Soul Of Searing Steel Chapter 243

Chapter 243: A Conspiracy Brewing Behind the Scenes

While the investigation team in another world were in great fear, there was a small banquet being held in the corner of the Imperial City.

Surrounded by three rocky mountains, the Imperial City was also known as Triplet Mountain City. The three mountains that were supported with numerous magic spells were much better defense than any other defense wall out there. Meanwhile, other than that, right on the peak of each mountain, there was also a magic fortress that was fortified, lock and loaded with firepower to act as the final line of defense. Each of these three fortresses was also equipped with a Sun Flame Magic-Enhanced Cannon. The power of these cannons could level hills and mountains into flatlands and evaporate rivers with only one shot.

In the east of the Imperial City, at Count Moroes' mansion that was adorned with magnificent gold and crystal decorations, five carriages with different appearances were being pulled by coachmen to the side of the courtyard. In the meantime, the masters that were sitting on the carriages had already gone into the mansion earlier on.

The main hall of the mansion looked very luxurious. This private banquet was held on a small scale. However, the decorations of the surroundings and the attendants appeared to be very formal. Not only that, there were many elegant-looking waiters and waitresses wearing dressed-in gowns in the hall. They were responsible for escorting the prominent guests into the hall and serving them. Other than that, they were also responsible for the safety of these guests. Their roles were somewhat similar to personal bodyguards.

"I have heard rumors suggesting that you're currently investigating the dragonslayer in the North."

In the hallway leading to the banquet hall, an old man dressed in Chinese garments with two gigantic emerald ring in his hand was walking slowly while he was talking softly to a middle-aged man beside him, "Moroes, am I right? You have been very enthusiastic about the news on that 'cold-steel' duke in the North."

"Yes, you're right."

With a shock in his heart, his face did not change a bit though. The owner of the place, the middle-aged noble named Moroes shrugged as he was pretending to be relaxed in front of that elderly man, "After all, he has quite a reputation now. Anyone would be interested in knowing about him a little more. I believe that I'm not the only one that's investigating him. Lord Steiner, can you look me in the eye and tell me you never actually investigated him before?"

"Hahaha! Such a famous man Who could resist that curiosity, right? Well, it's actually good that you are."

The old man called Steiner laughed out loud. He started to put his leg out and walk again. Then he said something with a bit of intention, "But you probably don't know that the dragon slayer and Nostradamus are very close friends. Meanwhile, the magic academy established by that old man is at the border of Moldavia. So Count, are you saying you're just observing him with a mere wait-and-see attitude? Of course, it's alright if you're implying that you're doing some business there."

The old man chuckled, but his face did not display a smile. "After all, I also want to buy some White Dragon's raw materials. One should know that the bones of the real dragons are hard to come by these days. I want to make a set of armor for my grandson. Maybe you can help us by introducing us to him."

"... You've overestimated me. I have nothing to do with the Radcliffe family. You can actually contact him directly if you truly want to buy some dragon bones from him."

"Oh, is that so?"

The old man did not seem to believe what Moroes had just said. He gently said, "But Count, you don't really think so, do you Moroes, your recent moves are too obvious. It's really hard to ignore them anymore. Are you sure you have no relationship or whatsoever with him?"

You old fool, you only know how to use the title 'Count' to pressure me Would you really believe that even if I tell you that I've nothing to do with him?!

Cursing a word or two about the old man quietly in his heart, Moroes was not stupid. He knew that the Imperial Noble Party headed by two counts were already skeptical of him. Meanwhile, Count Steiner was the man these people sent over as a warning as this small banquet seemed to be a great opportunity for them to make a move on him.

After all, his reputation was not really that good to begin with. Still, he was a nobleman infamous as a merchant in the Empire Kingdom. As long as there was a business, he would just do it. He had never bothered whether or not the party he did business with belonged on his side. Once, someone even questioned his allegiance as he was seen with some other parties that were outside the border. Some even accused him of having a close relationship with beings of other races. However, after so many years, no one had ever found proof to catch him. Regardless of anything, in everyone's eyes including the ones that were on his side, Moroes had already really swayed too far away from having a good name for himself.

However, this time, everyone that suspected Moroes of having some hidden agenda was wrong about himhe was observing Joshua just because of his guilty conscience.

After all, the two giant demon-blooded dragons received the assasination order from his end.

