Soul Of Searing Steel Chapter 149

Chapter 149: Phantom of the Past

Even though the Azurite had become unremarkable across the entire Mycroft Continent, ever since Joshua had acquired it, Joshua had been through all sorts of ancient books he could find just to get a better understanding on this Origin Artifact. He had also acquired some clues from some legends that were almost lost.

Through the system, Joshua managed to fill these clues into the situation. He managed to know quite a lot of things from ancient legends that were almost forgotten by everyone. That was all thanks to the ancient books he could find in his study archive.

For example, the time before the Starfall Era.

Before the Starfall Era, there were two more ages. One of them was the [Three Hundred Lost Years] which no book had any record of. Meanwhile, the other one was the most glorious and resplendent age before the 'lost' age, called the [Glorious Era].

The [Three Hundred Lost Years] was in between the [Glorious Era] and the [Starfall Era]. Meanwhile, the [Glorious Era] was the age where humans were at their best. During that time, the Dark Tide across the entire continent was not as rampant as it was in this current era. There was a natural phenomenon in the distant south. The magic energy based technology had spread throughout the world under the leadership of the [Sages] and his [Thirteen Saints]. Everyone lived together in peace and harmony. Everyone had their own dreams to pursue.

According to legends, humans at that time could go across the field of stars just like the Karlisi. With the help of magic power, they could shuttle themselves across voids among worlds to explore endless multiverses. The humans prospered when the Sage created [Holy Light] and [Rune].

Holy Light did not actually exist in this world before the [Three Hundred Lost Years], as it was a legacy created by the Sage. It was the most powerful existence of Order. The Sage told the whole world how to cultivate light. And he also made a promise. [As long as your heart submits to the light and you shun evil, then you shall possess the power of the Holy Light.]

As the Sage stated, the Holy Light has no threshold, restriction or whatsoever. It was different from Combat Aura that required bloodline and Gift. It was different from soul resonance and the magic that required sensitive thinking. To obtain the power of the Holy Light, one would only need to firm enough. One would only need to have a kind heart that holds resolution and order. With all that, the person would be able to possess the power to resist Chaos and evil. That achievement could subvert everyone's imagination and even allows the power of the [Sage] to break through a whole new level of height. Under his leadership and his disciples, the world was heading towards an age called [Glory].

However, good times would not last for long as usual. Just like the sun would rise by the start of the day and set by the end. Just like flames would combust and extinguish afterward. The prosperous age had come to an end and decadence set in right after.

The reason for decadence to set in remained unknown. None of the ancient books had any record of it at all. However, according to Joshua's assumption, he could presume that those demons that came from the 'Abyss of Everlasting Depravity' had launched their full assaults on this world. Even after they had been defeated by humans who were led by the Sage, they had also managed to inflict devastating damage to the world of the Mycroft Continent. The Azurite was a Mystical Item that the Sage obtained while he was leading the fight to fend off the assaults from the Abyss. The Sage then passed the Azurite to his third Saint, leaving the legacy of the Chaos Guardian behind until today.

In the previous life, the [Hero Class, Rune Blader] that Joshua picked to proceed with might have something to do with that Age. Joshua had heard some rumors about the Sage. While back in this life, he had chosen to proceed with the Sage's direct legacy [Chaos Guardian], also the holder of the Azurite. He informed that he had sensed a similar presence like the Azurite. So there was no doubt about it at all.

Right at the bottom of the giant pit that went all the way down, the expanding magic power was surging relentlessly. Part of the power surges had even condensed into a nearly solidified barrier and some mists. Perhaps Joshua and the others' luck was good. They happened to grab on to that brief window gap while the magic power was fluctuating. The barrier and the mist had dissipated for that brief moment. Because of that, they could clearly see what was at the bottom of the giant pit.

"Let's proceed."

Without any hesitation, Joshua informed the others as he had already started acting on it. He seemed very eager to try it out right away, "We've already made it here, so we must proceed on to look at what's down there."

The others thought carefully and discovered that Joshua was right indeed. They had already walked for so long and they had already arrived at the deepest part of the pyramid. Now that they had seen the central area that seemed significantly important, it would be stupid not to explore on.

Even though the magic lightning looked terrifying, however, the impact of the lightning strikes were not really that strong. Everyone there were Gold-tier champions. So how would it be possible for them to be terrified of those lightning strikes then?

So everyone went along with Joshua.

With his Combat Aura brewing all around him under his command, Joshua's whole body was radiating with a red aura as he carried Ling on his back, making his way towards the ground of the bottom of the giant pit. He was roughly 1500 meters away from the ground now. From that perspective, anyone could say that the gigantic moving fortress was gigantic as hell!

As everyone was slowly descending, the further they descended, the better the status of their bodies had become. Ling's face looked better and better as they were descending- The spiritual body of Divine Armament in humanoid form was much easier to absorb such free energy to recharge itself.

"The temperature is rising."

Having sharp senses, Joshua did notice that the temperature around him was getting warmer and warmer.

