Soul Of Searing Steel Chapter 191

Chapter 191: The Prelude of the New World

The storm was formed along with black light, and a dark tide of energy surged vigorously in the atmosphere. Hundreds of horrific spells that the orc shamans unleashed at their full strength were brought together to break through their original boundaries. These represented the power of great disasters that now converged together. It turned into a black, turbid and dusty tornado. This huge storm, with a rich dying and destructive atmosphere, began to unleash its wrath of nature upon its surroundings starting from the wall of the Orc Palace. Then it slowly moved towards the legions of mankind.

It destroyed everything along the way. Whether it was corpses, rocks or broken weapons and siege equipment, everything was turned into gray and white flying ashes. Meanwhile, the storm that was enough to even blow dragons away was sweeping the ashes and emptied out everything along its way.

With such terrifying power, the tornado was moving at a speed that could not be caught. Among breaths, it was very close to the legions that were changing positions by their campsites. It had yet to approach close to them now. However, the tornado had wrecked great destruction upon numerous defenses of the legions. The defense facilities seem to be smoldering away just like cream dusts. The tornado easily distorted and destroyed everything there. Meanwhile, the soldiers had to lean over and grab onto something with great weight to keep themselves from being blown away.

However, how can the formations of the human's legions be broken so easily?

Numerous translucent beams of light rose up from the perimeter of their formations like a pillar that supports the heavens and the top of the entire legion.

At the bottom of these giant light pillars, one hundred and twenty-three mages stood on their respective magical positions, activating the runic apparatus and equipment of theirs in the center of their formation. These mages included humans, elves, and even dwarves. There was a powerful rune in the center of each of the pillars of light.

These runes went rising up along with the light beams. Then a spontaneous combination of one rune with another rune had begun. By the end of it, a huge barrier was formed around the legion, supported by 120 light beams right above the legion. Right between the between the translucent barrier, a mysterious magic circle was slowly rotating as a dreadful magical rainbow light was flowing along with the magic circle.

Unlike the casting of the orcs that join their magic powers altogether, the spells of the legion were originally invented by the elves. And the humans had outdone the predecessors that invented the spell and made them proud. 120 groups with 360 mages of Silver and Gold tier joining their forces, were able to exert their power against the strength of a Legendary-tier being. They had created the invincible barrier.

The tornado hit and crashed into the translucent wall of the magic barrier, sending out harsh noises like countless razor-sharp crystals cutting against each other. However, there was no doubt that this terrible attack was completely blocked by the translucent spell barrier that appeared to be indestructible. This barrier was able to withstand any damage. The tornado was swirling violently along with flames, winds, corrosion, and even lightning surging through the storm. However, it failed to break through that thin translucent wall.

However, even though the front was blocked, but the rest was not.

The terrible shockwave vibrated across the earth and, together with the black corrosive winds, the tornado had bypassed the barrier. With a slow but unstoppable momentum, the tornado moved towards the rear of the legion that was besieging the Orc Palace, along with the newly arrived five armies.

But in the face of such a terrible attack, the soldiers in the five legions did not show even the slightest fear on their faces. They stood expressionlessly and silently, waiting for the tornado to come. Even army's mages remained idle for the moment. They only turned their heads and looked above the Legion.

Right above the sky of the Tartaros, endless clouds were brewing around.

In the middle of the raging winds, a loud laughter came from nowhere. It spread throughout the battlefield. Everyone was able to hear it clearly. The boiling blood in the soldiers' hearts could not help but feel inspired by it. It gave birth to infinite courage. But it was huge and conspicuous. The flag that was far larger than a few legion was rising from the tens of thousands of soldiers as if a golden-red flag that looked like a sun flowing along the long wind. A red pentastar and a golden blazing sun were inscribed on the flag, which looked like a crown.

Royal Imperial Family, the Flag of the Sun.

The trumpeters sounded a loud horn at this time

The melodious and low horn sounds broke the silence on the battlefield.

The morning light of the dawn passed through the clouds and cast shadows and sunlight upon the vast land. With this horn, the sound of wind howling through the clouds, and the huge clouds began to distort and were shredded at a speed that was visible to the naked eye as if there was something big was about to descend.


