Soul Of Searing Steel Chapter 160

Chapter 160: I Have More Been Blessed with a Dozen Buffs, I Can Even Slice You to Death with an A'!

Under the shocked gazes of everyone, that monster with a gigantic horn on its head, having two gigantic bone wings right on its back, and countless eyes and tentacles had descended upon the land along with the growing presence of Chaos just like that.

Like a mountain with a height of 300 meters, the body of this monster contained an enormous force that nothing else could rival with. Meanwhile, the land in the faraway distance from the landing point of the monster had been washed across by a powerful wave of dust that came from the impact point of the monster's landing onto the land. The plains were leveled and collapsed into the shape of a basin. The collapse continued to expand. The huge dust wave that was as tall as tens of meters had swept away everything in the surroundings. The impact caused hills and smaller mountains to crumble, and sink into the ground. The entire area within a radius of several kilometers was filled with only dust and dirt.


Along with a roar, a sound wave that was ten times or maybe even hundred times louder than thunder shook the atmosphere in the air over through dozens of miles. Under the long roaring of the Supreme-tier Aragami, repeated bursts of air appeared. The air seemed to have turned into water, getting trembled by vigorous ripples. Endless howling winds spread into the surroundings in all directions, scattering the dust and soil that had risen from the ground due to the landing of that monster.

The dust particles were carried along with the howling wind, getting swept straight towards the fortress. The hills and the ruins of the city were completely scraped off. The Aragami army that was tailing the mobile fortress was blown away and disappeared into the distant sky. Up until that point, Joshua only managed to hear the roaring noise that was loud and terrifying.

A Supreme-tier Aragami."

Floating on air in the middle of the sky, cutting the hurricane that came right at him with a swing of his axe, Joshua then descended down and stood right beneath the crystal sun. He stood and ten kilometers away as he looked at the giant monster that appeared from the clouds of dust. He could not help but feel the wave of excitement that was gushing from his heart. "It has come so soon."

At this point, the fortress was still moving forward in a hurry. However, the furious waves of howling winds were still raiding from the sides. Meanwhile, right above the base of the fortress, Clyre was resisting the howling winds filled along with Chaos energy with the support of the vines of her steel tree. She had her eyes wide opened, revealing the fearful green pupils of hers.

"What… what monster is that?"


The blurry howling winds from the distance looked like frosted glass. Without being able to see clearly, Moreila felt suffocated for a moment there. He focused his eyes on the bizarre phenomenon as his entire body was shivering along with his invoked golden Combat Aura, isolating and resisting the corruption of these howling winds. The old dwarf looked grim as he spoke his words one word after another clearly, "A. Supreme. tier… Aragami!"

03's projection appeared right below the crystal sun. Her black wings flapped slowly. Although her expression still looked calm, however, the fact that she paused her cannon attacks for a brief moment was enough to prove that the heart of the A.I was being shaken as well.

"Chaos…" she murmured softly. The gray-blue pupils had no emotion in them at all. However, her voice trembled slightly. "Chaos!"

After it had made its drastically violent entrance into the battlefield, the gigantic head of the Supreme-tier Aragami began to scout to the left and the right as if it was searching for something. The numerous eyes on its head were turning around, scanning every single part of its surroundings.

Joshua knit his brows tightly. The moment when that Aragami emerged, he had immediately used the system to investigate. However, other than the title name [The Famine, Tooth of Desolation], he was only able to see the brief information about the monster's body size and its attributes.

"From the body size and the attributes stated there, this Aragami is not completely oppressive. Its power level should fair about the power level of an Intermediate Supreme-tier being."

Upon taking a deep breath, Joshua did not have the time to think about any other things. His brain was whirring swiftly. "With such a large body, the power attribute is estimated to be about eight hundred or higher. Counting in the support power of the super gigantic sized creature… the tactics to battle gigantic sized creature…"

However, Joshua was not given the time to even come up with the ways to counter the monster. Far away from the fortress, the numerous eyes on the head of the Supreme-tier Aragami had stopped moving around. All of the eyes were now fixed on Joshua alone. A spiritual pressure that felt like a real substance began flowing towards Joshua, forcing him to stop thinking and to defend against that oppressive pressure attack.

At this time, Joshua only discovered that his Azurite was spinning at top speed because countless Aragami were killed on the battlefield before this. It was burning from the Chaos blood, transforming them into pure Order energy, infusing those power into Joshua's own body. Currently, right in the eyes of all Aragami, Joshua looked like a small blinding sun, emanating the very light that they hated most.

