Soul Of Searing Steel Chapter 164

Chapter 164: The Eyes of the GodsSacred Advent


After the fuzzy writings in the system had completely settled down, the Azurite that was blazing like a mini-sun combusting on the power of Chaos suddenly trembled violently. The tyrannical power of Order began to emanate from the Azurite, overflowing and rushing towards everything in the surroundings, sweeping away the atmosphere of silence around.

The world that was filled with dust and sand suddenly regained its vitality. For many years, there was no light in the world. At this moment, it splendidly bathed in the radiance of Order energy.

The Azurite looked just like an ordinary stone. Under the influence of Order energy, the surface of the shell around the Azurite gradually peeled off. And then, little by little, the entire Azurite had turned into a green crystal surrounded by countless sacred runes before Joshua's eyes. There was a glimmering flame slowly combusting, with the radiance which looked just like a nebula surrounding it, looking noble and holy.

Such a glorious radiance would only be worthy to be regarded as the legacy of the Sage. However, after the Age of Glory, there had not been anyone around who could have slaughtered so many Chaos daemons in thousands of years. There had not been anyone around over those years that was capable of dealing so much damage to Chaos. Throughout all those years, the Azurite had kept quiet and calm, causing that mystical relic to be covered in dust.

The surge in Order energy did not even have the slightest effect on Joshua and Ling. The radiance of the Azurite just passed through their bodies without causing any changes to them. Meanwhile, the warrior was staring at the blazing flame on the palm of his hand as he looked astonished. His red pupils constricted. He had never predicted this to happen, and why would it happen.

"This is—"

Before he could think about other things, Joshua's vision was forcefully filled with system notifications.

[You've completed The Hidden Class Quest—Rekindling the Flame Seed!]

[The Azurite has unlocked the seal, revealing its true form to you—The Sage's Legacy, the Azurite]

[Flame Seed LV1: Bonfire]

[—Fire of Order, Chaos as the fuel!]

The power of Order that felt even purer than before had begun healing Joshua's body. The extremely powerful force began to purify and rebuild from steel known to be the most basic composition. From the cracks all around the armor, countless streams of dark red gases were being forced out. Joshua could not help but grit his teeth as he grabbed tightly on the green crystal in his hand, enduring that powerful Purification Strength.

The body of the Supreme-tier Aragami slowly combusted into ash and dust. Meanwhile, the light that was radiating from the Azurite was getting brighter. Upon seeing that, Joshua vaguely remembered the 'Dual Blades of Order' that Brandon possessed.

Two months ago was the time he requested the future Sacred Swordsman of activate the hidden power of his 'Dual Blades of Order', the [The Holy Brilliance]. That skill would even be capable of cutting off time and space, crushing the complete structure of the teleportation passage and resistance of a Supreme-tier Aragami. Meanwhile, as one of the Sage's legacies as well, the Azurite was also unleashing its hidden power at this very moment!


The green orb continued to spin without stopping at all. Even Joshua could not get a hold over it. This blazing light cluster floated through the air over to the front of the warrior's chest and stuck tightly onto his chest. After that, it unleashed an endless stream of inexhaustible radiance!

Instantly, the flame and light flooded all over him.

Looking from the sky on the outside, a huge dome-shaped ball of light slowly appeared on the wreckage of the mountains. Powerful Order energies were purifying the entire mountain area, getting rid of all presence of Chaos. It looked like a beacon of a lighthouse, shining its holy lights into the world that was about to come to an end.

At this time, a sense from an unseen world had reached many people.

—Imperial City, Royal Mage Guild

Brandon Kaos was working in an underground lab deep of the Royal Mage Guild. He was assisting several senior royal mages in studying the abyssal creature. As they were standing around the relic of the dragon race that had obviously undergone transformation under the influence of Chaos, they were arguing among each other with their own theories. However, a stream of light suddenly flashed from somewhere in the corner of the room, causing everyone to pause their arguments with doubt on their faces. After that, everyone looked towards Brandon's waist.

The 'Dual Blades of Order' were emanating pure white radiance all over the room. The dense power of ORder was flashing at a fixed rhythm as if it was responding to a certain existence in the distance. Brandon remained in silence as he was gazed upon by everyone in the room. Then he turned around looking towards the north. His eyes seemed to be able to see through the void. He seemed to be able to see the scenery of the other world.

—Sacred Mountain of the High Seas, deep into the clouds high above in the sky, on the peak of the Sacred Mountain that was rumored that one would need to walk for seven days in order to reach.

In the shrine at the top of the mountain, there was an old man with white hair, wearing a crown on top of his head, holding a scepter in his hand. He suddenly widened his eyes and looked seriously at his scepter as it radiated actively. He seemed to be having some thoughts of his own.

Not long after, he smiled gently and told the servants around him to leave him. Then he walked to the side of the window all by himself.

