Soul Of Searing Steel Chapter 161

Chapter 161: Aragami Hunting Contest

Just as Joshua killed the other Aragami and healed his wounds, the wounds on The Famine, Tooth of Desolation were also healing up pretty swiftly. In its miserable roaring and hissing along with a strange and disgusting wriggling sound, new flesh and blood were being formed like worms, growing rapidly. It did not take long for the wounds that were inflicted by Joshua to be healed. Meanwhile, those wounds that were not deep had already healed completely.

It would be bad if this goes on!

Joshua knit his brows. With the recovery speed of the Supreme-tier Aragami, if he could not maintain the high intensity of his assaults on the monster, he would only end up in an awkward situation if the monster remained unharmed after attacking it over half a day. However, the Shell of High-Frequency Wave that the Aragami could activate had proven to be a challenge for Joshua to do what he needed to do. If he did not solve that problem at hand, he would not be able to attack with everything he's got.

In the previous life, in the world of martial arts, there was a saying, a realm of self-defense that goes 'One will not be able to put a feather on it; even the insects will not be able to land on it'. Meanwhile, the Shell of High-Frequency Wave of the Aragami's shell would be undoubtedly the upgraded version of the upgraded version. Currently, any attack that came in contact with the body of the Supreme-tier Aragami would be instantly disintegrated.

Even the rocks would be reduced to dust, so let alone a body of flesh and bone. Even Joshua did not have any good idea to counter that. With his current strength, he would indeed be helpless against such a powerful opponent with such powerful defensive measure.


Flying swiftly, dodging two consecutive attacks of the Supreme-tier Aragami along the way, Joshua tore the atmosphere, leaving trails of sonicboom clouds behind him, drawing a vacuum corridor through the air. Then he spoke to his own weapon with a low voice, "Do you think you can endure the impact of the high-frequency wave?"

"I can, but Master… you on the other hand…"

The young male Divine Armament replied with some doubt and worry in his voice. He could feel it. There were more than fifteen Beneficial Effects that were overwhelmingly powerful around his Master's body. Truthfully, Joshua's muscle tissues were gradually disintegrating under the extreme load of energy flowing through every part of his body. That was how Joshua managed to maintain his body in that state, by relying on the energy of the Azurite to recover himself at a constant pace. However, if he used a heavier skill at this time…

"Then that's no problem!"

Not even giving a damn about the care that his weapon had for himself, he was done talking now. Joshua slightly shook his left arm, charging up his Combat Aura and passed an endless stream of power onto the black greataxe. Traces of similar waves of high-frequency vibrations appeared right on top of the tough Divine Armament's curving blade. Initially with countless mini sawteeth covering all over the edge of the blade, the blade had now turned into a true saw, wrecking through the air in its surroundings.

In order to counter a high-frequency wave, one could only use a high-frequency wave!

With his attention focused on his target, Joshua's eyes glowed red. He let out a loud roar and charged forward. He once again charged up to the side of the gigantic Aragami.

The black-red light drew itself across the air in an uncertain curved line, evading the claws of the Supreme-tier Aragami that attempted to stop him. Joshua went around countless tentacles that tried to capture him as he was approaching the inner side of the Supreme-tier Aragami. Without even the slightest moment of hesitation, he swung out his axe and the blade made contact with the surface of the shell right in the stomach of the Aragami. A fountain of violent sparks came right out from the impact point. Reddish-gold light dots continued to splash out without a pause, engulfing the entire body of the warrior.

With a push, followed by a pull, two different sources of high-frequency vibrating waves were crashing into each other, trembling and destroying each other at the same time. However, it was obvious that the Divine Armament was much tougher than the shell. A crack that was tens of meters long had once again appeared on the shell of the Supreme-tier Aragami. However, this injury was different from the wound that it got in the previous strike. Even though it was a gigantic monster, it would not have endured too much of this sort of attack!


With a screeching roar, the Supreme-tier Aragami immediately began to fight back. It spat out a vigorous breath. Yellowish-green decaying gas was shot towards the spot where Joshua was currently standing at the speed that was even faster than the speed of sound. The scattered rocks and dirt along the way were all disintegrated into fine powder, scattering and disappearing along the movement of the wind.

"Open up for me!"

Facing such a horrific breath attack, Joshua straight away lifted up the greataxe in his hand. Along with the condensing black waves on the giant axe, he looked at the decaying breath that was charging ferociously straight towards him. With a swing of his axe, the yellowish-green breath was split in half upon contact, with the halves brushing past the warrior's sides, and fell on the ground!


The moving noise of the mobile fortress remained loud. The two of them were caught in a deadlock. They were engaged in a fierce battle against each other as they were also pursuing on tail of the mobile fortress. The limbs and tentacles of the Supreme-tier Aragami had a lot of difficulty hitting Joshua. At the same time, Joshua had a great deal of difficulty using his attacks to hurt the Supreme-tier Aragami. Sometimes, he even got himself hurt by the deflecting of his own high-frequency wave attacks.

