Soul Of Searing Steel Chapter 218

Chapter 218: Your Liege Does Not Need Any Blessings

Accompanying a thunderous dragon roar, a burning light shone in the center of the city. A dark red breath shot the backyard wall of the mansion. The wall could not withstand the attack and thus exploded.

How violent could a dragon's breath be? The surrounding wall was incinerated. The high-temperature black smoke overturned everything within its vicinity. The pond in the backyard instantly evaporated by half. A mushroom-like cloud rapidly rose in the air of the city center.

The destructive sound of the walls and stable could be heard. Violent flames burned the backyard into smithereens. Although the main buildings were made out of rocks completely and were not directly hit by the dragon's breath, the damage was still bad enough. Thus, the backyard looked like a wasteland which was completely destroyed especially the area located near the guest room.

The servants in the mansion who were instructed to leave the vicinity were terrified by the roars and quakes. With only a simple act of a dragon, the younger servants were scared to the point that they covered their heads, screaming for help.The more experienced servants immediately dragged the maids who were unable to move away from the mansion rapidly.

"What is happening?!"

The question was raised in everyone's hearts.

As the head servant exited the main door of the mansion, she looked towards the direction of the backyard.

At this point, a white high-temperature steam could be seen rising in the sky. The black smoke was also spreading from within. Looking at this devastating scene, she nervously asked, "How is our Young Master right now?"

At this point, the voice of a furious man could be heard within the smokes in the backyard. "Dammit!"

There was great anger in his voice. The raging voice permeated throughout the city center. When all the attention was fixed onto the sudden occurrence, two panicked dragon roars could be heard. The white clouds in the sky were suddenly pierced through by two entities. They were like dark red comets, which were trying to fly towards the sky.

No, they were not flying. It was as if these two balls were being thrown by someone to the sky.

"Now, there will be no intact corpses for both of you!"

As the furious voice spread out, an explosion occurred in the backyard of the mansion. At this moment, a dark red light could be seen flying towards the two dark red comets at a greater speed. The walls which were barely hanging onto their tattered form were now completely destroyed by the force created by the explosion.

The people of Moldavia were shocked by the scene they just witnessed.

"What was that?!"

"What's happening?"

"What's going on?!"

Numerous questions were fired among themselves yet no explanation was made. However, there were still some strong people within the city. A hunter that was guarding the Draconic Caravan, saw the happenings in the sky. Despite bright light emitting once in a while, the hunter did not close his eyes. After understanding what he had seen, he immediately shouted, "Count Joshua is currently battling Dragons! Yes, the two dark red comets are actually two dragons!"

"Our Liege is fighting two dragons!"

After hearing this news, the merchant groups within the vicinity were shocked. They knew that the lord of Moldavia was a person who would slay a dragon for the people. Numerous years of legends had also stated the nature of revenge of the dragons. Yet, it still felt so unreal to see this legend to actually happen in their lifetime. It was as if they were witnessing the legend themselves.

Even the outsiders from the Draconic Caravan who had traveled around the world were shocked, there was no need to highlight the current reactions of the locals. In the scholars' home at the northern part of the city, a young boy and girl with their grandpa as their guardian were standing on the balcony, witnessing the sparkling lights in the sky.

"Are those dragons?"

Ivan who could only see high-speed lights moving in the sky was in a daze while holding onto his sister's hand. After a moment, Ivan became more firm and had more resolution within him.

No doubt, with his current capability, he could not clearly see the complete battle. However, there will be one day where he and his sister would become well-known dragon slayers.

At this point, Ivan could only accompany his sister and cheer for Joshua. "Defeat them! Liege Joshua!"

Although the cheering and blessings were a good thing for Joshua, the ones that required them the most was not him.

"Huff... Huff... Huff..."

The two dragons that were thrown into the air by brute force were finally able to regain control over their bodies. One of it was single-eyed. The other one was slightly bigger in size and had dark red draconic bat wings which were different from the norm. There were two goat horns on its heads which resembled the devil itself.

It was as if a devil had the body of a dragon. This appearance was an abomination. Not to mention the Chaos aura surrounding them which angered Joshua further.

