Soul Of Searing Steel Chapter 197

Chapter 197: Walking on Fire

After receiving the news that the draconic beast was attacking the village, Moreila and Nostradamus temporarily put down their work at hand and readied to pay the warrior in the main city of Moldavia a visit.

As a result, in the living hall of the liege's residence, they had seen Joshua who seemed to be fully loaded and ready to head out. Well, they could not tell what Joshua was attempting to do though.

"Joshua, what are you trying to do?"

The person who arrived first was Moreila. He was staying just at the inn located not far from the center of the main city. Before that, he was plotting the architectural drawings of the rune factory. Upon receiving news about the village being attacked by draconic beast and the high number of casualties, he immediately went over to pay Joshua a visit.

It seemed that the old dwarf was expecting to see the warrior getting infuriated, jumping around in rage sulking in dissatisfaction. However, he had not expected to see Joshua with his calm face. He only saw that the warrior was fully equipped with his battle gear. Joshua had also brought along all sorts of items. He seemed to be ready to make a big appearance. He seemed to be ready for a big fight!

Well, he was no newbie. As a dwarven warrior who had lived more than a hundred years, of course Moreila could see it. That was the lightest and yet the most serious battle gear a warrior across the Mycroft continent would wear other than heavy armor and weapons.

Meanwhile, Ying and Ling were standing right behind Joshua. The two of them were whispering to each other. The silver-haired was also asking her brother as her face was riddled with doubt, "What is Master trying to do with this?"

Meanwhile, Ling appeared helpless, as he looked at the calm warrior. Then he spoke softly, "My sister, don't get deceived by Master's calm-looking face right now. Although he seemed very calm and rational by the look on his face, the truth is that he is so angry that he's about to explode into madness From the moment he walked out of his study room, he had been mentioning that he wanted to go to the northern ice land to slay dragons. I've completely no idea how to stop him from going"

Fortunately for them, it seemed that Joshua had already calmed now.

No matter how softly the two Divine Armaments were whispering to each other, their words had not slipped by the ears of a Gold-tier warrior. Moreila was also standing not too far from the three of them since he came in. So naturally, he overheard the dialogue between the young man and the young lady. He was shocked. The rings on his beard kept on trembling. The old dwarf instantly walked up to Joshua and spoke with a surprised tone, "My friend, you're not joking, are you? I know you're very upset with the attack on your territory, however, why do you even think about slaying dragon?"

His voice was filled with confusion. At the same instant, Nostradamus came into the living hall as well. He was also considered to have caught wind of that conversation in a timely fashion. After hearing the conversation between Ying and Ling, the white-haired mage also tried to persuade Joshua out of it immediately. "That's right, Joshua. Although the draconic beast is responsible for the attack on one of your village, however, it has nothing to do with the white dragons on the northern iceland."

"Also, there are at least a dozen of adult white dragons in the iceland of the North, there is at least one gigantic leader of the dragons over there. Even though there are no old dragons that are Supreme tier, but if you are going to act so rashly, you will certainly encounter some problems."

Meanwhile, Joshua was standing right at the doorstep ready to depart. However, he revealed a helpless look on his face after seeing so many of them blocking the entrance of the mansion. They were all there to dissuade him from his initial decision. Joshua could not help but let out a sigh. Then he calmly explained, "Master Moreila, Master Nostradamus, I'm not mad about the incident. I'm not acting rashly as well. I've given it a lot of consideration and thought before deciding to prepare myself for what's coming. That is why I must take my leave."

If you've given a lot of consideration and all, then you should not have thought about setting a foot out of your mansion!

Although no one had said that, however, the expression on the old dwarf and the old mage were clearly trying to say that.

Nostradamus remained silent for a moment. Then he frowned, with a look of hesitation on his face. After that, he said, "Joshua, as far as I know, even though this draconic beast attack has involved a wide range including the four territories in the North, however, this is something that has not happened over the entire history. There are no similar incidents had happened before as well. It was just like the continuation of five Dark Tide that happened over two hundred years ago in the land of the North. And not to mention that there were also draconic beast flying through the sky, getting around the fortress and attacked the village so why are you so sure that you must find fault with that bunch of white dragons over there?"

Meanwhile, the old dwarf nodded in agreement. This was also a problem that plagued him.