Even after he had erased all clues and information about himself ordering the hit on Joshua, and that dragonslayer in the North did not seem to suspect much about him as well, Moroes still felt a little uneasy about it. That had led him down to the path to uncover more information about Joshua. It seemed that digging deep into Joshua's background was the only way to make him feel at ease. In the end, he was being misunderstood by others now.

"Steiner, Count what exactly is the meaning of this? You know that there are no between us."

Upon arriving at the front door of the hall where the banquet was being held, the voices of noblemen greeting each other could be heard. Upon seeing the noblemen greeting at each other with his own eyes, Count Moroes halted his footsteps. He slightly bent over and whispered solemnly to the old man in front of him, "You don't have to beat around the bush. I'm not so weak that I would be shocked by your plans."

Could it be possible that these nobles are seriously considering touching that man in the North?! Do they really have so much free time on their hands?! That man is an Upper Gold-tier warrior after all. Does the Count really think of himself an emperor?

"There's no plan about it at all. You're overthinking it. As for Joshua"

Being questioned by his acquaintance, Steiner also had to display some trustworthiness. He narrowed his gaze and spoke subtly, "He's attracted too much attention at the moment. Meanwhile, he actually leaned over to the royal family in such a short timeregardless of any saying, he must assume some responsibility by paying a price. The count had once lent his father a hand when his father was in a tight situation. Although Joshua might not know about that, his behavior can be deemed as an act of betrayal."

"We're just taking back what we had given out."

Saying it aloud as if they are dignified and honorable, would the results turn out to be the same? These old nobles are truly corrupted!

Moroes shook his head slightly. His face did not change even a little. However, there was a slight disdain in the depths of his heart. Speaking about taking revenge, you guys are a little late now.

This significant and influential nobleman, known to have a vast network of connections all over the world, could not help but recall something that just happened not too long ago. During his last contact with the giant monsters with wings on their backs and two horns on their heads, the monsters were actually hiding their rage underneath their calm and peaceful appearance.

Losing two powerful dragons of unique species in their dragon lair, those flying monsters would never be willing to accept such loses without seeking vengeance.

Far South, an unknown island, deep under the cave.

"Did you acquire his blood?"

"Yes, I did."

Right in the middle of a pitch-black rocky hall that was filled with the presence of Chaos, a low pitch voice was reverberating through the place without any pauses.

The side of this hall was more than a hundred meters long. The space of the hall was in the shape of a square. It was surrounded by a variety of distorted decorations and statues. The floor tiles were also being carved with ugly carvings and faint runes. Eight huge pillars supported the entire hall. There were also lines on the vault that seem to be sketched with dried blood. They were based on pillars and formed a huge circle. The dome-shaped ceiling seemed to have line patterns that seemed to be drawn with fresh dried blood. They formed a gigantic magic circle with the eight pillars as the basic points.

Meanwhile, at the center point of this magic circle, which was also the center of the hall, was a dark stone altar that was floating in mid-air. Two huge figures were standing right beside that altar as they were murmuring to each other in some sort of strange and bizarre language. They sounded like they were communicating with each other.

"This is the armor that he once used when he was still in the army. The armor was once drenched with his blood and also the blood of the orcs. I had spent a lot of effort just to get this."

A deep voice spoke.

"Is it possible that we were mistaken about the target?"

A low voice was heard speaking.

"Then those orcs must be alive in order for the effects to take place. Although we truly hate this man, we have to admit that his strength is truly marvelous and absolute Alright, let's begin with the ritual."

"Ha. Ha."

Meanwhile, the low voice began to laugh. "This is a curse created with the power of the true gods. No one in the mortal world will be able to resist it."

The thick voice was filled with disdain and rage when it spoke, "We shall let the dragonslayers know that killing our kind would require them to pay with their lives, and at the cost of everything."

Along with their words, a set of black armor that was tattered and bloody suddenly appeared in the center of the obsidian altar. Numerous tentacles composed of dark fog rose out of the altar and crept over the armor. Along the shaking of the tentacles, black and red lines of patterns began to appear in the altar. These line patterns looked like blood veins and blood vessels. Hazy red radiance emanated intensely as the blood magic circle on the dome-shaped ceiling of the place was releasing the presence of Chaos one pulse after another like a living creature.

Meanwhile, far in the North.

A tall, red-eyed warrior was carrying his own weapon as he was walking on the road leading to the Imperial City.