Soul Of Searing Steel Chapter 212

Chapter 212: Hints from the Far Ancient Era

Starfall Year 832, 5th of October, Northern Nissia Snowy Mountains.

The northern lands during October started to turn chilly. The cloudy weather spread from the further northern sea to the land, bringing forth a potential snowfall.

This was a land that faced winter half a year. It would be freezing winter for this land, from October to April the following year.

The academy near the hills had some hard-working workers doing their daily tasks. They were preparing the complete the task of building the exterior of the academy before winter hits. With the wall erected, they could have an easier time to slowly build the interior of the academy, whether it was decorations or the establishment of a new building. The task to build the wall was of utmost importance.

Based on the status of the academy's exterior, the construction was close to completion. The only task left was to decorate and further excavate the mountains. If it was not for the involvement of Nostradamus's students and Joshua's knights in establishing the academy, it would still take years or maybe even more than ten years to complete such a project based on the normal rate of this magical world.It was a great accomplishment to be able to build most of the main structure of the academy within the span of half year.

Magic was the main source of force and energy, which enabled such fast production.

On the outskirts of the hill, blacksmiths were working hard for the academy. There was a lake near the hill where the silhouette of a living being could be seen wandering on the surface of the lake.

Surrounding this shadow was pillars and pillars of fire. Even if it sank into the lake, it was could still be seen. As it went deeper into the lake, the fire would grow weaker until only a dim red light could be seen.

Joshua was accompanying Black in exploring the deep, dark lake. The light emitted from Black's body illuminated the darkness under the lake, giving Joshua a clear view of the surroundings.

The chilling water energy was heated up by the flames on Black's body. The chilly sensation was suppressed by the flames. Joshua was able to ride on top of Black to explore the secret places he could not reach previously.

Ever since Joshua used the Fruit of Life and Ancient Dragon Blood to stabilize Black's dragon bloodline, its body started to grow large together with its appetite. Black was currently as tall as a double-storey building, close to seven meters high. The length of the body was around fifteen meters including its tail. Black's craving for water had also dramatically increased.

The small pond within the mansion could no longer satisfy this big beast. Thus, Joshua thought of bringing it to the lake for a stroll.

To be frank, using the Fruit of Life to awaken its bloodline was not his original plan. After all, the Fruit of Life was something extremely rare. Other materials were also expensive or precious as well, yet they were something that could be found with effort. However, Joshua did not have that much of a time and resources to get all these materials. Since the system recommended the replacement using the Fruit of Life, it actually saved Joshua a lot of hassle.

The original awakening required material that matched the life force within the bloodline to boost the potential of the bloodline. On the other hand, the Fruit of Life contained pure life energy, which was mild and easy to elevate the effect the material it combines with. Thus, using this on Black might not be considered as an insult to the Fruit of Life, but it was a pity that such rare item had to be used in such a way where other alternatives existed. If it was not because of Joshua's lack of funds and resources, he would not have taken this path.

It seems that he had to take some time to visit the Empire. Alphonso completed his task brilliantly, however, the people who had betrayed his family had not paid their price yet.

Shaking his head, the warrior decided to dismiss that for now and focus on exploring the depths of the lake.

To be frank, Black's speed with the abilities as a sea dragon was faster compared to Joshua's swimming. With its capability to glow and stay warm in the freezing water, it made the journey much more comfortable for Joshua. The dull trip was now regarded as a stroll, with his partner accompanying him.

Joshua did not forget his objectives despite the fun he had.

The huge handprint behind the lake should be carrying unknown secrets. After the Glorious Era before the Starfall Era, there was a grand occurrence on the 300th year, which could be unveiled based on the leads from the handprint found within the lake.

A handprint on top of the crystal veins, this scene contained an unimaginable power behind the occurrence. It had completely sealed the power of the veins. Without guidance, the magic energy would not dissipate immediately. Thus, the reason Joshua came here today was to find the place where the energy gathered.

All energy came from a source. Due to the fact that it was an energy which had existed for more than a thousand years, there would definitely be a core somewhere which maintained its activity.

This was the fifth time Joshua explored the depths of the lake.

The search during the previous times he found out the thumb, index finger, middle finger and half of the palm. The objective today was to discover the ring finger, little finger and the rest of the palm.

The half sea dragon swiftly moved its huge body in the cold water, easily diving through the deep dark water. The warrior riding on its back was observing the surrounding of the lake, taking note of every difference in each area.

He should be able to find what he wanted if there no accidents occurred.

"There is something behind this rock."

After exploring for a moment, Joshua stopped Black's movement and carefully observed the surrounding. "This is a whole complete magic crystal. The only thing different from the norm is that this piece of crystal does not shine. Why is there such a huge piece of rock in this place?"

He felt that although the crystal was sealed, it still channeled magic energy towards the lake. It was like an extremely solid ice melting within the cold water. However, this rock was stuck on top of the crystal vein. Not only that it does not react to any magic energy, it was still continuously absorbing the magic energy from the sealed vein.

Black was not able to understand Joshua's order back then. It trashed about for a moment, causing a torrent of water within the lake. Joshua immediately kicked its scale. Black would only become obedient after that.

After observing for a while, Joshua decided to leave its back and dive in himself. As he approached the unknown rock, he extended his arm and touched the rock in order to find out the difference.

This rock was dark red with something that appeared to be dirt and sand stacked on top of it. Joshua felt the abundance of magic energy pulsing from within. It was as if something was sealed within. He had to get close to it to feel its presence. The impurities on top were mixed with magic crystal shards. As a Gold-tier warrior, Joshua was able to use his aura to radiate the shards. It allowed the shards to radiate under the water.

Joshua took his hand away from the rock and observed the red shard and powdered crystal. Taking a little taste, he frowned.

Normal magic crystal. The taste is quite faint. Seems like the energy within has already expanded.

The warrior then looked at the large rock and muttered, "It also reeks of blood."

Joshua then carefully examined it in detail. At least, there was a smile on his face now. "Interesting. Interesting indeed. It is a worthy effort to investigate this thing here for days."