Soul Of Searing Steel Chapter 152

Chapter 152: Clues about the Dimensional Rift

The logic was actually simple.

03 had wisdom. Even if it was merely recordings over the years, she should still know something about it. Meanwhile, she also had information of Karlis. Even if she could not analyze the reason for the forming of the steel-crystal essence rain and Chaos storm, she should still be able to tell them something about those occurrences.

Meanwhile, the location where the Aragami gathered should be much more straightforward— Aragami were the followers, descendants of the Evil God. The locations that they gathered were either their own lair or [Dimensional Passages]. They would gather there because they were merely waiting for the right opportunity to invade other worlds.

Joshua had not forgotten his main goal for coming all the way here. Regardless of whether it was entering the giant pyramid or locating the [Ecological Cycle Area], everything was to improve the condition of the Mycroft continent. So the main thing he needed to do now was to locate the dimensional rift first.

Meanwhile, upon hearing Ling's explanation, Moreila also immediately informed the warrior loudly, "Joshua, don't forget to ask her if she has any information or not."

The old dwarf's face looked solemn. "Such technical information that was left behind by a supreme magical civilization would be extremely precious and rare in our world. With magic energy transmission technology here, regardless of any other matter, my rune factory will surely improve to another whole new level! If you want to make your territory much stronger than it is now, you must not forget to ask for the information."

"Well, we need to find out about the materials for building the outer layer of the steel pyramid at the least." After Moreila done talking, he thought to his own self, "Even after thousands of years, there is no trace of any decay and rust on the steel used to build the walls of the place. What's more amazing is that they managed to produce so much of it. The amount of this sort of steel they produced is enough to build a moving fortress that is even larger than a mountain. I must find out the way to produce this amazing steel, I must discover the recipe for producing it!"

Joshua nodded as well. The old dwarf was not wrong at all. Although the Karlisi civilization had been destroyed by the hands of the Evil God, however, the standard of their magical technologies was much more advanced than the technologies during the Age of Starfall which already experienced the Age of Three Hundred Lost Years. Although, of course, there were different reasons for the development of civilization to go different ways, however, there was no reason for anyone not to learn about the advantage others had.

If they could get the data and information on the magical energy technologies of the Karlisi, they could certainly forge at high quality in future, creating all sorts of machines, and even be capable of attempting to create small-scale moving fortresses… Not only that, it would definitely enhance all aspects of the world.

Meanwhile, 03 was not bothered by what Joshua and the others were saying to each other when they were communicating among themselves. After having some thoughts in her own mind, she spoke again, "Are you talking about the steel rain?"

"Yes." Joshua added another sentence, "Silver crystallized rain."

"That's right. However, I have no information about the origin of steel rain."

No.03 shook her head. However, she also added some information right after that, "As far as I know, it began 600 years ago. At that time, the world began to become ridiculous because the flame had been extinguished. My energy-converting core was almost extinguished as well… Thanks to the energy contained in the steel rain though. Otherwise, I would have completely ceased to operate due to lack of energy. By then, I would not even be capable of maintaining the outer layer of the pyramid."

She paused for a brief moment as if she was searching through her past data. After that, No.03 continued to speak, "Initially, the Rain of Steel did not occur very often. It would only occur once in every seven months. However, it was occurring much more frequent than before over 300 years. It became so frequent that it would occur once in three to four days. Meanwhile, my Energy Core has been recharged back to full because of that. It was really like a heavenly gift from the gods."

"Meanwhile, the reason for the chaotic storm that coincides with it still remained unknown. However, according to assumptions, it should have something to do with the giant canyon by the side of Mount Monadra. Every time when steel rain occurs, a chaotic storm would erupt along with it. The earth would vibrate violently. Meanwhile, the center of the tremors would just be right over there."

"So where is this Mount Monadra then?"

Upon hearing Ling's explanation, Clyre pondered. Meanwhile, Joshua had taken the initiative to ask 03.

"The fortress is currently moving across the Flatland of Daznar."

No.03 adjusted the magic energy in the fortress and projected out a large map right before herself. There was a blue blinking dot on the map, there were also countless yellow dots and red dots all around the blue dot. Meanwhile, the Artificial Intelligence pointed her finger at the blue dot before she started explaining, "This is our current location, the Flatland of Daznar."

