Soul Of Searing Steel Chapter 108

Chapter 108: Holy Brilliance

It was without doubt that the person traveling in green light was Brandon.

"You've finally appeared. Are you alright?"

Joshua greeted his battle partner. Joshua was not afraid to fly in mid-air was because there were no Gold-tier daemons that could threaten him in the first place. The other reason was he wanted to show Brandon his location.

"Not bad but I won't say it was all good on my end."

Brandon replied softly with an exhausted look on his face. The sweat and blood during his last battle had all been crystallized into ice on both his forehead and chin. He looked very out of shape at the moment.

This was expected. The Dual Blades of Order were not the same as the Azurite which had the ability to transform Chaos energy into recovery energy for the warrior to replenish his vitality. His dual blades could be considered one of the best divine weapons in this world, however, it was not designed to be used in long drawn out battle.

Based on the appearance of both warriors, Joshua was actually in worse shape than Brandon. Even with the regenerative properties provided by the Azurite, Joshua looked more battered than Brandon.

Brandon still had a complete set of armor attached to his body with very few signs of damage on his body. Joshua, on the other hand, had his upper body armor completely damaged to the point where he was considered naked. There were numerous marks of injury around his body. He lost a huge chunk of flesh on his left shoulder together with his left arm being completely useless. Joshua would need at least a few months to recuperate until he reached the peak of his battle performance.

Joshua stopped Brandon from proceeding onwards and told him to look at the situation right in front of him. There was not much time left for Joshua to take action as the big boss was still being sent to the black forest from the other side.

The huge bone wings had already completed half of its transfer process. It's huge horn released a whitish green radiance which looked like electricity. The eyes on its forehead were also releasing some weird light as if the eye would actually shoot off laser beams to kill its enemy.

"This is"

When Brandon finally saw the view in front of him clearly, he was instantly sent to the state of shock. Luckily, he was an experienced Chaos Guardian. With all the experience and knowledge he had absorbed throughout the years, a monster of this scale only gave him a temporary shocked as he was able to recover and analyze the battle ahead.

After a while, this Gold-tier warrior could only come up with one verdict:

"If this Aragami was able to travel here successfully, we don't stand a chance against it."

"That's for sure. Supreme-tir Aragami, even if both of us were to team up, we could not even scratch through its defense."

Joshua focused on the bottom part of the dimensional rift and smiled. He then pointed his sword towards that direction and said, "Based on my estimation, this big boy here would take eight minutes to break free from the control of the dimension and proceed to attack us with ranged magical attacks.At the twelve-minute mark, it could complete its transfer and begin to freely roam our world."

The story next would be mass destruction whenever it went. Moldavia would suffer a huge damage.

The warrior then turned his head and spoke to the golden-haired swordsman who was having a rough time finding ways to stop this boss, "The only way to stop this thing is to destroy the gateway to this world. Before he can set foot here, we will kick its ass back to where it came from."

Brandon was overwhelmed when he heard the plan.

Destroying the gateway was a given. That was his main objective. However, the question was how to destroy it. They could not even get near to the dimensional rift!

Within the eyes of Brandon, what he saw was a Chaos creature the size of a hill. This huge mass could easily create a barrier of force which could easily prevent any objects from getting close to it. Even the smaller sized Aragami could not approach it. That was even truer when it came to both Chaos Guardians.

In fact, Brandon had already tried to get closer to the gateway. He wanted to channel all his power of order into his dual blades to destroy the pathway. However, he could not sustain himself forward and was blown away by it.

"If it was moments ago, I could unleash my full potential to build myself a path towards the gateway and destroy it."

Shaking his head, Brandon continued saying, "But I am completely drained now. The Combat Aura I had was completely depleted. Even if I were to combust my soul and life, I could not recover my battle power to a full 100%."

After finishing his line, this Gold-tier warrior felt a bit of despair.

After fighting so long, was defeat their final destination?

"True. If it was not this Supreme Aragami, even if it were ten thousand normal daemons attacking us, it should not be much of a problem. Those small fry cannot stop us from destroying the dimensional rift in the first place."

Joshua did not care about the feeling of his comrade now as he looked towards the incoming disaster. In his head, plans were being formulated to stop this crisis. Together with his experience, he gauged his current battle power and craft out the best possible plan, "We only have one choice left in this situation."

After finishing his analysis, Joshua looked at his comrade and said, "Brandon, use your strongest skill to open a path for me within this magic tide. I will take my chance to destroy the gateway!"

"The strongest... attack?"

Brandon subconsciously thought about what Joshua said and replied, "Are you referring to my Demonic eyes? Right, I can see the weakness of the dimensional rift, but I have no chance at getting near it."

Joshua was confused this time, "What are you saying?"

How could you not know about your most famous, strongest skill?

After thinking for a while, the warrior finally realized.

