Soul Of Searing Steel Chapter 140

Chapter 140: Accidents Will Happen

Combat Aura was an aura that was extracted and processed from human life source using a special breathing technique. It was different from magic energy or special ability of a mage, which was converted from mental strength. Combat Aura was a pure form of energy, which was different from the complex and ever-changing magic energy. It was impossible to release Combat Aura without reaching Silver tier or higher. It had the capability to enhance the overall performance of the user, including improvement in five senses, muscle and tendon strengthening.

 However, the form of energy within the steel-essence crystal was different.

 Magic, elemental and other forms of energy existing within this world would react once they come in contact with different types of energy. Places with rich fire energy would give birth to flame crystals. Locations with rich water energy produced deep-aqua marbles. Places with low concentrations of elemental energy would slowly dissipate, even if a legendary magic equipment will slowly lose its energy to the surrounding.

 "Based on my estimation, the steel-essence crystal should have completely vanished within two hours. However, it does not show any signs of shrinking or diminish."

 Moreila's eyes suddenly glowed bright red with flowing lava-like glowing tattoo activated on both his arms. Moreila replied in a serious manner, "I cannot feel any special form of energy from it as for now. However, there was a feeling that relates to Chaos itself. Based on this information alone, it is worth to take this matter seriously."

Now things were becoming interesting.

Joshua observed the old man who tried to examine the crystal in various ways and said, "Nostradamus, Clyre and the old man here have used different methods to identify the crystal. Yet, the four of us gave similar answers but not completely identical at the same time. Damn it! Where did Ying get this piece of crystal anyway?"

 Nonetheless, based on all the information gathered, the verdict would be this crystal came from a world infected by chaos, a world that had met its doomsday.

 "Dimensional gate."

Out of a sudden, this term pop up in Joshua's mind. He gave it a thought, "This crystal probably drifted here and was obtained by Ying during the time I destroyed the dimensional gate. Due to severe fatigue, I had to rest for quite some time. I guess Ying accidentally picked it up during that time."

 Ying probably picked that up without any precautions. It was not surprising. After all, even Joshua was not able to identify the item in the first place. There was no way that Ying could understand it. She probably picked it up because she found it pretty.

 "I could not identify it with just observing it with the naked eye."

Moreila then placed the item back in the box and replied in a serious manner, "I guess I would have to use some extreme methods. You wouldn't mind, would you?

"You may go ahead." Joshua could not even deal with this piece of crystal in the first place. His knowledge of ancient artifacts was not sufficient to pinpoint the origin of the steel-essence crystal. If Moreila had some plans in mind, it would be best to let him try.

 As for the extreme methods that were mentioned, no one knew the exact method but could have guessed the idea of Moreila's plan. When the old man brought out a huge Magic Resonance Testing Appliance, no one was shocked at it.

 The device was three meters tall. It was connected to a semi-transparent energy cable. A tremble could be felt when the device landed on the ground. Moreila did some warm-ups for his arms and extracted the steel-essence crystal from the box again, "I have overhauled this device. It is connected with the Black-Steel Furnace within the core manufacturing area. With the increase in power, any matter should be able to be analyzed by this baby here."

 "One more thing. You guys might need to be careful about this."

Moreila highlighted to those present. "I bought this from goblins in the west. Used it for like two years or so without any problems but I can't guarantee it'll not explode here today."

 A goblin's product?

 Everyone within the room immediately paid full attention on this matter. They noticed every step from where Moreila operated the appliance and put in the crystal to the device. Every individual was ready to defend himself or herself.

 A goblin's alchemic manufacturing skill was one of the best in the world. However, they do not have a calm mind to manufacture their products until it was a completely stable product. Thus, most of their product had the ability to self-destruct.

 Voom!! 1

 Joshua could feel a very strong form of energy was converted into the most subtle energy, which continuously resonated within the device to analyze the item within. All the people were witnessing the changes within the device as well as the information displayed on the screen.

 After a few minutes.

 "It is strange indeed. In such an environment, a normal form of energy such as the flame crystal would start to disintegrate. However, the steel-essence crystal completely ignored the activity outside of it. It only releases a strong power of steel."

 Joshua frowned and said, "The result is not sufficient here." Without hesitation, the old man increased the power of the device.

Voom voom voom!!! 2  

 At that moment, a dangerous and violent energy which was released from the crystal startled Joshua for a while there. The screen of the Magic Resonance device turned into red color with the internal activity getting much more aggressive. The results shown were increasing exponentially.

 No matter how dormant the item is, it could no longer remain silent after receiving such a strong stimulation from the outside world.


Numerous cracks suddenly formed on top of the dark red crystal. It then immediately disintegrated into powder. Moreila was not able to react fast enough to stop the device.


 "Impossible!" Joshua and Moreila who sort of understood the nature of the experiment immediately shouted at the same time.

 Their knowledge was different as compared to Clyre and the Divine Armament boy. They knew that a resonance experiment would only cause a flame crystal or a normal steel-essence crystal to dissolve slowly. It was impossible for the item to be destroyed instantly.

 At this moment, a gray colored swirl was formed on the spot where the crystal destroyed. It devoured the energy around its vicinity violently. As it continues to consume, its size increased as time passes. During the same time, an unknown form of presence was formed within the center of the swirl, releasing a misty radiance.

 The light gave no chance for the people around to evade and completely engulfed them.

 Joshua felt that this weird energy was similar to the one he felt during the time he was still in the city of Moldavia. As he entered the misty realm, his vision suddenly turned dark. Despite having his own consciousness, he could not get any form of information from the outside world.

 The strange energy had affected his brain and invaded his soul.

  1. Sound of machine activating
  2. Increased sound of the device