"Demon-blooded dragons. Those monsters formed an alliance with the Abyss."

Joshua stood in the air and looked at the two strange monsters. With a disgusted tone, he said, "Who would have thought the Pentashade Dragons would seek refuge from Chaos. This is unthinkable."

"A mere human can never understand the greatness of our race!" The single-eyed dragon which was confronting a warrior smiled and spoke after listening to his words, "Seeking refuge? Don't misunderstand, we are just using Chaos. As opposed to all of you that only guard treasure"

Boom! The sound of a punch interrupted his speech.

Joshua was not dumb. He would not let the dragon to finish his speech and allow the other to cast spells or dragon breath. When the other dragon spoke only half of its sentence, he immediately condensed his energy, changing the air into solid steps. Then, the warrior charged towards the dragon, breaking through the speed of sound, creating a sharp sound of an explosion and disappeared from the sight of the two demon-blooded dragons.

he silent dragon which was not fluent in human language released a loud sound. A translucent enchanted wave traveled across the surrounding to slow Joshua's movements, who was trying to stab them in the back at high speed. The single-eyed Searle had locked onto Joshua's position Joshua who was moving at high speed. His sight was so focused that he was following Joshu's every moment without blinking at all.

Both Searle and Darwin were demon-blooded dragons. They had special abilities that a normal dragon could not acquire. The single-eyed dragon could see through any form of disguise with his eye. The magic wave released by Darwin had some special effect on one's perception.

With both of them cooperating, they could handle most of the critical situations that they had faced. Their combination could bring forth unimaginable effects against their opponents.

They had trained countless times on Dragon Island. With that, they had a lot of battle knowledge and hidden techniques. To completely conceal their presence to proceed with the assassination this time, they even had to invite an Ancient Dragon to assist them in changing into a human form. Although their combat abilities would diminish, their presence would be completely the same with humans. With their target's carelessness, they could use that chance to strike.

However, their assassination plan had completely failed. Even if they completely unleashed their combat abilities, the Intermediate Gold-Tier beings would still be unable to secure an advantage against Joshua.

Two Intermediate Gold-Tier dragons with special bloodlines were considered extremely terrifying forces. They could be considered as the elites on Dragon Island. However, their current strength was still not enough!

In a frontal attack, they were actually being suppressed by the warrior.

Although Joshua was currently tied down by Darwin's sound wave and numerous dragon magic, Joshua was still able to completely overwhelm both of the dragons. Joshua's body movements formed multiple circular arcs within the sky. Both of his fists ripped through the air and his Combat Aura delivered a strong gust of wind, which formed a storm. Each hit he delivered through his iron fist created huge holes in the body of the dragons, causing blood to gush out.

Searle and Darwin wanted to avoid direct confrontation. However, they were completely helpless against it. Maybe it was due to their size or other external factors, they were unable to dodge Joshua's attack. Joshua agility and response also rendered their counterattack useless. Both of the dragons were in a bad situation. They were unable to land an attack on the warrior. Even if the attack hits, it was not able to completely shatter his translucent defensive layer formed from Combat Aura. On the other hand, Joshua could perform both attacks and retreat without any issues. It was already bad enough that the dragons could not land an effective attack, it was even worse when they could not even withstand the attacks of the warrior.

Joshua was laughing happily while swinging his fists, subduing both dragons. Every combat skill he had was easily delivered onto the dragons. A simple palm could be converted into one of the most deadly blades in the word, a hit would easily create sparks on the dragon's scales, opening up a wound on the dragons' bodies. Each attack seemed to have the power to destroy their armor. Even if their scales were reinforced with magic, they were unable to withstand the onslaught by Joshua.

So this was what the elder said about Joshua. They could not confront him directly. They could only take action from shadows. While sustaining the continuous barrage of attacks from Joshua, the demonic dragon Darwin finally understood the meaning behind their assassination. "Now I understand. Even Dragon Island could not spare a Supreme-tier Ancient Dragon to deal with this human here at this moment. That's why they had tasked us to assassinate him!"

