Soul Of Searing Steel Chapter 22

Chapter 22: You Have Stepped on a Toe, My Friend!

Snow was falling from the sky. The sun was almost completely blocked from the earth as only some faint streams of golden light could be seen slipping past the thick gray clouds.

That was the winter in the north. Other than a few days, that place basically had no sun in the sky most of the time, the sky basically forever gray.

However, that had changed now.

Far beyond the clouds where the sun would set in, was a dim grayish-green light.

That light was only slightly brighter than those lights that escaped through the gray clouds. However, the light was approaching the city closer, getting brighter by the second! Meanwhile, the grayish-green light seemed to be spreading across the clouds as well. Compared to the haze in the surroundings, it was exceptionally obvious.

"The speed's not slowing down at all. It's about to arrive real soon."

Once known as a legendary warrior, Joshua was very sensitive towards the movement of energies all around the surroundings. He could feel the rippling waves of elemental energy expanding in the atmosphere all around. The breezes of energy brushed by Joshua's body. Joshua could not help but clench his fist.

The MycroftContinent was full of all sorts of strange energies such as magic, spirits, and elements. As long as there is a soul and a body, regardless of any race, one could feel these energies.

Different races would react to the powers differently. Some might require more time and some might not. However, there was no doubt that a life, regardless of whether it had powerful innate talent or not, would not be able to get to Steel tier, stepping out the first extraordinary step if the soul did not go through [Revelation] to get itself and its natural strength in control.

Spiritual, life, and elemental energy... A person would be deemed as a pro only if they mastered these powers. Otherwise, they would only be deemed as an apprentice or an ordinary man.

Meanwhile, humans were known to be the most famous Steel race. When growing up into an adult, as long as they were willing to work train hard, most of them would be able to achieve Steel tier. The best of them might even get to access the boundaries of their souls, bodies, and skills. Once they could access those three most important boundaries in them, they would be able to surpass the limit where they could control extraordinary powers and break through the limit of humans.

That entire process was called [Radiant Spirit]. That was because the soul of that Class at that level could increase further the power that they wielded. That power could even become a visible blinding radiance. With that radiance, regular people's bodies and souls might even get burned.

Meanwhile, the next thing that was going to happen would be

"Gold-tier enemy."

With a low voice, although Joshua was looking deadly serious now, he did not show any trace of fear on his face. Instead, he was grinning. Anyone could tell from his face that he was very eager to try his strength now.

"One of the Wilson family members, Nolan's eldest brother."

If the Silver-tier warriors were said to be beings that exceeded the limit of men, then the Gold-tier warriors should undoubtedly be super beings, as their bodies would have been reshaped by pure energy. They were basically immune to diseases and the cold. Their limbs could even regenerate after being cut off. They could also fly on their free will. Other than their heads and energy cores, they had no other weaknesses. Those were not even the special attributes of Gold-tier warriors but the basic attributes of their extraordinary bodies.

Ying's spiritual and transcendental build were similar. If Joshua was using [Divine Power], he could become powerful enough to pressure Gold-tier warriors that were weaker. However, there was one thing that kept them from being capable of taking on stronger Gold-tier warriors. That would be the [Glorious Strength] that the Gold-tier warriors had.

That power was deemed to be a [Miracle] that only belonged to one person. Unlike magic, spiritual energy, Combat Aura, and other powers that could be obtained through training by any living things, a [Miracle] was one of a kind in the entire world. Each one could only belong to one person. There were thousands of them. Such power violated basic principles. There was no other way that a person could achieve such heights in obtaining power. According to legends, there was a vampire who managed to achieve Gold tier and obtain the ability to stop time after some training.

Of course, that was only a special case that would never happen again. However, regardless of it being basic attributes, the toughness of their souls, or their ability to control their power, the power level of a Gold-tier warrior definitely surpassed the power level of a Silver tier. Furthermore, Gold Tier warriors could fly freely and they also have their [Glorious Strength]. So they could easily defeat ten times the number of low tier enemies.

