Soul Of Searing Steel Chapter 120

Chapter 120: Waiting

Just when Nostradamus took a step out and crossed the blue dimensional rift, he instantly felt that his body was instantly turned into some unexplainably strange existence between soul and matter. Along with the guidance of the spells and runes, the old mage crossed through the rift between worlds and arrived on the other side.

A powerful soul with the level of [Mastery], Nostradamus could see many things that other people could not see. In that one split second when he was crossing through the rift between worlds, he saw it. Not far from his destination, there was quite a large dimensional rift expanding at an extremely slow rate. There were traces of Chaos power seeping out of it as if it was trying to make another hole in order to get into this world once again.

Based on that speed It should still take approximately more than a month or so before the dimensional rift would be reactivated again. Therefore, there was no need to panic just yet.

Nostradamus did a brief mental calculation. At the same instant, his body had also arrived at the other end of the blue rift. He stepped right onto the ground that was covered in white snow.

Upon the instant where the teleportation was complete, the old mage put his hand on his forehead. At the same time when he was attempting to regain balance he also tried to calm the swirling dizziness in his head. Then he could not help but sigh. "I can't seem to get used to this even after countless times of teleportation It seems that a human still suffers disorientation when traveling through the rifts."

After that, he looked at his surroundings. The mountains and forests that were covered in silverish-white snow came into his view, and the overwhelming clouds covered the bright moonlight that attempted to shine upon the land.Nostradamus adjusted his glasses and looked at the situation nearby him. "It's been a long time since I last visited the North. It seems like I've not been here for more than twenty years... So where am I now?"

Because there were some unforeseen factors interfering with the teleportation, the old mage's dimensional rift was a little off the route. So he did not arrive at Moldavia's Dark Forest fortress as he expected himself to be. Instead, he came out into a place he was not familiar with.

Upon lifting his head to look at the sky, he confirmed the track and the movement of the moon and the clouds. Then he observed the mountains far from him for a little while. After all that, Nostradamus could not help but think. "This is a little too far from the original destination I actually teleported myself over to the northern side of Mount Great Ajax There are too many rifts around this region. Even I would face trouble in teleporting without precise coordinates."

"Well, then I shall just fly over there."

Upon confirming the direction he wanted to go by referring to his compass and using one of his directional spells, Nostradamus nodded and reached out his left hand which had two green magic rings on it. Then he pressed his hand in the air as if he was pressing some invisible button.

Instantly, magic power surged up along with the elemental power. The extremely cold winds in the North were easily manipulated by the twinkling magic rings. The atmosphere and gravity were nullified under the power of the spell. There was an invisible force being turned into a swirling and beautiful magic circle. After that, a carpet appeared right beneath the old mage and lifted him into the air.

"Since I've teleported myself over to the North now, there's no need to rush over there immediately Instead of going over to seal the dimensional rift immediately, I'm more interested in Joshua from the Radcliffe family."

After being lifted up over thousands of meters into the air by his own spell, Nostradamus had gone over the layer of clouds. He could once again see the moonlight from the twin moons. He muttered to himself immediately, "He actually destroyed the dimensional rift all by himself that's unbelievable."

It was not because the old mage was surprised. Regardless of which every type of dimensional rift it turned out to be, each of the rifts structures was extremely complicated. The nodes of the rifts would usually stay hidden deep in the rifts themselves. Normal people would not spot the nodes in the first place. Nostradamus admitted that he would not be able to analyze a completely unknown dimensional rift with a completely new structure and design within a few hours. So it would be impossible for him to be able to analyze the rift and battle at the same time.

However, the truth triumphed over everything. Even if the mage did not want to believe it, one warrior had managed to see through the magical nodes that were hidden deep in the dimensional rift during the gap of few minutes he stalled in the middle of a battle. Furthermore, the warrior did not even use five minutes to crush every single node in the rift; that was not some sort of bullsh*t rumor. It had happened for certain in real life.

"Every time when I hear the rumor, I can't help but feel that I'm really old"

Sighing aloud, Nostradamus rode the frosty wind and magic, sitting on a magical flying carpet that looked like an illusion. He was traveling through the clouds passing over the Great Ias Mountains with no haste at all.

Time slipped without anyone's notice. It was already Starfall Year 832, 5th of January.

