Soul Of Searing Steel Chapter 159

Chapter 159: The Offspring of the Evil God, The Tooth of Desolation

As soon as his voice stopped, he crashed straight into another Aragami's tough solid shell while the others were staring at him in shock. They trembled, with a look of disbelief on their faces.

Compared to the huge body of flying crab Aragami, the body of Joshua was as small as an insignificant insect. However, the assault on this insect was terrifying as Combat Aura blazed on the blade of the greataxe. This Combat Aura then took the shape of a giant air blade. In a flash of light in the shape of a cross, the Aragami was cut in four, which resulted in the creature's innards and mucus splattering on the ground.

Without a moment's hesitation, Joshua had again turned his body and approached another Aragami that was in close range. These Aragami that were focused on attacking with their cannons were like broilers running wildly all over the place when Joshua had gotten near on them. They could not do anything against Joshua now. With his axe hacked down upon the Aragami, the crystal shell that was supposed to be extremely tough shattered. The compound eyes all over the Aragami's head and the large cannon attached on its head were smashed right out of the head, splattering all over the place. With another series of hacking and slashing from the greataxe, the Aragami's remaining limbs and tentacles were completely cut off into pieces. Right when the Aragami was crying miserably, Joshua let out a thunderous roar, swinging his axe down upon the Aragami like a falling meteor, crushing the Aragami's body into countless pieces of meats splattering down to the ground.


Flying at an intensely fast pace, violating the law of inertia, turning at any direction he wanted to go, the red Combat Aura that was brewing strong all over Joshua's body was gradually turning black.

The power of his Glorious Strength 'Satsui Hadou' was a power that would require a massive number of killings in order to be awakened. Meanwhile, when that power was awakened, countless souls that Joshua slaughtered would become part of his strength, boosting his speed and strength to a whole new level, so fast and powerful that even Aragami might not be able to catch him. Even Clyre and the others could only see a blur flashing in their sight.


With a sweep of his greataxe, a black air blade resembling a sharp blade went towards the other few flying crab Aragami. Under Joshua's control, the shapeless power condensed. It cut through the tough shells of the Aragami like a hot knife through. With the black waves of 'Satsui Hadou' raging inside the bodies of the Aragami, the power had caused complete destruction to the entire body structure of the monsters from inside out.

The shells that were formed from chitin, the crystals, the foul smell of blood and flesh and the internal organs that were formed from unknown substances were all torn apart and destroyed by Joshua's power. Blood and pieces of the flesh were scattered everywhere.

Meanwhile, the other Aragami had their firepower focused on Joshua as retaliated, bombarding their attacks upon the entire area where Joshua was. However, with 03 controlling the countless light cannons right on the fortress shooting at the sky, Joshua had no need to worry about being bombarded by 03's light cannon blasts because he was a wielder of Order, which gave him the immunity to any sort of attacks that was fully charged with the power of Order. On the other hand, those flying crab Aragami would have to evade or forcefully endure the attacks in order to not getting themselves shot off the sky. As such, they lost their focus on Joshua.

Numerous golden light rays pierced through the sky from Joshua's back, rushing towards him. Joshua let those beams strike his armor to speed himself up towards the other Aragami.

Swooping across the sky as he was making his way to his targets, Joshua looked at the fat Aragami right before his eyes. His 'Satsui Hadou' had already gathered so densely that the aura all around him looked pitch black. He did not even say a word as he charged forward as if he was about to split the mountain into two. Hacking his axe down upon his target, along with the cracking and shattering of the shell, the sound of bones being crushed into bits, Joshua decapitated the flying crab Aragami with the gigantic body compared to the rest of the flying crab Aragami.


Along with a laugh, Joshua sprinted from where he stood and accelerated right after. His body was moving so fast that it turned into a vibrating sound that could not be aimed at. He was moving back and forth on the battlefield, hacking and slashing up the Aragami that were swarming the battlefield. The shockwaves then set off storms and waves all around the place. Each time when Black flashed across the battlefield, there would be one Aragami collapsing to the ground in pieces.