In the meantime, Joshua reached his hand over to touch the gigantic nail that was hanging across his waist. The nail was as long as the length of an arm. The sharp end of the tip of the nail was engraved with countless runes that were flashing with strange colors. There were also obvious traces of poisonous liquid all over the nail. These sort of nails were usually used to bleed large sized creatures. At some point, they were gears specifically for dragon slaying.

Joshua turned his head and looked at the old mage. After having some thoughts for a moment to see what he should say, he shook his head and said, "Master Nostradamus, perhaps Moreila and the others do not know the reason that caused the incident to happen. However, you, on the other hand, should know this better than anyone."

He paused for one brief moment and spoke in a very serious manner, "Spawns from the Abyssal Sea."

Without waiting for the old mage to reply, Joshua lifted his head up and looked at the ceiling with his red eyes. He continued to speak, "In the previous Dark Tide I've obtained a piece of 'Spawn from the Abyssal Sea out from a gigantic mammoth. That thing was obviously remolded by Chaos. Meanwhile, one of my trusted men had confirmed it for me. Among these Chaos creatures, the scent of the white dragons of the North was also present there. Meanwhile, in light of the rumors about the pentashade dragons colluding with Chaos, I believe that things had become rather obvious than ever."

The warrior lowered his head and looked directly into the eyes of the old Mage who remained in silence. After that, the warrior sneered and said, "Why would the draconic beasts attack humans for nothing? Their wisdom is much higher than most beasts which only possess basic surviving instincts. Besides, eating humans would only bring them more harm than good. And how is it possible that humans are tastier and nicer than the mammoths and the herbivorous dragons? I'm never going to believe if you say that there's no one hiding behind the shadows orchestrating this draconic beast attack."

"How do you know It is obvious that the Royal Mage Guild are still researching those That information is definitely highly classified"

After listening to Joshua, the old mage subconsciously asked a question. However, Nostradamus had also quickly recalled about Joshua's Class.

The Chaos Guardian, the most sensitive Class that could sense and detect the presence of Chaos in this world. After all, he also had the Azurite on himthat would explain it.

However, the old mage still had some doubts about him though Joshua was a count in the land of the Northern Empire in the North. He was one continent far away from the far South kingdom that was located on the furthest side of the South. Even the information about the pentashade dragon species in the far South that Nostradamus knew came from the information network of the royal agents who had been operating to gather intel for over many years. A count should not possibly be able to obtain so much information.

So how did he know all these things then?

However, even though Nostradamus was puzzled with many questions in his heart, he still had to try to persuade Joshua from going out, "However, my friend Joshua, what you said might be possible. But you're just guessing and making assumptions. There's no evidence to support your assumptions."

Upon saying that, the old mage could not help but brush his beard with his hand. Then he looked a little troubled. "The white dragon species is unlike the other normal dragon species. The pentashade dragons are an entire race. They have their very own civilization and wisdom. They have their words and inheritance. They even have their own city on Dragon Island. They do live in territories all around the world. These are all because of the negotiations made between the dragon king and the other kingdoms all around the world. You'll be the one to destroy the good relationship between them if you get over there to attack them. The Empire had just annihilated the orcs in the plains of the Northwest. There is an urgent need for the Empire to take a break and recharge. The Empire will not have the energy to go up against the Dragon Island"

"Screw the relationship!"

Along with a rough interruption on the attempt of Nostradamus trying to persuade him, Joshua had expressed that he would not spare a glance at the matter at all. "The Dragon's Calamity about to fall upon us. By that time, you all will have even stronger urge to kill the pentashade dragons, more than I ever will."

At this point, the warrior was not in a hurry to depart though. Then he spoke in a deep tone, "Listen up. You are only bounded by the relationships in the past. You have doubts and hesitations. However, actually, these are all part of the plan that the dragons have set upon you. These dragons from other worlds had come into our world over hundreds of years ago. They've been planning for this over all those years. They've come up with a plan so detailed that you'd be astounded when you uncover the truth about it. The moment when the plan is set in motion, kingdoms of the humans will suffer a great deal of loss and casualties The fall of the orc king has led the pentashade dragons to feel insecure. They feel threatened. So they have chosen to set their plan in motion now. Meanwhile, the previous draconic beast attack is merely an accident that happened a little too early."

