Soul Of Searing Steel Chapter 179

Chapter 179: Mages Only Need a Flash Spell. That Is the Special Thing About the North

Nostradamus. With no family name, no family, in the northern Empire, being the first mage who did not have any mysterious bloodline and family support, this man only relying on his own struggle. He attained the Supreme tier realm step by step all by himself. This man could be deemed as a prodigy who would very likely be crossing into the Legendary tier realm in the future.

He was proficient in all common spells and also dimensional spells. He had even personally developed numerous unique spells all on his own for himself individually. More than 30 years ago, he led the legions of the Empire's mages to undergo large-scale and group teleportation in order to raid the legions of the shaman orcs. Furthermore, he had also consecutively won the battle three times and finalized the war on the battlefield by claiming victory over the orcs.

Although Nostradamus had slowly stayed away from joining battles and hidden behind the scenes, he had many apprentices from all over the Empire, from civilians to aristocrats, and from elves to dwarves. As long as one is willing to learn, the old white-haired mage would be willing to guide them on the path of magic.

Now, the old mage who had a great and brilliant past was speaking to the warrior about his idea to start a Mage Academy in the North.

As long as Joshua was not crazy, he would certainly not reject such a good proposal.

"I'll certainly support this."

Responding to the old mage's proposal without showing the slightest hesitation, Joshua felt so much better upon hearing that news. "Sir, you're saying you're willing to start an academy on my territory. There's no doubt that it is my greatest honor. However, there's a problem"

Upon saying that, the warrior lowered his tone a little as he spoke with some doubt in his mind, "Why do you pick my territory to build a new mage academy? Although I'm extremely confident that Moldavia is a great choice to start, however, the Empire's kingdom is so vast. There must be places that are even better than this place."

There was no doubt that the building of a Mage Academy would definitely be a good thing for anyone. So was the voice of Nostradamus filled with hesitation? Naturally, Joshua would not voice his doubt outright, of course. However, he was waiting for the old mage to answer him.

" There are many reasons for this."

After remaining in silence for a moment, Nostradamus's voice sounded distorted as it was coming through the communications circle. Along with a slight overtone in his voice, he said, "One of the reason is that, for some unknown reason, the density of the magic energy in the North is gradually increasing. According to the speculation of the Imperial Royal Mage Guild, it was probably because the power of Chaos that leaked out of the dimensional rift had been purified, even though the increase on the density of the magic energy in the North was not obvious, however, it was increasing at a very stable pace. So the place has become a suitable location to foster new mages."

That reason was indeed reasonable. Joshua nodded. For mages, the density of magic energy before reaching up to a certain threshold can increase their proficiencies in mastering and adapting magic energy. As for the reason to why the density of the magic power was increasing, Joshua had a very different opinion about it though.

Itwould most probably be a sign that the great Dark Tide is about to arrive. The dimensional barrier in the North is much weaker than the ones in other lands. Even after I had sealed off almost all of the dimensional rift, the North is much more sensitive compared to other places across the entire continent of Mycroft. Hence, the magic had come to the North much earlier through the dimensional rift from the other world. Joshua was having that sort of thought.

The old mage was still explaining about the other reasons, "Secondly, we are trying to stay far away from the Dark Tide in the Imperial City. The North is far away from the center of the Imperial City. Regardless of any conspiracy brewing in the Imperial City, it will be extremely hard to reach and disturb your territory."

Speaking of which, Nostradamus sounded a little tired. Then he laughed bitterly and slowly spoke, "Joshua, you're also a aristocrat. You should be able to understand this. Well, those conservative aristocrats are actually feeling dissatisfied with me for accepting civilians as my apprentices. They deeply believe that civilians are only eligible to learn spells, however, they are not to be allowed to taint the Magic Holy Ground of the aristocrats. Meanwhile, I, as the head of the academy, was born as a civilian before all of my accomplishment, hence, making me the biggest thorn in their flesh."

"Although the Emperor and honorable militants such as your father have fostered a new generation which would not agree with them, however, among ten aristocrats, seven of them are conservative. Two counts are determined to be the most conservative among all of the close-minded aristocrats. Under the influence of such situation, I have not been unable to train my students normally and this is only the tip of the iceberg for what has yet to come back in the Imperial City. There are more invisible plots secretly brewing in the shadows. Royal Academy's political significance is just too strong. It is no longer a holy place to train a new generation of mages."