"Rawgh!!! RAAWGH!!!!!"

The Supreme-tier Aragami, the Tooth of Desolation was moving its gigantic head. The sky-piercing gigantic horn that was surging with greenish-blue lightning all around it pulled out some dazzling electrical charges one after another. It had noticed the living creature of Order that looked like a blinding small sun. It had also sharply sensed that the source of the light was also the same living creature that destroyed the dimensional rift months ago, pushing it back to the Karlisi world. Hence, the monster let out yet another thunderous roar into the sky, enraged. After that, it straight away pushed its gigantic body forward, fluttering its gigantic bone wings, charging straight towards Joshua!

The Supreme-tier Aragami's attack was accompanied by strong willpower, which caused his vision to go blurry for a second. However, after gritting his teeth, Joshua's eyes swiftly became determined. He had realized that he had been fully locked on by the Supreme-tier Aragami. Avoiding the battle was completely impossible.

If that's already the case, let's rumble!


In his mind, Ling's voice rang. The spirit of the young male Divine Armament was filled with worry and concern. "This monster is too powerful, we should…"


Interrupting his own weapon from saying more, Joshua revealed a wretched smile on his face. "Just take a close look at this!"

Right after he was done talking, he lifted up his left hand. Black waves began to surround the greataxe. Joshua let out a roar saying, "Mastery!"

Mastery, was his powerful origin, the treasure that he earned from two worlds. Theoretically speaking, he could rely on that ability to show the true meaning of being a warrior to all warriors across the MyCroft continent. However, limited only to his own memory and physical limitations, Joshua could only use a limited number of skills for now.

However, that would have been enough already!


The movement of the Aragami stirred the violent current of winds all around. Its colossal body did not slow down even one bit. Instead, it was movement swifter than before. It charged up straight before Joshua and lifted its right arm into the air—the gigantic claws formed from bones slammed down on Joshua directly. The arm was so huge that it covered the entire sky that was within Joshua's vision, causing thunderous rumbling that could shake through the heavens!

Joshua was breathing rapidly. Each breath he let out was flowing along with golden red light dots all around. Endless power in his body was like a nuclear fusion, forming a terrifying reaction. The warrior then raised his head and look upon the arm that was crushing down upon him like a mountain peak. That claw seemed like it wanted to crush the warrior into dust. Joshua let out a thunderous roar and lifted up his greataxe before him!


Along with the sound of crashing steel that could tear the eardrums of any human apart, at that moment when they clashed with each other, circles of clouds were seen, one after another appeared right behind the back of Joshua. After that, he was knocked directly from the sky by this giant claw and pressed straight to the ground. The earth trembled and even generated a wave of shockwave as powerful and tall as a tsunami. The violent soundwaves shook the air so vigorously that it looked like ripples of water.

Not far away from the fortress, Moreila and Clyre were trying to repel the violent shockwave that was coming at them. They were extremely worried as they looked at the gigantic body of the Supreme-tier Aragami and the ground that was being covered with dust. Without the time to even think about Joshua's situation, the both of them had already heard someone sighing.

"That's Joshua's voice!"

The wrinkled face of the old dwarf turned pink and the worries that were making him feel uncomfortable had been swept away. He then proclaimed excitedly, "He's not dead!"

Meanwhile, underneath the giant palm, Joshua who was pressed into the ground was seen holding his greataxe up, pushing against the gigantic arm of the Supreme-tier Aragami. He survived the slamming of the gigantic Supreme-Tier Aragami. The next thing that happened was that the power that was surging around in his body exploded!

[Divine Power! Enrage! Superior Berserk! Steel Armor Kokyu-ho!]

The Ultimate Skill of the Wandering Swordsman hailing from the Nightwatch Knights party, the Guardian of the Forest's secret divine power, the secret technique that was passed down from generations of the Savage in the West Mountain, and the powerful Kokyu-ho Skill that was passed around by the fighter in the wilderness!

Red vigorous electrial charges were surging around the surface of his body. Blood was vigorously coursing through the veins like the strong current of a river. His muscles were swelling up under the activation of his Combat Aura. Meanwhile, the reflecting light of the black and red metal was seen across the entire body of the warrior. Countless light dots of Combat Aura were glittering all over Joshua's body. At that time, that would be the first time he went out with his full power after he had come to this world. Without reserving even the slightest strength, he even pushed through the limit of his own body, burning his own life and soul, bursting out in blinding radiance.

