Soul Of Searing Steel Chapter 248

Chapter 248: The Power of Destruction

Using only brute force to create a crack within the dimension was not a simple action to do even if it was for Joshua or any other legendary warrior. Even those mages who mastered the art in space magic had to go through detailed calculations before creating a pathway through the dimension. Different complex runes and arrays had to be laid. Utilizing the natural power of the world, they could bend space to create their desired path.

Perhaps only the gods or sages had the almighty existence to play around with space freely with their own will. Their power could easily create the phenomena fitting to their own image.

Although Joshua could not create his own dimensional space to travel on his own, he still had the capability to reopen a pathway which had already existed.

Just like this moment.

His body which was still located within Ural Fortress was burning with a crimson red aura. Joshua focused on the blue gap which did completely disappear. He raised his right fist and swung it.

Joshua clenched his fist firmly, every element including his bones, muscles, blood vessel worked together to muster an insurmountable strength. The power channeled seemed to be able to grasp everything in the world within his hands and crushing all the enemies before him.

At the same moment, the people around him, regardless they were heavy-armored swordsman or mage, saw the bloody black fog emerging in front of them.

The fog seemed to be capable of combusting the whole world, covering the vast sky.

Using the red Combat Aura as the source of power, the dense killing intent gushed out from Joshua's body, surging through his fist. The urge to simply kill and battle caused the two Gold-tier warriors within the vicinity to back off. They looked at Joshua feeling unable to see through the truth within him. They could not relate the person in front of them now together with the warrior bathed in holy power. The archbishop who was traveling looked towards Joshua's direction. He felt that the light in front of him signified the existence of a terrifying being.

Joshua did not care about the people's view. All he did was focus on his fist and the dimension pathway in front of him.

Satsui Hadou was a part of Joshua's Glorious Strength. It was supposed to be only a form of raw power, but it had evolved through the process of devouring souls of the beings that Joshua killed. After Joshua encountered battles in both the Dark Tide and the events in the world of Karlis, he had successfully gathered countless soul fragments. Due to that fact, Satsui Hadou was able to amass such terrifying amount of power.

However, this was not some power he used on a daily basis. Even when he fought with Roland, he used only his own Combat Aura. That was also under the same stance where the opponent did not use their Glorious Strength as well. The true reason that he refrain from using this power was that it looked too wicked. No matter who was his opponent, he would always be the one looking more like the villain himself. But at that moment, he no longer cared.

After all, he never considered himself as an ally of justice anyway.

"Die, monsters."

The cold words spread across Ural Fortress. Joshua's Glorious Strength easily shattered the dimensional gap. The Combat Aura which resembled a torrent pierced through the dimensional pathway. The two demonic dragon could not believe the scene in front of them. The attack hit directly at the center of the sacrificial hall where the obsidian altar was located.

The sturdy rock was instantly shattered and turned into dust. The devastating Combat Aura which was filled with the scent of blood permeated through the hall, turning anything which it came in contact with into ash. The walls and pillars within the hall were continuously destroyed by the invading power. Before everything completely disintegrated, a strong gust of hurricane hit both of them and blew them away.

How could this happen?

Where does this attack come from?!

Without having the time to understand all the happening, both of them could only look at the high-temperature wave of black fog covering the whole area. Turning rocks into ash, metal into liquid. The heart-piercing terror caused them unable to control their own emotion. Even if they wanted to mourn, they had no chance to do so as the threat of death was so near.

Both of the dragons struggled to stand up. They tried to exhaust their own bloodlines to manifest the last drop of power which they had in their body, yet it was completely futile. The strong power of Order back then had completely cleansed every power within their body which had no relation to the power of Order. That itself included their own dragon bloodline.

They were no longer the all and mighty demonic dragons. They were just dragons with a normal bloodline accompanied with an extremely ugly outer appearance.

While being trapped within this endless despair, a piece of rock shard flew in high speed and hit onto one of the dragons directly on its head.

At that moment, the shard shattered into smaller pieces and the skull of the dragon also damaged. A loud cracking sound could be heard, accompanied by a large wound bleeding with poisoned blood. A part of its flesh had also been removed by the shard previously. Under the high pressure pressing down their body, their bone structure and muscle completely deformed and forced one of its eyeballs to fly out. Without any chances to mourn, the weak dragon died instantly on the spot. The greenish brain juice and blood scattered everywhere, splatting onto his companion right beside him.

This death could be considered a lucky death. Before the other dragon could respond to his companion's death, the sacrificial hall slowly cracked. The cracking sound could be heard within the raging waves. At that moment, cracks had filled up the whole room. This included the undersea tunnel and other hidden rooms.

At last, everything crumbled.


The island in the further south released a huge explosion. Accompanying the waves created from the explosion, releasing waves and waves of tsunami and forming a whirlpool at the end of it. The whirlpool seemed to be continuously sucking all the sea water into it.

The strong tsunami hit the uninhabited islands, clearing of the plants and sand within. The whirlpool stopped after a moment, but the chain reaction under the sea had not stopped. The explosion under the sea had caused the island to slowly sink. At the end of it, the last remaining tip of the island had been covered with sea water.

After a few minutes, the island could no longer be seen on the surface of the sea. It was completely submerged. What's left behind was the sea contaminated by the sand and some carcasses which occasionally floated to the surface.

Within the northern Empire at the center of Ural Fortress, the warrior who was not aware of the damage he had done to the island let out a sigh. The white air formed around him had blown off the dust in the streets. Noticing the two life forms which were destroyed at the end of the attack, Joshua nodded his head in satisfaction. When he turned around, he looked at the warriors and mages who were on their guard.

The archbishop had led a group of knights towards the side of the street.

Cade Medsett and Jean Wilmot were very familiar with each other. However, one of them was the leader of the Empire official forces. The other was the leader of the underground world. They did not have a good relationship. Today, both of them who were supposed to be Gold-tier rivals were standing together. Their subordinates also seemed to be in formation. They had raised their guard against Joshua who was brimming with Combat Aura together with Ying and Ling behind him.

They could not help but feel extremely nervous. In Cade's opinion, the power that was released by Joshua had far surpassed the power of a Gold tier, reaching the state of [Supreme] which they heard in legends. The power to split the dimension apart was significantly terrifying as well. In addition to that, the utterly villainous look, with a great scent of death was too horrifying as well.

This person just released some extremely pure holy power?

Could it be that the power manifested was used to cleanse this wicked creature..

A great amount of information was analyzed by both of them. However, they could not get a definite answer. They had too little information to begin with, thus it was impossible to get an accurate analysis. They couldn't even decide to guard against Joshua or to greet him up front. Although the young warrior looked a bit wicked, he had not caused any damages or deaths to Ural Fortress. Although he had used his full force to attack, all he did was shatter the land under his own feet.

At that moment, the Archbishop of Ural Fortress, Kanna Drake, had reached the scene. Unlike the fortress guards that were near or the mage who could use magic to reach earlier, the Gold-tier priest was fully-equipped and slowly marched towards their destination.

With only a single glance, the priest had identified both familiar people within the same formation. Kanna was shocked in disbelief. How could two people who always had different stances be working together? What sort of entity were they facing together?

His curiosity led his gaze towards Joshua.

Astonished, he exclaimed, "Jo-Joshua?!"