Truth to be told, in that desolated land all around the external of the pyramid, the temperature between the heaven and earth had fallen so low that it was cold enough to freeze the air itself and whiten the ground with snow and frost. However, the moment right after they stepped into the pyramid, the temperature in their surroundings felt warmer and warmer, much more comfortable as they went deeper into the pyramid. Before that, the living hall that they walked across a little earlier on was about zero degree Celsius. However, right below that giant pit, the temperature had risen up to 24 degree Celsius. That temperature was very suitable for humans to live in.

"The Order energy has become denser than before. The presence that is similar to the presence of Azurite is much nearer now."

Joshua slightly narrowed his eyes. Then he began observing the metallic city that he was approaching. Right by the corner of his eyes, he was staring straight at the system. It was showing a new status on his body.

[Additional Order Defense: As a life form of Order, you've acquired a strange power to defend you. All Attributes X 1.2

You have an attribute of the unkindled flame. You have the Hero Class Chaos Guardian on Order's side. You're in an environment filled with the condensed power of Order.

You have fulfilled the conditions of Linked Status.

Blaze of Purification: Under the support of the Purification Strength, the damage you can deal to all Chaos enemies is multiplied by 1.3 (X 1.3)

—Blazing strength shall bring order to the cycle of the world]

The Karlisi had encountered the invasion of the Evil God of the void. To fight off Chaos, it was perfectly normal that they would pursue the way of Order. In particular, they originally worshipped the sun. As the source of all natural forces, the behavior of worshipping the sun was close to the power of Order as it ever was.

This was indeed a very logical thing. However, Joshua did not expect that the power of Order held by the Karlisi was actually related to the Azurite—it was even related to the Sage himself! This so-called [SGlorious Era] appeared only in the scriptures and ancient books. There was no mentioning of any name, nor image. Even the story of his legend was unclear. No one could confirm his Inheritance, not even the Holy Light could prove its existence.


Along with the brewing wing, the red light dot was descending towards the bottom of the giant pit slow and steady. By the end of it, the red light landed among the buildings that were built from steel. Meanwhile, following closely from behind Joshua, Moreila and the elven Druid had also landed, standing right beside Joshua.

"I've never thought that these are actually runic facilities that are powered up and manipulated by the movement of magic power. They're not houses and buildings, nor are there Halflings or any other living beings staying in this place."

Standing in the middle of the street among the steel city, Joshua observed his surroundings as detailed as he could. He swiftly saw through the true nature of the tall buildings in his surroundings. These tall towering buildings had complicated runic patterns all over them. Endless magical power was surging through the buildings under the control of the runes, gushing towards the other parts of the fortress.

The warrior was a little puzzled at the moment. "No houses… if that's the case, where would the Divine Armament that you spoke of be, Ling? Where would the 'Cycle of Nature' that Miss Clyre spoke of be then?

"It's further down… Should be right beneath this spot."

Ling's voice sounded a little uncertain. Because the magic power brewing all around the place was too abundant and powerful, he could not be sure about it. "This pyramid is just too huge. We've walked for so long. It should be just right at the lower district of the middle region in the fortress. Meanwhile, I can sense that the presence of this Divine Armament is enormous… no, is this still a Divine Armament?"

After saying that, the young man closed his eyes and attempted to sense again.

"Same goes for me."

Clyre, who was standing next to Moreila, nodded. Then she wondered again and asked, "Right below… then how should we get in there? Do we need to find another passage to lead us down there?"

"Or should we open out a path for ourselves to go down there like how you guys did back then?" Clyre suggested sarcastically.

"That's not necessary."

Just when Joshua and the others were thinking about their next step, a trembling voice carrying a little static came from above their heads. "I will bring you there."

"Who goes there?"

Joshua was surprised. He could not believe that there was actually someone who could get around his sense and approached them so near without making any sound or revealing her presence.

Of course, what surprised the warrior even more was that there he actually heard someone's voice in this city of steel which had no presence of any humans or any other living beings.

Moreila and Clyre were equally alerted as well. However, judging by the look on their faces, they did not seem to understand the meaning of the sentence they just heard at all. Upon noticing the puzzled expression on the two faces, Joshua only noticed that the system did not just translate the texts in this world. The system had also translated the voice language into the language that Joshua understood.

Meanwhile, everyone became intensely alert upon hearing that voice. A translucent shadow that was radiating vaguely with blue radiance slowly appeared right before the eyes of everyone.

That shadow.

That shadow, at first, was really just a shadow. It was a strange force that was flowing in the shadows. However, along with the convergence of force in the same point over a brief moment, a translucent figure of a shadow was formed with a slight bluish light, radiating faintly.

It was a female Karlisi and the shadow figure was a bit blurry at first. However, the shadow then gradually became clear along with the constant charges of energy into the shadow itself. A pair of black wings stretched out from behind her waist. The wings then fluttered a little. The woman was wearing a white lab coat. Her hair was light-blue. Even though the winds in the surroundings were obviously strong, however, her hair did not move or float along with the winds at all.

It seemed that she was just a magical projection.

"I have been waiting for you for a long time, stranger who possesses the item that once belonged to the Sage." The tone of this woman's projection spoken sounded like the voice of a machine which had no fluctuation at all. Her eyes looked cold and calm. However, her posture was truly respectful towards Joshua and the others. "I am Mobile Fortress A.I.03. You can call me 03."