He spoke as if those were solid facts. Nostradamus and Moreila looked at each other. They did not know whether they should believe Joshua or not.

Well, Joshua was certainly not the kind of a person who would lie at all. However, it would still be a little difficult to persuade the two of them to believe him.

"However, I did not intend to ask for your aid in my conquest. You must know though. Such a flawless detailed plan will fear 'accident' the most."

Joshua waved his hands to inform Ying and Ling to follow him. After that, he was ready to get around the two old men. The warrior then said, "And my very existence is the greatest accident in all these."

"I'm not like any other people. I don't give a damn about the relationship or bond between the dragons and the humans, or the relationship between the Dragon Island and the Empire. All I know is that the dragons have killed my people. And those white dragons are behind itDragons killing humans, I kill dragons, is there something wrong with it then?"

That was like the natural order of things.

"Although I've ignored some things before, however, it is not too late just yet. It won't concern me no matter how flawless their plans are. As for the evidence, I only need to kill all these dragons and find evidence at their lair. By then, you'll all believe me naturally and you'd even help me."

Here, Joshua had already walked up to the side of the old mage who was remaining in silence. He looked directly at the eyes of the white-haired mage and solemnly said, "You should listen to me, Nostradamus. You should get back to the Imperial City right away and tell the Emperor that, if we begin mobilizing champions over to slay the pentashade dragons now, the Empire will have lower losses and casualties in the days to come when the Dragon's Calamity falls upon us."

After he was done talking, he brought Ying and Ling along with him and walked out of the main door of the mansion straight away.

"Do you need a hand, Joshua?"

Moreila remained silent for a brief moment. After that, he asked the warrior right before the warrior was about to leave. The eyes of the old dwarf were sincere. "You've brought me back from the other world. I can accompany you to the ice land to slay some dragons as well. You don't have to worry about anything."

"If you say the word, I can bring along some of the finest warriors among the rune dwarves to aid you in your cause."

After hearing this, Joshua paused for a moment with his back facing the old dwarf. He opened up the main door, and right before the back of his shadow disappeared into the bright outdoor area of the mansion, he replied with smile, "No need for that, Master Moreila. You need to get back to the dwarven settlement and fortify the defenses underground right away."

"Draconic beasts are not the only ones who can fly."

In the meantime, after Joshua departed from the mansion, Nostradamus and Moreila looked at each other. The old mage let out a soft sigh and said, "I'm really old now I've become obsessed with so many worries and considerations."

After he was done talking, he shook his head and his body was shielded with waves of blue rippling energy waves. Meanwhile, the old dwarf quickly took a step forward and rested his hand on the hand of the old mage. "My friend, take me with you, and send me back to the Black Steel Town!"

"Well then, hang on tight."

As soon as the voice stopped, a dimensional wave rippled along and the two of them vanished from the living hall of the liege's residence.

Meanwhile, Joshua was in the stable.

He came to the stable and saw Black that was coiling itself up, sleeping on the ground looking like a dragon. After that, he aimed his foot at the stomach of the horse and gave it a solid kick. The dragon-blooded horse that was still in its daze immediately got enraged and opened its eyes after feeling the kick in its belly. However, after seeing the face of his own master, it let out an awkward snort. Right after that, the horse stood back up on its feet.

"After a long sleep, you'll surely need to move your body around a little."

After touching the black skin of the horse, Joshua noticed that there was already a layer of tough shell formed on the surface of the skin. There were also some thorns spiking out from the surface of the shell. Joshua could feel the burning heat with his hand on the surface of the shell. Then he laughed. After that, he put on the special saddle and the horse lease over the horse before hopping onto its back.

Ying and Ling had also hopped onto their own horses. Without any hesitation remained, the master and his two trusted Divine Armaments began riding out on their horses, heading straight towards the exit of the main city.

Riding across the black frozen land in the North, Black was excitedly neighing and hissing while it was running. It had been sleeping for so long since then. Now that it could once again run freely on the plain field in this vast world, it felt refreshing. While feeling exciting and agitating at the same time, the strength of the bloodline within Black's body was beginning to course through its veins, providing it with sufficient physical strength.

The power of the bloodline became increasingly exuberant. Below the hooves of this war horse, endless fire elements began to assembleeventually, as its stride accelerated by a notch, a bundle of dark-red flames began to burn beneath Black's feet.