He was standing above the clouds as he looked up at the sun. The golden source for all things seemed like it was within his reach. Basking in the warm sunlight, the old man just stood on the balcony while he grabbed onto his scepter that was lightly vibrating. After that, he could not help to let out a laugh as he could no longer hold it in.

—Endless void, some unknown world.

A red-haired elven girl with sharp-eared and a pair of wings on her back who seemed to have the bloodline of the dragon race was running on the vast plain field. There were countless dark shadows of monsters pursuing her from behind. This elven girl was wearing a simple white long robe. There were a few simple lines of runes that seemed ancient. Every time when the monsters were about to catch her, the long robe would automatically unleash a few spells that had emanated a holy presence, or teleport the girl away from the monsters' touch, or shield the girl from any harm that was about to reach her.

However, the presence of an unseen world came along, and the white robe instant began to radiate with blinding light as if it was being awakened. In a flash, countless powerful Orderly spells were unleashed like flowing streams. After that, all of the monsters were completely annihilated by the lights under the witness of the red-haired elven girl with her extremely shocked face.

The radiance was still being unleashed into the surroundings endlessly as if it was turning the world into a holy sanctuary. Ling was standing right beside Joshua. However, he could no longer see the shadow of the warrior. He reached out his left hand as if he was trying to touch the center point where the radiance was emanating from. However, his attempt was futile as he could not grab anything or even touch anything there.

Beneath the uncountable rocks and dirt, Moreila and Clyre were encompassed by the body of the steel tree. They were enduring the absolute silence and darkness around them. However, suddenly, they saw a stream of light penetrating across the void and any other obstacle, shining upon their bodies.

Although the Flame Seed was insignificant, however, it still served as the Flame— the fire, and light that shone upon all things in the world.

On the other side of the dimensional rift, Nostradamus was gathering his apprentices as he was making preparation before heading over to open the dimensional rift. Suddenly, he stopped sketching the magic runes. He firmly stared at the sky right above the Volcanic Lake.

The rift that was being sealed and fixed by him previously had been ripped apart by some sort of powerful force. There was a small tear currently. An endless stream of Order energies was traveling across the distance between the two worlds, entering into the world of Mycroft.


Meanwhile on the outer world of the Mycroft continent without boundaries.

The fourteen mighty Wills that were surrounding the world initially focused their attention on the south side of the continent. Somewhere on the mountainous terrain that was surrounded by oceans and jungles, there was an extremely dense Chaos presence covering up across the place. However, there was no way to tell the exact location of the source though.

Chaos seemed to be waiting quietly, but at that moment, they were all looking at the other side of the void because of the stream of light that went across the entire world.

"… The Presence of the Sage."

The Will of an inhuman echoed. It was like a metallic rock.

"Yet another man has awakened?"

A spiritual wave that was as gentle as the water flow seemed to be recalling on some past memories.

"The Dark Tide that wiped out several universes is about to arrive. It is a good thing indeed knowing that someone is capable of picking up the Sage's artifact."

Some sort of a body that resembled a black ring shook the void. That body seemed to be carrying a power that should not be reckoned with. "I shall keep an eye on him."

The gods paid attention and cast their gazes upon the world below.

—The Karlis World.


Where the light could not shine upon, at the other end of the earth, at the end of the sky, beyond the limits of the vision, three low growls that carried rage echoed. They were enraged by the Flame that was suddenly ignited. It should have been extinguished long ago. They would definitely not allow such thing to exist.

Between the heaven and earth, the black mist began to settle down. The gray ground across the land had been covered by the mists. The restless elements began to spread into the atmosphere. There had been an intense fluctuation at the border of the chaotic sky. The black clouds that shrouded and blocked the stars began to swirl as they unleashed some terrifying power one wave after another.

The fluctuations in temperature had become apparent. The world that initially had not much heat to begin with had become even colder now. Right among the rocks and the sands, there was countless frost forming at a visible speed.

Meanwhile, three presences that had reached Supreme tier began moving swiftly. They then broke the dimension of the Karlis world that was already extremely fragile and arrived at the spot where the Flame was located.

The situation was supposed to be extremely terrifying. However, currently, under the radiating light, it was negated.

In the center of the sky, a silvery white wind column appeared right there. That was a tornado. Along with the appearance of the tornado came a storm.


Clear and refreshing sounds were filling the space between heaven and earth. The storm was pouring down vertically. Countless translucent crystals that carried along a complexion of silvery-white light were pouring down to earth like raindrops.

The steel rain began to fall. Because of the presence that was carried along with the rain, these three Supreme-tier Aragami stopped in their tracks. They even let out growls that were filled with rage. Meanwhile, some sort of Will that was powerful and yet gentle, overpowering everything and yet tolerating, confirming everything and yet bearing the weight of everything, had set its sight upon the center of the radiance. Then… it descended from there!

World—Sacred Advent!