Soul Of Searing Steel Chapter 199

Chapter 199: My Apologies, I'm Just a Warrior

Dragons, the creatures in legends, had perfect bodies. These species could become as strong a Gold-tier being after they reach adulthood.

In countless stories and legends, the dragons had always played an extremely important role. Other than being comrades and friends in helping the protagonists of a story and others to build an empire, the dragons would sometimes be playing the role of villains in stopping the protagonists of a story from achieving goals and dreams. The name of a dragon was like magic, which had become a fixed part of a story. It must not be missing.

In countless histories and worlds, as the beings either feared or respected, the dragons had always been so special. People usually could not help but to give them special treatment.

However, Joshua was not the same as the others.

The soldier remained in silence as he hung his greatsword on the right side of his horse. Then he pulled out a conical spike that was as long as the length of an arm.

Special? What was so special about them?

He had slain too many dragons. Regardless of whether those were Astral Dragons or the Old World Dragons, the pure-blood Dragons or the mix-blood Dragons, he really did kill too many of them, hunted too many of them. He even attempted to slay the Legendary-tier Ancient Dragon that was sleeping deep in the Dark Abyss of the Western Sea along with three of his comrades. By the end of it, the four of them triumphed over the Ancient Dragon and succeeded in slaying it.

So regardless of what dragons they were, to him, they would merely be prey to the warrior.

After sweeping away the ice and snow accumulating in front of the collapsed dome, the dragon in front of Joshua took a step forward. Its heavy footstep shook the earth. Then it roared, "Who exactly are you?! How dare you attack the dragon lair?!"

"What nonsense is this?! Kill him! The dignity of dragons will not be challenged!"

In an uproar, these dragons did not even regard Joshua as an enemy. Looking at a warrior at Upper Gold Tier, close to achieving Supreme, the dragons were aware that most of the dragons were not at that tier yet.

However, they were still dragons after all. Even if they were merely Lower Gold or Intermediate Gold tier, it would not be a difficult thing at all for them to deal with a human warrior that had not even reach Supreme Tier.

In the meantime, as he was riding on the back of a black warhorse, the warrior stayed still in the middle of the hall silently. He was just looking around at the gigantic dragons that were charging out from their respective passages that were connected to the main living hall of the lair with his pair of cold eyes. He was looking at them as he was muttering to himself, "Eight of them. A little low on the number though. However, the battle stage seems nicely fit."

Slaying dragons would normally require one to be equipped with a javelin with a cable hook, and also a heavy crossbow powerful enough to pierce through the dragon scales. By binding their wings down to the ground causing these gigantic monsters to be unable to fly, they could only battle face to face by then. Meanwhile, currently in the dragon lair, the dragons could not actually fly as they were all being restrained by the tough and solid layer of ice.

Well, that had really saved the warrior a great deal of work.

Having such thoughts in his head, he could not help but let out a laugh. Upon hearing his laughter, the group of white dragons became agitated and enraged. They could no longer endure the existence of Joshua for another moment. So they began to launch their assaults towards the warrior.


Waves of terrifyingly overwhelming Dragon's Might were coming right from the eyes of those eight gigantic dragons. Their overwhelming presence was unparalleled in regards to being the greatest hunters in the world. There would not be any other creatures that could imitate their imposing manner. Powerful and terrifying auras were charging along with the ferocious presences that deemed to be on top of the food chain ion another world. They were coming at him so fiercely as if their presences itself could devour everything. Meanwhile, these dreadful pressures were locked upon the body of the warrior who was currently remaining still in the middle of the main living hall. It felt like as if his movements were being pressed on by the weight of an entire mountain.

However, the only thing that responded to them was a nail that tore through the air and the sound, along with a series of sonic boom waves, causing all pressures in the vicinity to be overshadowed.