Along with the sound of horns, a blazing beam of light descended from the heavens, shattering the remnants of the smoke and dust storms like tearing through a thin piece of paper. That blazing beam had dragged out a long river of lava across the surface of the land. However, it did not hurt any of the living beings from the legions.

Clouds were billowing as turbulent of winds were blowing vigorously, followed by a gigantic dark shadow spreading its wings and crushing the cloud layers.

A black-red dragon had descended from the sky just like that.

Right above this dragon's head, at the spot between two of its large horns that looked extremely sharp, there was a warrior with dark golden hair standing right there. He wore a black and red cloak as he was dressed in a dragon-scale armor. In the meantime, he was carrying a giant lance on his shoulders. Meanwhile, his face was filled with an insane smile.


In the formation of the human army, everyone was instantly boiled with agitation and inspiration. Looking upon his heavy armor that was surging with immense power, reflecting the sunlight that shone upon the armor into silver light, regardless of whether it was the five armies or the siege army, their morale had been fully amplified. They were gazing their eyes upon that scene. It was not because of the giant dragon, it was because of the man that was on the giant dragon.

The warrior who conquered a giant dragon, the strongest man

Israel Diamond, the Emperor of the Empire himself had arrived!

The orc shamans and orc priests that were on the wall looked at that scene with lifeless faces that looked like dead ashes. They were looking at the descendant of the Emperor as if they were looking at their doomsday descending upon them.

Even the great priest of the orcs had both its hand trembling as it held the bone scepter tightly. The radiances in both of its eye sockets were fading so much that they seemed to be on the brink of distinguishing.

"Israel Legendary-tier champion"

The voice of desperation was heard coming from within the dry throat. It grinned miserably, as if it was laughing at itself, "They really highly of us orcs."

The orcs also had a Legendary-tier champion once.

However, that was more than a hundred years ago.

In about one hundred and twelve years ago, the strong Legendary-tier orc raided the Northwest Grand Canyon Fortress of the Empire Kingdom and killed the second Prince of the Empire. It then burned down the magnificent building which was built by countless people using more than ten years.

Meanwhile, the Emperor of the previous generation, which was Israel's father, was also fatally wounded by the curse of the orc shaman during a war to slay the orcs. As a result, he could not recover and passed away.

Since 543 years ago, when humans expanded into the plains of the Orcs, the two sides discovered each other. From one generation to another, the orcs have been plundering human wealth and resources.

That was hatred of a nation towards another, which went both ways. However, there was also hatred towards the family. It was a history and memory that could not be wiped away. It was also the source of rage and the cause of war at the same time.

Meanwhile, Israel Diamond was standing right above the head of the dragon. He lowered his head and looked down towards the wall. And the vision of the Legendary-tier champion could see the expressions of the priests and orc shamans that were stationed on the wall of the great Orc Palace.

Seeing all those distorted expressions filled with starvation and despair, the Emperor of the empire began to smirk.

Of course, he must have wanted to smirk and laugh.

Even if the death count of people and warrior were countless, with so many sacrifices, even if there had been many of his own family such as cousins had died, he would still want to laugh.

Because everything was worth it!

Just as humans once exterminated the lizardmen

Just as the dwarves once exterminated the cavemen

Just like the elves had exterminated the harpies

There was absolutely no mercy in the war between civilizations. There was absolutely no holding back. There was absolutely no remorse. If they don't merge under gradual compromises, it would only lead down to the path of war where they exterminate each other.

Currently, over the 543 years, under the unmatched army of the Empire, the orcs that attempted to threaten all races in the world shall completely cease to exist in this world!

Meanwhile, the hatred that plagued the four generations of Diamond's royal family for over 112 years would finally come to an end, today.

The heroes in old times had not achieved as much as he could today. Their armies were not as powerful and strong as his as well! The battle today, was destined to become a legend, a legend that would go down in history, a legend that would be written into songs and poems, a legend that would become a myth in the coming days!

"Dragon, attack the city wall! My warriors, annihilate them!"