Even the Dragon God would not know that the human leader would be so knowledgeable, even about the crystallization poison. On top of that, this human here was incredibly strong!

Did it mean that when they failed to poison this human, their mission was categorized as a failure?

They were slowly forced into a predicament. The countless wounds on their scales had finally awakened the innate nature of their bloodline. When Joshua dashes through the sky trying to land another hit on their bodies, both of the dragons released a dramatic roar that shook the sky. With Darwin's curse in Dragonish , released through a roar, they successfully halted Joshua's movements with a huge iron chain created by magic.

Searle took a deep breath, which only meant one thing from a dragon. It would unleash a dragon's breath!

After prepping up for the attack, crimson flame dragon's breath that contained the stench of the abyss turned into a straight beam, which shot straight towards Joshua who was not able to move! At the path of the breath, even the air was completely combusted, turning into a vacuum. Numerous plasma and violent impacts spread across the air. The temperature of this attack had exceeded the temperature of the sun's surface. Even steel would disintegrate instantly!

Such a devastating attack was heading towards Joshua!

When the dragon breath hit its target, it created a huge explosion.


A dark red fog of dust spread after the explosion occurred.This attack cleared the clouds, creating an empty path without clouds up to thousands of meters. Even though the battle happened far away from the city of Moldavia up in the sky, the people within the city still felt the extreme heat that blew into the city. The leaves that had dried up on the trees in the first place had all fallen off after being blown away by the strong gust. The evergreen cedar had also turned yellowish after suffering the effects of the heat wave.

The hot wind blew past the area, affecting the large half-circled city near their battle. All the living beings within the vicinity, whether plants or animals, lost a portion of their life force. Even the ever-active winter wolves felt a bit sluggish. For the people that were weak in the first place, they did not even have the energy to walk around.

"Is he dead?!"

After releasing a destructive breath, Searle was panting heavily. As a demonic dragon with the bloodline from the abyss, the attack which he had released previously was not something that he could simply use. He had nearly combusted all the power of the bloodline to release that destructive attack.He would need to take at least seven to eight years to recover. Darwin faced the same issue. To hold Joshua in position, he had to use every ounce of energy within its body. At that moment, Darwin no longer had any combat abilities.

A life ending attack, a gamble with death. Both Darwin and Searle had combined their attacks which covered both concepts of power and mobility to complete suppress their opponent, which was the only choice they had. If Joshua was not dead from this attack, Searle and Darwin could only choose to commit suicide or retreat to protect the pride of the dragon race.

"There is no living being that could live after facing such destructive dragon breath!" Darwin used dragon language to console his teammate. His eye showed signs of fear while it spoke, "Even steel would turn into vapor, human flesh and blood would not be able to withstand this level of attack Huh?!"

Before it can finish its sentence, an unbelievable thing happened.

Within the disordered air caused by the dragon breath, there was a white light shining from within. The light was warm and tender, as if this light could heal the world. It stabilized and calmed everything within its grasp. The light of Order emerged and the negative effects brought forth by the chaotic dragon breath were purified in an instant. Under its radiance, the people in the city was able to recover their vitality and revert back to normal. The winter wolves regained their energy. Although the trees could not regain back their fallen leaves, new green sprouts could be seen growing from them.

A human figure covered with gold and white light from top to bottom moved out from the dark red dust caused by the dragon's breath.

[Avatar] and [Power of Order]!

"To use Chaos against me Didn't your leaders tell you it's way easier for me to deal with Chaos beings compared to dragons like you?"

Joshua flexed his body after spending half of his Combat Aura. He was not hurt by the attack and smiled coldly. "So weak! As compared to the Supreme Aragami which could destroy mountains with light beams, your attack was too weak!"


At this moment, the single-eye Searle was startled by the skill and technique used by Joshua. He released something and immediately he moved backward to keep a distance from Joshua. In fear, he spoke in Dragonish, "He actually mastered a Mastery Skill!"

After chuckling for a moment, Joshua would not even try to answer such stupid question. He prepared himself to attack at any point in time. The perfect form of his muscles which resembled the brilliance of steel could release strong power at any moment.

Let's kill these bastards first, then think of other stuff later!