Following that, she then pointed her finger to a location not far from the blue dot. There were two red radiating dots and one yellow dots that was flashing. "This is the Monadra mountain."

"The blue light spots indicate our current location. So what do the red and yellow dots stand for?"

Actually, Joshua had already guessed the meaning of it, however, he still asked the question.

"Red dots indicate the lairs of the Aragami. Meanwhile, the yellow dots indicate the danger zones."

03 responded quickly, "There is a gigantic Void Portal right in the middle of the giant canyon. When the Aragami invaded this world, the Void Portal was sealed by the Karlisi. The portal itself is drawing a terrifying amount of energy from the void. That amount of energy has been gathering, causing electrical surges and thunderstorm to stir all around the portal. The place is extremely dangerous. Even I am not daring enough to get near to absorb the energy. After all, that is one violent and huge thunderstorm that is powerful enough to destroy a city."

"Void Portal?"

"That's right. It is also a passage to other worlds."

"So you're saying that it's actually sealed, am I right…" Joshua clicked his tongue with a little regret. He recalled on his memories about a scene he saw way back then—there was a giant tornado far away. The black sky was being torn apart by the dreadful thunderstorm as greenish-white lightning struck across the sky. "That scene resulted from a sealed dimensional rift? But I've destroyed one dimensional rift before. So why wasn't there a similar scene when it happened?"

03 calmly answered, "Because that dimensional rift was only half-sealed. The other half was still linked to the void, drawing on the Primal Energy from the outer world." Upon pausing her tongue for a moment, she narrowed her eyes and warned Joshua and the others, "I know that you're from another world, and you want to get back to your own world. I can help you with that, however, I don't recommend you to get to the dimensional rift right at the giant canyon… It might not be connected to your world. It is also extremely dangerous.'

"We shall take that into consideration."

Upon nodding his head, Joshua furrowed his brows and asked, "So, do you happen to know if there are other dimensional rifts around here?"

"Of course," 03 responded as if she was ready, "Many, in fact." Then she pointed her finger at the map and laid out the locations for all dimensional rifts that she knew of, one after another. "Truthfylly, there are more than five dimensional rifts across the flatland itself. Although most of them had been destroyed or sealed, however, there are a few dimensional rifts that are formed naturally, and they are still functioning."

The artificial intelligence looked at Joshua and his friends. "I suspect that you were brought here by a hidden dimensional rift. This sort of thing is not uncommon in the multiverse, however, if it is a rift that is still functioning, it is very likely that there are lairs of Aragami around that location."

When Joshua looked at the projection, most of rifts that 03 pointed out had red dots blinking by them. Meanwhile, at the side, after hearing Ling's explanation, Moreila and Clyre also stepped up front to observe and analyze the map, studying the terrain and the Aragami's lairs.

Ling could finally take a moment to breathe properly. Although he could understand what Joshua and 03 were talking about through the Spirit Sense link with Joshua, it was really tiring to keep his mind worked on thinking, memorizing, understanding, and retelling over a long period of time.

I am a weapon—the kind that hacks and slashes! I'm not some sort of living translator!

Just when Ling was feeling upset, crossing his arms over his chest, complaining to himself in silence, a large arm came over and patted on the shoulder of this young man. Ling was a little surprisesd as he lifted his head. He saw the encouraging eyes of Joshua that were looking at him.

"Good job." The warrior praised him.


Right after Joshua encouraged his own weapon, suddenly, the entire fortress shook violently. Meanwhile, everyone felt that their bodies became light all of the sudden. They even felt like they were all floating in the air.

"Gravity is not balanced?"

The old dwarf controlled his Combat Aura as he made attempt to stabilize his body in mid-air. Meanwhile, he looked around in amazement. There were already countless rocks and pebbles floating from the artificial ground. Dust was stirred up into the air all over the place. The direction of the wind blowing towards them was starting to go out of control.

"Doesn't a situation like this only occur when the earth element power is extremely strong?"

Meanwhile, on the other side, the projection of 03 appeared to be very calm—of course, she had been very calm since the beginning. The artificial intelligence then opened her mouth and started explaining again, "There's nothing to worry about. This is not an abnormal situation. It's just that the gravity has been imbalanced. Although this does not happen commonly, it has been occurring more frequent than before now."