Strength multiplied by three, Damage Immunity 80%, Quality of Power increased by 30. Immune to Penetration Damage! Things did not stop there. Joshua was showing off all sorts of powerful skills and casting them all upon himself!

[Spiritual Agility! Blur! Dreadful Battlecry! Will of Steel!]

Every time, with each skill being activated one after another, a Beneficial Effect radiance flashed across the entire body of the warrior, followed by another Beneficial Effect radiance topping on the previous radiance. The process went on. A vigorous outburst of power was then getting smoothly controlled under the suppression of the warrior's will. Facing the Supreme-tier Aragami that was emitting the pressure wave after wave, Joshua pushed the gigantic bone claw of the Aragami up little by little as he slowly stood up from the ground. His heart was filled with incomparable pleasure right now.

That's right! That's the feeling! That's the way it should be!

Facing an enemy that was almost invincible to him and winning the battle could bring a fascinating thrill that no one could resist. Looking at an unbeatable enemy until there was a slight chance of winning, until the enemy weakens, until the battle became fair to both sides. That would be a noble desire. That would be similar to the thrill of pursuing the head of the general among the entire army of your enemies!

Those weak Aragami… even though they had gathered into a large army, they still could not push Joshua into using more of his true Combat Aura. Meanwhile, the gigantic monster that was standing right before him had proven to be a great opponent!


The black-red light illuminated on the specks of dust that covered the earth, followed by an eruption of a violent force of wave that swept those dust away. The bone claw of the Supreme-Tier Aragami was slowly lifted up by some sort of powerful strength. After that, under the stare of its strange eye, the claw was lifted up directly. In the meantime, Joshua who had over a dozen of different Beneficial Effect radiances flashing all over his body was swinging his greataxe. He let out a roar and struck the palm of the Aragami away. The outer layer of the bone that was extremely tough was directly cracked after getting struck by the Divine Armament axe!

Taking the advantage where the Supreme-Tier Aragami was stunned by the impact of cracking its right claw, Joshua turned into a black-red light dot as he moved across the air in a curve. Along with an unstoppable momentum, he straight away rammed himself into the shell right before the chest of the Supreme-tier Aragami!

The Combat Aura continued to blaze on. The huge power that violated the body sized appeared. Under the witness of the elf and the old dwarf in the fortress where they were both shocked to even see what just happened, the swing of Joshua's axe carried a visible shockwave when the blade of the axe had struck onto the surface of the crystallized shell of the Supreme-tier being. Although the impact looked obviously small when it hit on the surface of the shell, the effect was astonishing. Along with a crispy cracking sound, the chest of the Supreme-Tier Aragami seemed to be heavily struck by a large ten-meter hammer. The entire left side of its chest, with the impact point from strike of the greataxe as the center point, was dented!

Continuously enduring the attack, the Supreme-tier Aragami had also reacted swiftly to the situation. The tiny sized enemy that was right before its eyes… Not only did he possess the power of Order that the monster hated most, the man also had a powerful strength that was enough to hurt it. Hence, it immediately swept its gigantic tail which appeared like a giant tail that was forged of metal blowing the atmosphere in the air into a space of vacuum right towards Joshua!

However, it acted too slow already. Joshua had already predicted that attack by observing all parts of the gigantic monster's body. He flew up with ease and evaded the whipping attack that was extremely powerful.

Looking at the giant tail passing right underneath his feet and hitting on only air, Joshua let out a laugh. He who had his entire body protected by heavy armor did not stop his assaults on the monster at all. Joshua swiftly approached the leg of the gigantic Aragami. The muscles on both of his arms tightened up as he was charging up his strength in both of his arms. Endless Divine Power was surging out from both the Combat Aura and the body, streaming onto the black greataxe. The greataxe was swung in a curved line and being swept horizontally straight towards the monster. That was the simplest and yet the most imposing strike packed with unstoppable momentum, 'Total Annihilation'!

Right on top of the black and gold lines on the curving edge of the blade of the Divine Armament, there were actually layers of serrated saw blades. They could really saw through any defense by pushing and pulling. Everybody knew that the greataxe was mainly used to slash. However, they would not have never thought that it could actually break the shell by push and pull.