Israel laughed out loud as he gave his command. He stepped on the air one step after another. Meanwhile, the dragon which no longer felt restrained by the Legendary-Tier warrior had also let out a long dragon roar. The golden vertical pupils of the dragons were glowing like lava that was gleaming with golden radiance. It spread out its wings and used its body that was over tens of meters tall to ram into the wall of the Orc Palace. Meanwhile, the dragon had also spat out a Breath Attack that was enough to scorch everything to kingdom come from its mouth that was filled with sharp teeth.

"Tear their bodies apart! Destroy their houses! Wipe their culture! Take their land! Kill their civilization! Exterminate their race!"

"Regardless of what bloodlines they are, what status do they have, slaughter them all! Show no mercy!"

"I want to see the bones of the orcs pile up into a mountain and let their blood flow into the river and soak into the highland of Tartaros!"

Along with the command of their master, the fury of Dragon's Breath was spat out, and thousands of orc priests were instantly burned into nothingness by the heat that was enough to even evaporate steel. The great priest of the orcs was the only one who was still struggling to endure and survive the heat. It gazed at the human warrior who was levitating high up in the sky. Its eyes were filled with hatred. The great priest wanted to send out its own curse. However, under that scorching heat from the Dragon's Breath, its throat was already scorched to the point that it could no longer even make a sound out of it.

Then, it was turned into fly ashes by a more powerful firepower. In the meantime, the bone scepter that had the skull of the centaur's to-be royal descendant was broken along with a breath that sounded like something was liberated from an endless pain. Then, everything went along with the wind.

The gray wall was softened by this high heat. And under the continuous breath of the dragon, the wall was turned into a big chunk of melted lava rock.

In the cheering of tens of thousands of people, the city wall was destroyed by the black and red dragon. After the mages from the legion cooled the lava, countless humans crossed the huge gap in the middle of the wall and poured themselves into the sacred land of the orc that no outsiders had even stepped upon for over thousands of years.

The remaining orcs in the city were chanting their curse spells, battling against the enemies that were swarming into their sacred land. There, the slaughtering began. The orcs that were starving no longer had the capability to guard against the assaults of the humans after they had lost support from the city wall. Instantly, green blood flowed into rivers, soaking the streets. The fiery fire that was scorching up the city had begun destroying the outcome of the orcs' civilization.

The Emperor of the last generation of the orcs stood in his own gold tent. Its father was long dead during the final battle between the plains with the humans. The descendant of the Khan, whose veins were flowing with the blood of the God of War, was merely a twleve-year-old boy. It listened to the battle trenches in the city, and silently lit up the gold tent. It threw the crown that was made of the bones of many races into the fire. After that, it lifted its own heavy armor and sword. Walked out of the blazing tent. The little orc was ready to battle.

The orcs would no longer need the Emperor and kingdom. A warrior should embrace the destiny of a warrior should have, regardless of their age and their races.

At the same time, right above the sky, a tremendously large flash of light burst out across the sky.

As if there was a giant god roaring, the blood-colored clouds instantly shrouded the heavens. High above in the sky, and a star suddenly burst out with infinite light. However, it only flashed for a brief moment. Then it dropped out from the sky and vanished without a trace.

The holy insignia of the bloody axe appeared in the sky and slowly dissipated, surrounded by seven holy emblems of human's gods until it completely disappeared.

Upon seeing this scene, all orcs seemed to have lost something in their hearts.

The orcs and the Gods of War had fallen today.

The Emperor of the Empire, Israel looked at this scene from above the sky. He gripped the huge dragon lance in his hands and his eyes were combusting with blazing flames.

Then he turned his head around to look at the earth.

Blood flowed into the river and the bones were piled into mountains. Looking just like what he requested, the Orcs would be annihilated today.

The old era had already ended. The new era had arrived.

Meanwhile, in the North, in the sealed chamber of the churchyard of the cemetery.

Accompanied by the joyful cheering of Ying and Ling, along with the help of 03, Joshua and Moreila had finally sketched the perfect design for the magic-enhanced armor as they lifted the huge armor that had been completely assembled.

That marked the prelude of the new world.