Soul Of Searing Steel Chapter 124

Chapter 124: Shun-Goku Satsu

The waves of red Combat Aura that turned black were evaporating from Joshua's body into the air. At the same time, a murderous aura raided Brandon's senses. He could smell blood and rust all of a sudden, instantly sensing a death threat. Quivering in both legs, the swordsman instantly leaped a few hundred meters backward. After that, he only reacted and looked at the warrior with a terrified and baffled expression.

"So this is his Glorious Strength? So it wasn't the Light of Instinct or Origin, instead, it's the Light of Willpower?!"

Although each person's Glorious Strength was different from the others', however, after many years of studies done by the Empire, basically speaking, the Soul Strength that each Gold-tier champion had could be categorized into four different types.

The first type would be the Light of Instinct. It had the ability to characterize a particular ability. It would be just like hundreds of years ago when some Gold-tier vampire that went through the process of awakening and acquired a kind of ability that could stop time literally, called [The World]. Activating it would require no consequences or whatsoever. The only restriction it had was the interval time that the skill could be used again. It was considered as a normal power of instinct.

The second type would be the Light of Wisdom. It had the ability to turn into certain skill. It would be just like the skill possessed by Countess Vale Dani, called [Starfall Break]. The skill would be formed from the wisdom that was possessed by the possessor of the power. Using it would be the same as using normal skills. There was no condition or whatsoever to fulfill in order to use it. This type of ability would normally be extremely powerful. Regardless of the power's type, the wielder of the power would appear extremely powerful. Many powerful great Mystic Legacies were created this way.

The third type would be the Light of Origin. It would be the integration, the fusion between the soul and the body. It could awaken the bloodline strength that was buried deep down in the blood, transforming the owner's body and soul into a much more powerful and perfect form. Meanwhile, the Glorious Strength of this sort could be used more often when the wielder of this power had crossed into a higher tier. These powers would also constantly optimizing the owner's body, making him more powerful. Many of the humans' blood and the legacies of these special powers were derived from this type of power.

The last, also the fourth, would be the Light of Willpower.

Strong wills affected the world, differentiating its own power to change its own attributes. Just like Joshua here. His will to battle that rose from deep within his heart had influenced his Combat Aura, changing it into waves of murderous aura, waves of destruction and annihilation. The wielder of this power could leave their legacies and pass on their special strength to others. Many types of this sort of special powers throughout the world were born through such a way.

Normally, warriors had two types of Glory, one being Instinct while the other being the Origin. While most of the mages were wielders of Wisdom, the number of Willpower wielders was extremely rare. Brandon had never imagined that Joshua was actually the wielder of Willpower. Based on Joshua's previous performance in battle, Brandon had always thought that the strength of the warrior was of Instinct Judging from the toughness of Joshua's body, Joshua could also be a wielder of Origin as well.

The black waves were fluctuating all around the body of the warrior. Joshua was not bothered at all by Brandon's rapid retreat; it would be better to say that retreat was a normal move. Facing his murderous aura, any Chaos daemon or beast would sense fear striking into their hearts.

Looking at the energy waves that were pulsating in his hands, the warrior mumbled to himself, "This is not vigorous enough Because this is merely a spar. This is not a real duel to the death. So the Killing Aura cannot be activated."

He lifted his head and looked at the [ Mystic Eyes of Death Perception 1 ] that had been activated. He was observing for the weakness and flaws on Brandon.

At the same instant, far away from the warrior, the light green vortexes appeared in the eyes of the swordsman once again.Under Brandon's charging, these eyes of his that could look directly at death could see through the weak points and flaws of all things, whether it was a Gold-tier daemon or the dimensional rift, and of course, Joshua included!

With his [Mystic Eyes of Death Perception] activated, indeed, the body of the warrior that seemed flawless was now showing some vulnerable spots. Although these spots were swiftly moving around the body of the warrior, however, it would be extremely difficult for anyone to catch on with them. Well, there would still be possibilities for his enemy to hit the vulnerable spots though

Meanwhile, if Brandon could hit it, it would be his victory!

At that time, the dark-green Combat Aura that was surging all around the 'Dual Blades of Order' suddenly became somewhat transparent. Meanwhile, the holy power of Purification Strength pierced through every single cell in Brandon's body. Countless green runes emerged on his body. The golden-haired swordsman smiled gently without making any sound. After that, the light of his Glorious Strength was unleashed

Unlike Joshua who stepped out of his house to become the Chaos Guardian, Brandon had always followed his elders, training himself throughout the world, observing the impact and effects that Chaos could bring to this world. His soul was filled with hatred towards Chaos. And this hatred came from his heart, and turned into a purifying wind that could wipe out everything!

[Glorious Strength: Holy Mist!]

Instantly, with Brandon as the center point, a light colored gust that emerged all of a sudden was radiating with the Light of Annihilation, looking like it was about to wipe out every single existence of Chaos off from this world. This harsh gust rose to the sky. It even made a large hole in the middle of the clouds, allowing the sunlight to shine upon the ground.


The sound of air being torn apart was set off. That was a completely different form of the White Raven Technique. Brandon who already used his Glorious Strength only struck out a shapeless air blade that was moving as fast as the speed of light. His attacks were now much more precise and sharp. The warrior was intimidated to the point that he had to fully focus on handling the current situation. His pupils contracted. After that, the warrior struck out his fist, punching the air blade that was coming at him. He managed to shatter the air blade with his punch. However, compared to the more solid intangible air blades that he encountered earlier, this air blade did not shatter and disperse completely. Instead, it was shattered into countless smaller blades and struck onto the body of the warrior, tearing the clothes of the warrior into pieces!