The two-meter-long horrifying greataxe seemed to be hundreds of kilograms in weight. However, it was being wielded around by Joshua like it was a featherweight. The black curving blade swooped across the atmosphere like a meteor, along with a stream of light, slamming heavily onto the shell right on the leg of the Aragami. Well, the action seemed visually awkward from certain angle though, as if Joshua was striking the Aragami in between its crouch. Along with the movement of his arm, greataxe instantly caused a huge wound that was more than ten meters long right on the body part of the gigantic monster. Flesh and blood, along with the decaying body fluid spewed out and splattered all over the earth.


For a Supreme-tier Aragami, a cut wound that was longer than ten meters would be insignificant. However, it had inflicted excruciating pain upon the gigantic monster. It let out a roar. Its entire body was brewing with the horrific presence of Chaos that was gradually turned into violent winds that attempted to blow Joshua away from it. In the meantime, countless tentacles around it and its gigantic claw were slammed upon the warrior at the same instant!

Meanwhile, there were a dozen Beneficial Effect radiances flashing through Joshua's entire body. He was no longer the tired man that faced a Supreme-tier Aragami for the first time back in Moldova. These bunch of Chaos creatures would be enough to take care that bunch of people back there. However, they would not be able to do any harm to the warrior. The warrior let out a laugh. Then he cut the howling Chaos winds that came towards him with ease. He also evaded the attacks from the tentacles, as he was brewing himself up for a second wave of counterattacks on his enemy.

Upon seizing an opportunity that he found, his body flashed. The next thing as that he had already arrived at the back of the Supreme-tier Aragami once again. After that, he swung his axe right at the back of the monster without showing even the slightest mercy in his eyes.

However, the Supreme-tier Aragami was extremely powerful after all. So how would it be continuously attacked by Joshua then? With a flick of its burly body, the Aragami began to release countless dark mist, hiding its own body into the dark mist- Meanwhile, its shell began to vibrate at an extremely high speed, reducing every substance around it into dust.

Shell of High-Frequency Wave!

Being shrouded in the black mist that came out all of a sudden, Joshua was unable to see the enemy clearly for the time being. However, he could still rely on his memory. He aimed towards the front and struck his axe out with all his might. However, the axe was deflected by the high-frequency vibration of the shell before it could slash and saw into the shell. The violent force of the deflection had even blown Joshua hundreds of meters away from the Aragami. When he had stopped himself from flying further out away from the Aragami, he only noticed that his left arm had been torn into mushy blood and flesh by the violent deflection of the vibrating shell. The injury was seriously bad!

The Azurite was unleashing endless power in an attempt to heal that injury. However, Joshua had also activated a dozen of Beneficial Effect statuses on him. Each of the Beneficial Effects would require an enormous amount of energy to sustain their effects. Or else, Joshua would not have the capability to deal with the terrifying power of the Supreme Tier Aragami. Hence, the energy that remained reserved for the purpose of healing had been reduced, causing his healing factor to become slower than ever.

Along with his eyes sinking in, he scanned the area in the sky with his pair of eyes that were as red as blood. After that, Joshua found an Aragami that had not been blown away by the Supreme-tier Aragami. Upon detecting that Aragami, he straight away charged towards that Aragami without saying a word.

Most of the remaining Aragami on the battlefield were at least Upper Silver tier and Gold tier. Initially, these Aragami had been hiding among the large army of Aragami that was pursuing right behind the moving fortress. However, the hurricanes that were created by the Supreme-tier Aragami had blown away most of the Aragami army. Only the ones with more powerful strength managed to remain on the tail of the moving fortress as they pursued on with it.

In the meantime, these Aragami were waving their claws in an attempt to resist the warrior that was charging at them. However, how could it be possible that they could match Joshua's power? Between his breaths, Joshua had easily sliced the Aragami in half, one slash at a time.

As his body was flashing continuously across the battlefield, evading the pursuit of the Supreme-tier Aragami, Joshua had also slaughtered a few Silver-tier and Gold-tier Aragami. By doing that, the Azurite began to spin in high speed once again. Joshua could feel that the mushy flesh of his left arm was swiftly healing. His body had once again recovered to full vitality.

He turned his head around and looked at the gigantic Aragami that was shaking the ground with its stomping feet, fluttering its two wings while it was charging at full speed towards him. Once again, he lifted his greataxe in his hand high up into the air.

Let the second round begin!