Now it was still Starfall Year 831. The person he knew which raided the Dark Abyss and killed the Demon Lord was a legendary warrior. Now, he was only a Gold-tier swordsman. Not to mention about legendary tier, he hadn't even reached the tier of Supreme in the first place. He would not know that he was known to have [Annihilation] as his most popular skill while he was the Sword of the Empire!

The real Brandon was now an exhausted person, floating right beside of him. Brandon probably had not got in contact with any of these legendary skills yet.

This was awkward nonetheless. Suddenly, he smiled as he noticed there was still a glimpse of hope.

What a coincidence.

In the previous world's records, Brandon had slain the Demon Lord of Gluttony with that skill. It was not a sword skill!

Who would have thought, Joshua's knowledge of the previous world would be useful here

"Brandon, do you trust me?"

Joshua raised a question for Brandon in a very serious manner.

"Of course, you were willing to risk your life to aid Vale Dani and proceeded to destroy Chaos without any hesitation. I truly believe in you," Brandon replied in a swift manner.

"Then that is good enough."

Joshua nodded his head and focused his eyes on the Dual Blades of Order.

Sharpest Edge and Ordinal Blade. Both simple designs yet were an outrageously strong combination that released a tinge of white light on their tips. Approaching the heart of Chaos, these two blades trembled in excitement, as if they wanted to devour everything near them.

"Come on Brandon, repeat what I am going to say."

Without giving Brandon any time to react, Joshua started his first sentence. He stumbled on the words at first, but as it followed through, it became much smoother. A very complex intonation was used to speak. This intonation had an ancient flavor, as the words were being said, the magical energy within the vicinity stagnated.

"Fire burns the soul, with our body being its fuel..."

"Fire burns the soul, with our body being its fuel..."

Brandon immediately mimicked the words being said. At first, he was stumbling as well, but with his capability to control his body, he had successfully replicated Joshua's intonation. As he continued, Brandon felt surprised.

This voice Could it be

There was no mistake about it. It was the communication language between the saints and their followers from the legendary Glorious Era!

How come Joshua who had only become the Chaos Guardian a while ago, who had no idea about his own family secrets actually know about the knowledge of the ancients? How could he directly use this ancient knowledge to converse with the magical energy of the world, when our royal magicians were still trying their best to decrypt the meaning of this ancient language?!

Brandon had a lot of things running through his head now. He was utterly shocked by what was happening. Despite all of that, he still managed to perfectly replicate each word from Joshua.

At the end of the day, this warrior in front of him was not an enemy but an ally. If he had chosen to believe in him in the first place, he would continue to do so.

"Brilliance of the star, the holy strength"

"Brilliance of the star, the holy strength"

After that phrase was spoken, Joshua stopped and looked at Brandon's weapon.

It was radiating brightly, but not damaging to the eyes. The brilliance was similar to the star, traversing on top of the dual blade. The head of this golden-haired swordsman was suddenly filled with a lot of things. They were all the words of the ancient creed which allowed Brandon to continue his chants.

The light of order accompanying by the gale of holy mist blew with the sound of the thousand cheers. Due to the buff provided by the weapon, Brandon had fully recovered his battle prowess. He held firmly onto his dual blade seemed to have the power of the stars, the strength of a great mountain itself.

"Order as brilliance!"


The radiance of the blade kept on increasing as the final words were said. Accompanying the final words, was the sound of glass cracking and shaking the lands with the cleaning wind summoned. It could purify the lands and eliminate darkness. At the same moment, a huge ray of light from the sword, powered by the holy light of order was released upon the pitch black chaos dark beam of light, sent directly against it!

[Holy Legacy. The Holy Brilliance!]



When Brandon unleashed the true name of his weapon, the Holy Brilliance broke through the Chaos Tide towards the light pillar. Joshua immediately burst into full force and rushed towards his target. The killing intent turned his aura black and surrounded his whole body. It allowed the warrior to breach the speed of sound and reach the bottom of the light pillar which was where the dimensional rift was located.

The silver Divine Armament in hand was coated with all the killing intent released from Joshua. Only a pair of red eyes could be seen within the pitch black body. An unimaginable amount of power was unleashed from the warrior's body, pushing it to the utmost limit that this body had never sustained before. He released a barrage of attacks against the magical core at lightning speed.

The large horned Aragami with huge bone wings which had successfully transferred half of its body and saw the attack that broke apart his chaos tide. At the same time, a black figure rushed towards it at high speed to destroy the gateway which it was using to travel to this world. Feeling the rage, this big monster opened its mouth and roared.

The question was, would Joshua give a damn about it? He then raised his greatsword and swung at the magical core at full force! In that instance, the magical energy which sustained the gateway was disturbed. It wasn't able to sustain itself, thus finally broke down and vanished.

You want to come here and wreak havoc?

Not a chance!