Soul Of Searing Steel Chapter 206

Chapter 206: Experience Penalty Is a Level Suppressor. Or Is It

The North, the main city of Moldavia, the backyard of the liege's residence, fixed-point teleportation circle.

"Thank you."

After the faint dizziness resulted from going through a teleportation, Joshua stood solidly on the ground instead of standing on the softly loosened ice and snow. He turned around to look at the two Divine Armaments and his horse. Then he also looked at the back that carried a dragon egg and the huge bottle. He could not help but nod his head in satisfaction. Then he told the two young mages who were wearing white robes lined with silver next to him, "I did not expect you guys to have mastered fixed-point teleportation."

The tone of his voice carried a little surprise. "So young, and your 'Gift' is truly not bad at all. You should be proud of yourselves being Nostradamus' apprentices."

"I don't deserve the honor, my liege."

The mage who looked taller on the left side took a step forward. He felt slightly shy as he bowed with a smile and said, "My brother and I are both relying on the magic resonance between the two of us. That is how we attained the ability to cast a superior spell. Truth be told, the level of our strength still has a long way to go before we can actually cast a teleportation spell smoothly."

Furthermore, whatever 'Gift' we have, it'll always be incomparable to yours.

Those words remained quietly at the back of the mage's mind. Of course he did not speak of themA 25-year-old man who had yet to enter the Upper Gold tier domain really had quite a number of thoughts running through his head, however, there was one particular thought that was keeping him feeling amazed by Joshua Even under the circumstance where warriors could actually advance through tiers easier than mages could, Joshua's pace is a little too fast, don't you think?

One should know that, according to the information and date of the Empire Kingdom, the count had yet to reach his twenty-second birthday.

"If my liege has no need of us"

A brief moment later, after seeing that Joshua seemed to be in deep thought about something as he remained himself in silence, the mage took his younger brother who was standing right beside along with him as both of them walked up to the warrior. "So perhaps we can take our leave now then?"

"Oh? Of course."

The black-haired warrior was certainly in deep thought about some things. Hence, he drifted away from the scene for a brief moment. However, after hearing what the mage said, he quickly responded with a nod and said, "There's no need for all those words of respect. I feel really uncomfortable with seeing you all behaving with so much constraint and all that. You must now, you're not my servants, just address me by name."

"Your tolerance is naturally your right, but using honorifics is also a way to express our respect towards you."

Right beside his elder brother, the younger mage spoke. His voice seemed to be carrying a little excitement. "Looking at our liege who actually went forward to slay the dragons for his own people, it will not be too much even if we're addressing and speaking to you with honorifics."

"Speaking of which... Just keep this incident among your friends and family. There's no need to tell everyone."

As he looked into the sincere faces of the two mages as they were expressing their sincere feelings of respect towards him, Joshua could only chuckle as he shook his head. Then he waved his hand to inform the two mages that they could leave now. "Well, this is not the time to spread the news."

"Yes, my lord!"

After the mage and his brother left, Joshua stood in the middle of the teleportation circle without moving his legs away from it. Ying who was standing right next to him lifted her head and looked at her own master curiously, to see exactly what was going on with him now. However, suddenly, the warrior spoke, "I'm a bit tired... Ying, Ling and Black, you've done well. Because of your presence with me throughout the entire incident, the raid on the dragon lair was a success."

As he was talking, he turned his head over and revealed a gentle and friendly smile on his face that was constantly fierce and rigid. That had finally seen a gentle color on his face after all these time. "Ying, take Black back to the stable awhile later. Ling, take the dragon egg and the bottle to the secret warehouse later do you know the password to the secret warehouse?"

"Alright, Master. I know the password."

The black-haired teenager replied briskly, and he subconsciously asked the warrior, "Well, it was you who told me the password last time, don't you remember?"

"No..." Joshua was clearly absent-minded when he replied Ling. His eyes were gazing into the void again as if he was staring dumbly into the air. However, with Ling's observation ability, he actually could see that his own Master was not drifting away. Instead, the warrior was looking at something that others could not see.

Regardless of what it is, if Master really wants to do something, I'll just let him do it. As a Divine Armament, I should just focus on completing the tasks and missions before me.

Light footsteps began to echo around as he witnessed his weapons and his horse leaving the backyard of his mansion. Joshua pondered on the scene for a brief moment before he turned his attention towards the system lists.

Ever since he had uncovered the truth that he actually had an unknown Class Level back at the dragon lair, Joshua had become quite concerned with it.

On the continent of Mycroft, Class and Level were interchangeable. However, that was the only limit to the circumstance where one had the same Class category. For example, warriors and mages were not interchangeable. In the beginning, when Joshua transmigrated to this world, his Class Level was the Special Class of the Black Raven Army called the Black Crow Ambusher. It was under the different category as the Special Class of the knights called the Northern Battle Rider. However, ever since he inherited the Hero Class of his family called Chaos Guardian, his Level was transferred to the Chaos Guardian.

Naturally speaking, there was a little bit of loss. However, it was worth it. Although the Black Raven Ambusher and the Northern Battle Rider were deemed to be Special Classes that were much more superior, however, they were quite far off than good when they were compared to a Hero Class.

However, Joshua had currently found out about the existence of this Unknown Class that randomly came out from nowhere. From a certain point of view, the grade or tier or whatsoever of this Class was in fact much higher than the Chaos Guardian by an entire level!

In fact, Joshua was already mentally ready for the system, which seemed to know it all and can do it all. After all, he would need to use his own common knowledge to identify items. If he happened to know not much about a certain aspect, the system would only provide a rough description and explanation about it. However, if he happened to be proficient in that area, then the system would show much more detailed description and explanation about it.

That being said, it could mean that the entire system was built upon the foundation of Joshua's knowledge from the previous life. The difference would not differ too much at the least. Meanwhile, this unknown Class was something that the warrior never knew existed, regardless of this life or the previous life.

"The Class Experience Penalty of this superior Class seems to be a little too heavy"

Looking at some of the information revealed, Joshua could not help but furrow his brow. "I'm afraid that even a Complex Class such as the Sacred Warrior would have been near to leveling up after killing ten dragons. I'm actually still stuck at Level 49"

Level 49. That was the pinnacle of Gold Tier. Another level up would prepare the person to be ready to advance into the realm of Supreme-Tier. Although Joshua already possessed the Skill Memory, he was not prepared to take the same road he did in the previous life. Instead, he chose to master Mastery Strength which could strengthen his body. Hence, without any exception, Joshua would still need to complete the trial once in order to advance to Supreme tier.

However, in this era, it could be said that there was no shortage of opportunities for trials. Regardless of any other matter, during the Dragon's Calamity that was bound to happen, there would be endless opportunitiesof course, that would also mean that there would be endless calamities going on around. Although the white dragons in the North had been annihilated by Joshua, that would not mean that Moldavia no longer needed to worry about anything. The draconic beasts would only become a little dumber when they were no longer under the command of the dragons. Their ferocious basic instinct and their strength would not deteriorate a single bit because of that.

"Could it be the 'King of the Searing Soul'? The power of the Steel Python and the Azurite Orb would never fade so easily"

Walking on the way back to the study room in the liege's residence, Joshua frowned as he was thinking about something. "Indeed, the possibility is there. If that's a loss or a gain... It seems that we'll need to focus on looking into the information for this specifically. It's necessary to understand the Glorious Era, and also the messages from the Civilization Era before the Glorious Era."

As he was pondering about it, Joshua had already walked into the liege's residence and his tall figure had faded into the shadows behind the main door of the mansion.

Meanwhile, in the Imperial City.

Nostradamus had once again entered the resplendent and magnificent royal study room.