Clank clank clank

The sound of clanking between metals continued to echo into the surroundings. The shattered air blades did not deal any damage to the body of Joshua that was even harder than any enhanced armor available in the world currently. There was not even the slightest scratch there.

It was just like how they battled against each other in the first round, countless air blades were thrown at the warrior while the warrior blocked every single one of them with his fists. However, this time, there was something different about it. Joshua did not stand in one spot anymore. This time, he was running across the battlefield swiftly as he was blocking the air blades that were coming at him. He was charging towards Brandon at an insanely fast speed.

Meanwhile, up in the sky, the old mage who was observing the battle on the snowy land with his Observation Spell could not help but sigh. "I can't believe that there's actually someone who can battle against Brandon like that. This is really rare. That warrior must have trained for life in order to be able to battle with his bare hands without any weapon. I wonder how did he do it."

"Not just that, he actually is a wielder of Willpower!"

Meanwhile, right in the screen of his Observation Spell, the warrior that was charging forward suddenly turned his head around and looked towards the sky where the old mage was hiding.

"He detected my presence?!"

The white-haired mage was even more shocked. "That man's senses are terrifyingly sharp!"

He continued to observe the battle from above the clouds.

The mage thought that Brandon was indeed extremely powerful. He was still very powerful even if he was compared to the other powerful Gold-tier champions in the entire Empire. Brandon's Glorious Strength [Holy Mist] could turn into Purification Strength. Furthermore, using it together with his [Mystic Eyes of Death Perception], even the Supreme-tier daemons would have a difficult time battling Brandon. However, the new count of the Radcliffe family who was currently battling Brandon was actually much more terrifying than Brandon himself!

From the mage's point of view, he could naturally tell the truth about the power waves all around Joshua- The warrior's body resembled an abyss that contained the wreckage of countless souls. The wreckage of these souls came from countless Chaos daemons that he killed on the battlefield before this. The numerous twisted beastly remnants of the dead beasts surrounding him were transforming into the black waves that were surging all around him.

The Fire of Will burned on the soul of the enemies! With that sort of Glorious Strength, the wielder of this power would grow stronger as he kills. However, it was merely a sparring for him and Brandon this time. His opponent's will to battle had yet to fully combust. The golden-haired swordsman had already gone all out with everything he's got. However, Joshua was still holding some of his strength back.

Moreover, up to this point, Joshua had only used his body without using any weapon or any other powerful skillsit seemed that the battle would end the moment when he uses his skills!


In the middle of the fierce battle, while facing the fierce air blade attacks from the swordsman, Joshua had already charged over to Brandon's side. His body was full of small wounds now. The closer he got, stronger the Purification Strength was. This kind of power that could wipe out everything hit solidly on the body of the warrior, purifying the killing intent that was surging all around him. Upon losing a protective barrier, it would be impossible for Joshua to deal with Brandon's Purification Strength, the enhanced 'White Raven Technique' without sustaining any injury. However, even though that was the case, Joshua still laughed out loud and said, "Let's finish it!"

Currently, he was less than five meters from Brandon!

"Indeed, it's time to finish this!"

Both of his eyes glittered with green light. Brandon let out an uproar. The holy hurricane continued to surge all around his body. After that, it turned into a swirling vortex, condensing onto the dual blades that Brandon was holding in his hands. He activated his [Fatal Demonic Gaze] straight away. Instantly, everything in the world had countless cracks and flaws. Meanwhile, right on the body of the warrior that was already right in front of him, there was a very obvious black mark!

The crack, the flaw! It was here!

Slash it!

The dual blades were wielded over. He could sense death approaching him. This agitating excitement that Joshua felt had led him to fully focus on the opponent right before himThe muscles across his entire body contracted and expanded tremendously right after that. His internal organs, veins, and bones were instantly activated by Satsui Hadou to unleash his power to his full potential. The warrior then reached out his right fist with unparalleled murderous aura to charge the power wave around him. By doing so, the warrior managed to charge himself to become his most powerful state throughout the entire history of his battle!

[Nine Swords, Steel Soul Technique, Instant Divine Breath!]

[Martial Art Stance, Shun!]

The dark red glowing radiance began to spread all over his entire body, purifying it. Facing the two blades that were coming at him, Joshua did not evade at all. He was using his 'Satsui Hadou' to charge up his right fist. Taking one step out along with a swing of his arm, he swung out the most direct punch he could offer straight towards Brandon who was charging towards him with his two swords like a hurricane!

Death, the dead, the living, the warrior, the weak, the deceased, the ill, the killed, the jealous, and the strength of the heart and soul, shall also be Glorious Radiance!

The endless crave for battles in the past was deemed to be the original form of Glorious Strength at this time. It was replacing swords with fists and swords, and the heart as the blade Satsui Hadou, Shun-Goku Satsu 2 !

"What?" The old mage that was observing from above the sky dropped his jaw. Just when Joshua was activating his [Mastery Skill], he could faintly see something incredible stirring on the battlefield. "That is?!"


The black murderous aura instantly burst out and blocked the sight of everything in the surroundings. The entire battleground instantly descended into darkness. Even though Brandon's body was swirling with the holy hurricane power, the surrounding remained dark as hell. However, one instant later, the black wave dispersed.

At this moment, the white-haired mage sucked in a breath of air, with a look of astonishment on his face.

That wasmastery?!

  2. An ultimate skill of a character named Akuma in the Street Fighter Series.