"How many Aragami did he kill already?"

"At least more than the number we did back in those years."

On the ground, along with 03's endless light cannon attacks suppressing the Aragami that were attempting to get on board of the metallic base of the fortress, Clyre was muttering to herself all alone. Meanwhile, Moreila quickly responded to her question, "Along with that round and the low-level Aragami on the ground, I think he has already killed over a thousand of them. Regular people would not even have killed so many beings in their entire lifetime, so let alone killing Chaos daemons that are so dreadful."

After all, they've just witnessed how powerful the attacks of flying crab Aragami were. One of the beams that did not land on Joshua had landed on top of the metallic base of the fortress, leaving the large metallic surface to begin rusting. If they were hit by that attack without any defensive measure or armor, they would definitely die on the spot.

However, currently, even though Joshua had been hit multiple times over and over again, he could still fly nimbly in the sky as if he had not sustained the slightest damage just yet.

"The armor that I forged with my own hands is still good."

The old dwarf felt proud of himself while Clyreshook her head again and again as she carried on with controlling the steel tree to suppress the army of Aragami. Without the cannon support in the sky, Clyre and Moreila would still be capable of sweeping off the monsters with their current strengths.

In the middle of the sky, the slaughtering went on. Joshua was slaughtering the Aragami that no longer dared to attack. The only thing that came up in their minds was fleeing. However, when he was laughing madly while being bathed in the black blood of the Aragami as he was cutting the Aragami right before his eyes into many pieces, the sound of thunder was heard all of a sudden in the sky not far from him.

Green and white lightning stretched across the sky, and a dark blue door was being opened at a rapid pace. The door was gigantic. The diameter of the door had expanded more than thirty meters wide, forty meters and was gradually increasing. In the meantime, along with the door gradually expanding wider, a very familiar presence appeared from within the door and came into this completely decayed and corrupted world.

"Dimensional rift… The presence of the Mycroft Continent?!"

Stopping with his attacks on the Aragami, Joshua halted and stood on the ground without moving even an inch. He had his eyes widened as he looked into the distant far with joy. Then he spoke in a loud voice, "That's the dimensional rift connecting to the Mycroft Continent!"

However, the good scenery would not last long. The dimensional rift which had expanded to over a diameter of fifty meters suddenly started closing at the same speed as the speed where it was expanding wider earlier on. After that, the rift vanished out on its own existence without a reason at all.

Having not been able to remember why the dimensional rift would automatically open and close on its own, Joshua suddenly turned his head over to look at the other side of the sky. His eyes were filled with wonder and shock at the same time.

"Wait a minute, that's… what kind of presence is that?"

In the sky that was stirring with Chaos, under the power of the powerful monsters in the distant far, a gigantic whirlwind was formed from the dark clouds across tens of thousands of kilometers. The whirlwind was gradually shrinking into a smaller size and turned into a tornado that connected heaven and earth, descending onto the great land.

Joshua focused his attention on the sky. Unconsciously, the dark clouds in the sky became darker and darker in every passing moment. Winds began to stir violently in the middle of the sky. There was also the sound of thunder coming from the clouds.

Something was coming.

"It's here."

Joshua muttered to himself.

The violent lightning was flashing all over the sky. Terrifying power was converted into waves of energy, washing over the existence of the entire flatland. The boundless presence of Chaos had almost flooded the entire world like a tidal wave, ferocious and strong. The powerful daemon seemed to have been drawn towards the existence of another world. It unbridled its own tentacles, flapping its wings, and landed on the ground along with a black tornado.

Its body that was as huge as a mountain shook the ground like shaking off liquid, causing waves of ripples all across the ground. The two gigantic horns formed from bones were radiating with green and white visible lights, revealing its own existence to the world.

The Offspring of the Evil God, the Favorite of Chaos, the Messenger of The Famine.

Just like at the other end of the dimensional rift, the Supreme-tier colossal beast, [Tooth of Desolation], had descended upon the current ground!