Flying at the supersonic speed, the large nail had not made any sound that the others could not hear until it had landed on its target. Along with a sound where flesh was penetrated right through, the head of the white dragon that was standing before Joshua suddenly had a large whole on it. Right behind the shattered dragon scales, the blue blood mixed with grayish brain matter continued to gush out from the black hole.

This gigantic dragon did not just remain there without a fight back at all. It lifted its own claws and attempted to block the attack. The traces of the magical shields that appeared to be penetrated right through were clearly visible. However, right before the Dragon Slaying Nail that was only used to slay dragons and Joshua's strength, all measures of defense had become meaningless.

"Tara!" At this time, it was only known to other dragons that their friend had been headshot. They were extremely surprised as they let out a gasp. The entire dragon race conference hall echoed with the voices of the dragons.


The roaring sound of a dying dragon trembled across the ice layers in the surroundings. The vitality of the dragon race was strong and stubborn, enabling the dragon by the name 'Tara' to not die on the spot. Even with its brain penetrated right through and its soul being severely injured, that dragon was still using its final power remained to unleash a spell with dragon language.

Gold-tier Spell, the Radiance of Extreme Frost!

Instantly, the entire dragon lair trembled very softly. The Gift of the dragon species was gathering endless of cold air, forming into a beam of radiating cold energy. That beam was shot out straight towards Joshua like a white and blue arrow with a sharp head, enough to freeze everything along with it.

Meanwhile, the spells of the other gigantic dragons were ready as well. Along with roars of miserably and raging dragon roars, all kinds of violent energy with different colors poured out and swept across the entire hall in a flash, drowning their sight.

Frost, Curse, Restraint, Fatigue, Venom, Thunderstrike, Air, and Impact. With the support of the gigantic dragons charging up the spells with Magic Power, eight powerful spells that had the power level of Gold tier were being shot at Joshua at that instant like an unstoppable raging force. Anything that came before such raw power would be penetrated in one touch. The same result would come out on top even if one would be equipped with countless layers of tough ice in the Dragon Lair, getting a large hole that is connected straight to the outside world.

No one could have survived that attack.

The moment when that thought rose into the minds of the dragons, the thought was instantly removed by a flash of white silver slash from the greatsword that Joshua was holding in his hand.

Joshua, whose entire body was emitting a golden radiance, was riding on the back of his warhorse. With one hand wielding a greatsword while the other holding a greataxe, he split the endless beams of energy with just a slash. The strongest Ultimate Skill originated from the Mountain Dwarves, [Avatar] activated Immunity on Joshua,turning all of the attacks of the dying dragon and all other dragons in the vicinity that were thrown at Joshua into a joke. After crushing the spells that were shot at him, Joshua did not waste his breath. Instead, he just charged forward in silence. The black wild silhouette let out a neigh. Instantly, a man and a horse had suddenly turned into an unstoppable tank that kept on charging forward.

[Avatar] would necessarily need to consume an enormously large amount of Combat Aura. However, if the warrior could temporarily activate it during the spells' effective period of time, which was only zero point few seconds, he would be able to achieve using Magic Immunity and reduce the consumption on his Combat Aura at the same time.

The tough layer of ice in the dragon lair had become extremely fragile after being burned by the black flames that came from beneath the hooves of the horse. Snowflakes were evaporating and splattering along each trampling of the hooves, bringing up hot steam into the air.

However, the dragon was worthy to be deemed as the most powerful race in the world. Even though they were caught by surprise, their ability to react did not reduce at all, not even a tiny bit. They had noticed that Joshua was charging at them right away. Hence, they roared and stepped up to stop him.

Dragons were naturally better suited to battle compared to humans. Their body sizes were huge, and they were naturally born with great ability to react. Furthermore, their scales were nearly impenetrable. They even had the power to flatten out walls. Not to mention that they also possessed the ability to fly swiftly in the sky. Such a creature could be deemed as a complete war machine. One could be enough to take down an entire city.