Joshua listened to the old man telling about the uncertain situation that was brewing about back in the Imperial City. Because the Emperor was currently not looking a trivial matter other than pressing concerns related to war. So the conflict between the two counts, the pressure of the aristocrats oppressing on the civilians, and also competition among the princes had begun to intensify.

These were problems that would inevitably arise in a kingdom. It would only be just a matter of time.For the sake of interests, even just for the purpose of cracking down on their opponents, various factions of forces would rise naturally, trying their very best to hinder each other. The old mage had it right by his words. The problems that the Royal Academy back in the center of the Imperial City had to deal with was just a tip of the iceberg of the disputes that were already been going on. Along with the arrival of the new era, the disputes, the war within the Empire would brew even more intense than ever.

However, the warrior had always been lazy to waste his life and energy on such trivially idiotic things. He would just scoff at any conspiracy he ever encountered. From Nostradamus' tone, Joshua knew that there must be more about the story being told. So he decided to wait for the further explanation of the old mage that had yet to come.

"I'm setting up a War Mage Academy specifically for civilians in the North. Well, they need not have to understand the true meaning of the spells. However, they must be mages that can use spells. The topics and teachings of the Royal Mage Academy have been too deep and too hard for civilians to comprehend. They have delved into topics like the origin of the world. Anyway, newly trained mages will not be able to understand all those meanings and secrets."

The voice the old mage carried his pride for the Royal Mage Academy, and yet a hint of helplessness. "Magic is like a tool. Seeking for the truth is one of its many functions. But other functions are just as important as that. For civilians, magic spells that can allow them to come to the frontline are most practical for them. They are also what the Empire needs the most right now."

For the betterment of scientific research and military works. Joshua nodded. He could actually understand the differences in this aspect. Although the two complemented each other, they cannot be placed in the same place.

"War Mage Academy, hmm"

Upon repeating this term, Joshua narrowed his eyes and gave it some thought for a moment.

According to the old mage, the Countess of Moldova, Vale Dani was also his disciple. It was because of that reason, the duchess had become acquainted with Brandon and became husband and wife afterward. Meanwhile, war spells used by Vale Dani back at her fortress had also struck deep into Joshua's memory. The terrifying impact of the [Starfall Break] had eliminated all daemons within a few kilometers in an instant. Even with his current strength, he would not be capable of doing so much destruction in an instant. Although he could also kill so many monsters without feeling exhausted like Vale Dani did, however, he would not be able to have done it within an instant of time. In that regard, he was completely no match for the countess.

"We will surely be needing more war mages to deal with daemons in the future." Upon nodding his head, Joshua did not think it was a problem at all. In the meantime, on the other end of communication circle, Nostradamus's remarks had also come to an end.

"In fact, these problems are not the biggest reason If I build the Mage Academy on your territory, then you will undoubtedly become the main attack target of all the conservative forces."

Nostradamus' voice sounded heavy, "You are the only aristocrat of the new generation with the most strength. Meanwhile, you're also a warrior. You are not related to the field of the magic as well. However, these are not reasons that those rabid dogs would unleash their attacks on you. That is why I have so much hesitation about my plan."

What is there to hesitate about?

The warrior chuckled. "Master Nostradamus, these are the least of the problems. This is Moldavia, my territory. No matter how outrageous the dark forces are lurking in the Imperial City it has nothing to do with me at all. And it has nothing to do with my territory as well."

"Also, if there is really someone who plans to test me out"

Upon saying that, Joshua shook his head and laughed. "I've just completely recovered. It's a good thing that someone could provide me some entertainment while I'm feeling bored."

At the same time while Joshua and Nostradamus were discussing further the founding of the new Mage Academy, in the study room of the church on the west side of the city.

The silver-haired girl was sitting on the side, staring at the blue-haired projection ofa lady with black wings who was controlling magic energy, storing the complicated information about the magically enhanced technologies from the crystals.

Ying was actually staring at the body of 03 that was formed from violet-blue crystallized metal. Her eyes were glittering as if she was admiring 03.

What a beautiful color The young female Divine Armament sighed deeply. After staring at 03 for a long time, she could no longer resist her urge to touch the runic core that looked captivatingly beautiful.

03 was unable to walk on its own because of her own design. Usually, she would be pushed around by the lady servants on a cart based on her desire in where she would want to go. Meanwhile, Ling had been staying at the liege's mansion, taking care of the official business. So today, Ying had to replace him in escorting the A.I's body.