Nostradamus had arrived at the southern side of Mount Great Ajax, also known to be the inner region of Moldavia.

Within these few days, the old mage had traveled across quite a number of dark forests and some hidden borders in the North. The remaining thick breath of Chaos had led him to furrow his brows. As he approached nearer towards the southeast of the region, he could feel that repulsive pollution of Chaos was getting more condensed. Even after more than two weeks, those thick gray mist of Chaos still remained strong all around that region of the northern land.

"Such amount of power is not small at all. Meanwhile, it's still spreading at a very quick rate. Fortunately, the dimensional rift was destroyed in time. Or else the entire land could have been totally corrupted by Chaos power by now everything would have descended into total chaos"

Upon taking a stop right above a small black forest nearby Moldavia, Nostradamus had gathered some sample of Chaos power. Then he shook his head and sighed, "The Sacred Mountain cannot afford to send a group of their people to come and cleanse this land for the moment. If spring arrives and the frost and snow seals Chaos and lets Chaos seep into the earth, then it would become too late for them to cleanse the land later on. Things would escalate to a whole new level by then."

While he was thinking about how to solve the problem regarding the power of Chaos, the white-haired mage arrived at the snow land nearby the main city of Moldavia. He was high in the sky. Nostradamus was also able to see the black gigantic wall from afar.

However, just when he was beginning to descend so that he could pay a visit to the new Chaos Guardian, the young warrior miraculously destroyed the dimensional rift. Nostradamus instantly frowned. Instead of paying attention towards the city that laid before his eyes, he lowered his head down and looked at the snowy land below him.

In the middle of the Supreme-tier mage's magically enhanced view, two gigantic whirlwinds suddenly emerged right on the white snow land. Meanwhile, the two sources of Combat Auras were gathering on the land. The powers were dreadfully intimidating.


Nostradamus could not help but stop everything he was doing after he asked himself with a soft voice. Then he quickly hid among the clouds and deactivated his spell. After that, he just stayed there and observed the situation down on the ground.

Right above the land that was currently covered by a layer of ice and snow, a huge and sturdy man wearing black leather clothes was standing firmly in the middle of one of the whirlwinds. Right beside the man was a silver-haired girl. The two of them seemed to be waiting for someone. Meanwhile, on the other side, there was another man riding along the wind with a stream of dark-green Combat Aura surging around him. He was charging towards the man and the girl at extremely high speed.

The warrior that was waiting had a large, solid body. His muscles were rock solid. His clothes were torn by an invisible force that came right out from his body. Based on the half-naked body of the warrior, he seemed like he had already trained every single strand of muscles and every single part of his body to the limit. The power of life that was surging all across the body of that warrior was as vigorous as a strong flowing river. The power was flowing through the body of the warrior so vigorously that every single heartbeat of the warrior could intimidate Nostradamus. Each heartbeat of that warrior was extremely heavy and frightening.

Speaking only about the appearance of the warrior, he did not look bad at all. He even looked a little nice to look at. However, the calm face of the warrior looked intimidatingly scary as if he could just choose a target and snap the target into two on the next split second. His aura was just terrifying.


As an old friend to chief of the Kaos family, of course Nostradamus could recognize the son of his old friend. After all, Brandon was a prodigy among swordsmen. Meanwhile, Brandon's performance and achievements had not tainted his good name so far. So the white-haired mage was very sure that this golden-haired handsome swordsman had completely mastered his own Glorious Strength and Glorious Soul. Brandon had completed constructing the basics for himself to cross into an even higher tier, [Mastery].

However, even though that was the case, Brandon was still slightly overwhelmed by that tall and sturdy warrior standing over there.

With the strength of a Supreme-tier mage, Nostradamus could naturally tell what all this was about.

Looking at the traits of the two combatants' Combat Auras, even though they looked similar, however, their wills were different from each other. Deep down, the dark-green Combat Aura of the swordsman contained pure holy power, a power of radiance that swore to annihilate all evil in this world. On the other hand, deep down the red Combat Aura of the warrior was unparalleled ferociousness, a black wave that only swore to annihilate and destroy everything in battle.

If Brandon was the holy swordsman who wielded dual swords, then the warrior that was standing on the other side was the War God of Steel that bathed in blood and fire!