the greatsword that was infused with Joshua's rage was slashed straight onto the head of the dragon!

The black dragon that was completely taken over by Chaos opened its mouth wide as if it was about to let out a raging roar. However, it was too late for anything now. Ever since it had lost its awareness, its body had become the possession of the Evil Gods. It had been condemned to be helpless against the attack of the warrior. Under the shining light of the Gold-tier warrior's Combat Aura, the black dragon could only 'stare' at Joshua's sword that came straight at it with its 'head' that had not even had its eye grown back!

Splat Plik plak!!!

A red radiance was pulled down in a straight line right in between the huge body of the dragon. Meanwhile, the entire body of the dragon had been slashed open. The bones within the body were shattered into a million pieces. The sound of its bones being crushed continued on. The black dragon stood with its huge black body still on the ground. A line of red-golden light trace that looked like a line of boiling lava drain appeared right in the middle of its entire body. Slowly, the dragon's body was split in half.