The dragon that was located closest to Joshua took an aim at him. Then the dragon lifted its arm and slammed right onto Joshua and the horse! The gigantic white claws were slamming down as if it was going to smash Joshua and the horse into a pile of meat sauce.

However, the warrior sneered. Facing the gigantic claw that was right above his head, he merely lifted the battle axe in his left hand. Having the weapon charged with his Combat Aura, vigorous waves began to ripple into the surroundings of the battle axe, turning the axe itself into an unstoppable murderous weapon.

No matter how powerful the strength of the dragon was, it could not have overwhelmed the power of the Supreme-tier Aragami back in the Karlis world. That claw merely contained a terrifying power to only destroy mountains and even cities.

But even with that level of power, the warrior could block it out front. Although currently he did not have many buffs on his body, using a high-frequency wave blade should be enough to handle the current situation.

The giant axe was wielded across the air, instantly followed by a flash of black light across the air. It was swung from the bottom to the top, parrying the claw of the White Dragon, crashing right into the scales of the dragon claw- However, unlike the expectations of all dragons, the outcome was completely the opposite of what the dragons were expecting to see. Instead of seeing the weapon of the human was shattered and the man being smashed into minced meat, they only saw that the black gigantic axe had sliced the claws of that dragon open without much of a sound, cutting off a large chunk of meat off the claw.


Half of the claw was sliced off and fell to the ground just like that. One could see the contraction of the muscles and the veins along with the bones being cut off. Instantly, the gigantic dragon roared in misery. The blue blood of the dragon was pouring all over the place as if it was raining blue blood. Meanwhile, the warrior was being bathed in it as he laughed madly. After that, he hurriedly pushed his warhorse to start running. As the horse started running, he began to swing the silver greatsword that he held in his right hand, swinging horizontally straight towards the waist of that same particular dragon.

The horrific momentum of swinging the weapon was passed down to the horse beneath him. In the meantime, Black was no longer the horse that could not bear the power of Joshua. It had managed to endure most of Joshua's power. The muscles on its body tightened, revealing defined muscles. The high temperature all around its body had become much more intimidating. Its body emanated with the scorching heat of a volcano. Meanwhile, several holes that were hidden behind the spikes across the surface of its body were releasing streams of white steam.

The silver-white greatsword was extremely sharp. Just as her name suggested, the sword could cut through sharp steel. The scales of the dragon by its waist were not as hard as they were on the back and claws of the dragon. Swinging his greatsword right at the dragon's waist with mighty strength, instantly, the sword cut left a huge gash. However, Joshua did not show even the slightest mercy. He intensified his Combat Aura, igniting the greatsword with red flame. Instantly, the horrific heat burst out into the dragon's body. As the high heat collided with the frosty cold magic energy deep within the body, the blood of the dragon was boiling up in an instant, producing an enormous amount of blue steam.

The hard dragon scales were stretched out. The dragon's eyes were popping. However, the dragon itself had no longer had the ability to let out any roar or moan anymore. Its abdomen was fully filled with steam from its own blood. In the meantime, the warrior revealed a vicious smile on his face as he sneered with the corner of his mouth raised. Without the slightest hesitation, he pulled the greatsword out of the dragon's wound.


Like how a balloon sounds when deflated, countless internal organs and the flesh and blood suddenly spurted out of the wound at high pressure, along with blue steam gushing out from the wound as well, splattering across the entire living hall. That dragon collapsed to the ground slowly. Meanwhile, its friends were ready to rescue it. However, they felt fear deep down their hearts after being splashed with the blood of their own kind.

That was the fear they had towards the cruel warrior that was standing right before them.

"My apologies, I'm just a warrior."

Joshua's cold voice echoed through the entire living hall. He looked at the remaining few gigantic dragons before he spoke to them with a voice that sounded like the devil from the depths of hell, "I can't use magic."

Therefore, I shall use my greataxe to slice you all up bit by bit before I completely slaughter you all!