At this moment, a heavily equipped Gold-tier warrior was vibrating the elements, coming to the main city gates at high speed. The grayish-green radiance that was surrounding him was approaching closer by the second. The aura was dense and intimidating. The entire atmosphere was as if a storm was coming. Meanwhile, his target was undoubtedly Joshua.


The air was torn, causing thunderous noise throughout the surroundings. Joshua no longer paying attention to the enemy who was approaching from afar. Instead, he brought up the system tab to have a look at his own attributes.

[Level 30 (3,817/6,200)]

With a gentle press, Joshua obtained the experience points for completing his achievements.

3,000 experience points were transferred into his experience bar. The numbers in the system began to rise tremendously until it was completely filled. A stream of red lights appeared on Joshua's skin.

[Level 31 (617/8,000)]

For reaching Gold tier, his entire body did not shine. There was also no sign of any aura that could smash rocks and stones into smithereens. Right at that moment of ascending to another tier, Joshua's face was emotionless while he was attempting to control the expanding power buried deep within his body. Without facing any difficulties, he had finally reached Gold Tier!

At the same time, an insanely tremendous force came right down to the ground from the sky, sweeping away everything in that area. A purely condensed killing intent was focused on Joshua now.


A loud explosive bang was heard after the air was torn, followed by the descent of a radiating shadow from the sky. Meanwhile, the murderous intent that was mixed with rage had been targeted at Joshua. Wordlessly, without any desire to communicate, the Gold-tier warrior who came from afar noticed that all his men were either dead or they had already fled the battlefield. It did not take long at all for him to realize the main reason his plan had failed.

So this 'Silver-tier warrior' who was currently standing in the middle of the city, with no intention of fleeing was the main reason that his plan failed!

The Combat Aura surrounding the warrior ignited. The air around his body was distorted by the rippling waves of the aura emitting out from his body. Waves of white light circulated in the air repeatedly to the point that a conical mist seemed to have formed around that warrior. The Gold-Tier warrior descended to the ground at a speed that surpassed the speed of sound. Revealing one of his fists, the violent winds all around instantly turned into a gigantic radiating punch, followed by the intense whistling of air, crashing down upon Joshua who was standing still on the ground. The high-velocity punch was the result of air manipulation. Under the high frequency of vibrating air, even steel would be torn apart into pieces if they were ever hit by that punch.


Suddenly, a stream of red light flashed across the Gold-tier warrior's eyes. The fierce radiating punch was instantly deflected. The wind had blown away all the stones and dust in the surrounding. Meanwhile, that Gold-Tier warrior attempted to shift his direction. Because of that, his body moved a little to the side as if he was attempting to evade an invisible attack.

"What the hell was that?!"

Slowly landing on the other end of the street, the eyes of the Gold-Tier warrior were filled with uncertainty. At this moment, Joshua held his fist back. The red Combat Aura was rippling around Joshua as if it was solid. Joshua gave a fierce glare at the Gold-Tier warrior. Instantly, a murderous intent filled with bloodlust was locked on the body of the Gold-Tier warrior.

Joshua spoke in a slow and clear tone, "Who gave you the impression that I'm just a Silver tier?"

He then stretched out his right hand towards Ying who was smiling all the while standing right behind him. The Divine Armament did not hesitate at all, grabbing Joshua's right hand hastily.

Waves of magic burst into flames. After a blinding flash of light, an incomparably huge sword that was longer than the length of a giant silver sword appeared in the hands of Joshua. A black chain was seen extended from the hilt of the sword. Meanwhile, the other end of the chain was wound around the warrior's right hand. The chain seemed to have sunk into Joshua's wrist.

"My enemy, you shall become the very first soul that Ying and I condemn to death for my purpose to reach Gold tier."

Raising his hand up and pointed the tip of his weapon straight at the face of that Gold-tier warrior, Joshua was confident. He had already mastered the power level of a Gold-tier warrior. He grinned at the warrior, his eyes cold.

"So, draw your weapon and die now."