Every time they collided, the impact of the aftershock would cause the earth to crack and crumble, shaking the entire earth violently as if there were two gigantic monsters battling and crashing into each other.

After being injured, Joshua would instantly turn around and hunt down other remaining Aragami in the area to replenish the power of the Azurite. Meanwhile, every time when the Supreme-tier Aragami used its large-scale attack, it would also kill some of the weaker and smaller Aragami. As the battle continued, the bodies of the Aragami had piled up along the path they passed by before. The path they passed through were covered with mangled carcasses.

In the middle of the fierce battle and slaughtering, Joshua had not noticed that, in the system, because he had continuously slaughtered powerful Aragami, the Gift of his [Chaos Guardian], the [Unkindled Flame], and the power of the Azurite, the [Blood of Chaos, the Origin of Blazing Flame], were gradually fading, distorting as if they were about to vanish, transforming into something new.

Right above the fortress, Moreila and Clyre looked extremely worried. They were shocked to see the strength of Joshua that was enough to fight a Supreme-tier Aragami. In the meantime, they were also hoping that Joshua could fend off that gigantic monster. If such a terrifying Chaos daemon could lay its hand on the fortress, even if 03 could survive that, the both of them would be as good as dead.

The moving fortress continued to rumble as it made its way across the mountain area. They had reached the border end of the plain. The next area that they would cross into would be the mountain area.


On the left side of the fortress, a giant mushroom cloud rose up, followed by the impact waves that was blowing up all dust in its surroundings. That powerful impact had brought along an extremely violent earthquake across the land from afar.

Right in the middle of the dusty sky, the old dwarf seemed to be able to see that a black and red light spot was flexibly moving around a huge dark shadow in the distance. Each attack from the black and red light had brought out a large number of sparks. Countless rotting flesh and fluids, along with the stench of blood that not much people could endure without vomiting, were splattered around the surroundings. Meanwhile, the colossal beast was waving its claws and tentacles around, trying to smack the light dot down to the ground. However, its attempts were futile.

" Roar!! Argh!!! "

The thunderous roar reverberated in the surroundings. It sounded as if the monster had lost its patience. The Supreme-tier Aragami stretched out its wings and set off a strong wave of wind across the land. It no longer used its own body in an attempt to land an attack on Joshua who was agilely moving around. Instead, it was moving and spinning the countless eyes on top of its head, glaring straight at the warrior that was moving at high speed.

At the moment when Joshua was being focused on, Joshua could feel a violent sense of danger. The shadow of his body was gradually flashing faster and faster across the battlefield. Then, his shadow instantly flickered and turned into an afterimage, vanishing from the vision of the gigantic monster.

It would still be alright even if it could not lock on the target successfully. The Supreme-tier Aragami swooped its gigantic claw across the earth straight away, smashing the giant rocks and dirt from the cracked and collapsed surface of the ground high up into the air. The countless eyes on top of its head were flashing around, directing the greenish-white thunderous lightning all around its gigantic horns that could pierce through the ceiling of the sky to be focused right before all those eyes. Countless dense light dots were seen gathering before those eyes. A white light beam was seen sweeping across the sky all of a sudden. In an instant, flying rocks that were being smashed into the air and yet to fall back onto the ground had been turned into golden-red lava, along with some mist, shrouding the entire sky.

The entire sky was soon shrouded by the rapid expansion of golden-red lava in gas form and also metallic mist. No matter how agile Joshua turned out to be, he would not be able to outrun the range of the mist. Instantly, Joshua endured the powerful impact of the High-Thermal Metallic Mist head on.

Along with a muffled sound, Joshua who was wearing a grayish-black armor was leaping backward trying to get out of the mist. The horrifying high heat did not melt the armor though. However, the heat had melted steel, scorching the flesh of the warrior. Joshua had no choice but to endure the excruciating pain of the burn. In the meantime where he as evading the Supreme-Tier Aragami that was pursuing him, he continued to slaughter the other weaker Aragami in the surroundings in order to replenish the Azurite's power. Only then, the Azurite would be able to unleash its power and heal his injuries.

The battle raged on. The Aragami had shown even more ways that it could attack. It had become much harder to handle than before. Joshua would see a light cannon passing by the side of his body, swooping all the way across the mountains and the clouds, hitting on the mountains so hard that the mountains were trembling without the slightest moment of pause. Even the sky had been broken through by that greenish-white light cannon strike, leaving a deep 'scar', a hole between clouds right in the middle of the sky. Through that hole, one seemed to be able to see the sky that had been blocked by a layer of Chaos.