Soul Of Searing Steel Chapter 265

Chapter 265: Someone Finally Noticed the Fact That the Horse Was Lost

In a vast expanse on the northwest of the Illgner continent, a plume of smoke was moving towards the south at a rapid speed. Right at its forefront, there was a small dot of gleaming red light, while the dusty fog by its back continued to spread in the shape of a cone.

Along with the moving dusty fog, thunderous roars were heard repeatedly, causing the earth to tremble, and the winds to howl. Every single living being in the surroundings of the moving dusty fog were startled by its presence. All of them were trembling in fear as they left their dwellings as if there was something enormous was running across the earth.

"The target has reached the middle point of the northwest plains at 257 km/h!"

"The target's travel distance is a straight line with a deviation of 0.01%. It is assumed that it has the ability to sense the direction where there is a presence of magnetic force!"

"If the target speed remains, the target will arrive at Babel province in approximately one hour twenty minutes. It shall arrive at the capital city of the Babel province in approximately two hours forty-five minutes!"

Right in the sky above Mount Sigma, a gigantic floating airship was slowly levitating higher into the air. Meanwhile, at the temporary office in the floating airship, numerous communication personnel were looking serious with their works and roles as they were busy transmitting various kinds of information. "Chief commander! An emergency notice has been sent to the governor of Babel province!"

Meanwhile, the red-haired elf in formal clothing, the chief commander of the Bay Confederation Vulcan Ulla Knoll was sitting by the desk in his office. He was looking at all sorts of reports as he was frowning in frustration. After hearing the message transmitted from the communication device, he immediately nodded grimly. "What's the situation with the evacuation of the refugees?"

"The evacuation of the villages in the province has been achieved. Only a small number of diehards were reluctant to leave their homes. We've imposed necessary enforcement measures." The correspondent followed every single word of the message that appeared on the communication circle. He quickly said, "As for the capital city, they have yet to take refuge just yet. Babel's capital is holding a local celebration. There are a large number of foreign tourists and refugees from the previous evacuation of Mount Sigma are stranded in the capital. It's extremely difficult to carry on with the evacuation!"

"God damn it. We did not make it in time"

As he was frowning intensely, a glimmer of anxiety flashed across the eyes of Vulcan. He braced his chin on the backs of both of his hands. Then he seriously said, "Connect me to the military base. I want to speak to the military, I must speak with Delan!"


Soon after, the military's communication was switched on, the communication circle appeared on the desk, and the chief commander did not hesitate at all. He immediately spoke to the man on the other side of the communication circle, "Delan, does our current weapon have the power to destroy the target?"

Meanwhile, on the other hand, a voice that sounded very full-hearted and strangely powerful was heard coming from the other side of the communication circle. "Come in, chief commander. Regardless of the problem about the rate of hitting the target, with our current weapons, it is difficult for us to deal effective damage to a super being with an energy level that exceeded 20,000! We will only provoke the target and make it angrier if we're to attack it without having any countermeasures!"

After sighing so softly that no one noticed, Vulcan briefly thought about it and then added, "Is it feasible to interfere with the target and to induce the target into going towards other directions? In other words, we don't have to think about killing the target. We only want to temporarily stop moving forward. We just need to stall the target and gain enough time for the evacuation to minimize the threat the target might pose to the capital city of the Babel province."

"We shall try with our best then."

The voice coming from the other side of the communication circle sounded very decisive. However, his tone had also suggested that he was not that confident to perform the requested task though.

When the communication circle was turned off, the red-haired elf could feel the abnormal rate of his heartbeat. He frantically placed his hands on his hair, rummaging it in frustration. However, his feelings of helplessness remained unchanged.

"I am really old now. I've started to feel so insecure and uneasy with such situation I've never been so anxious even back then when I was in the war."

A few seconds later, he scoffed and said, "After all, the world has been peaceful for over seventy years. I've never seen too much bloodshed ever since Now this is really a disaster that no one has seen coming."

After letting off some steam for a brief moment, Vulcan remained calm once again. Meanwhile, servants around him had also smoothed his hair a little so that he did not look like a madman standing in front of everyone as he would command them for the remaining time of this event. After that, he continued to look at the numerous documents on his desk as he was giving orders to the other communication personnel at the sides. "Has the news department prepared the notice for the emergency news bulletin? Send it out as soon as possible. We must also be ready to dispatch the relief supplies. Coincidentally we have prepared a large number of supplies for the eruption of Mount Sigma. There should be a lot remained unused."

"We must also be well-prepared for anything that could happen to the surrounding areas of Babel. Even though the target might only pass through the places, the final target remained unknown to the people. We must not let our guards down on that matter!"

Since they could not destroy the target and could not evacuate the city in time, then they could only do their best to handle the aftermath. Encountering a monster of that sort of energy level, we need to inform the others as early as we can even if it could cause massive panic. Hence, while he was giving orders swiftly to his servants to get everything in place, his eyes were also fixed on the light dot on the magic map. That red light seemed to be pushing forward with an unstoppable momentum as it passed by the hills, the peaks, and the rivers. Vulcan could not help but sigh quietly deep in his heart.

"Volcanic dragon"

The Bay Confederation, Babel's capital.

Countless tourist and local elves who were dressed in their festive clothing were laughing and cheering in joy as they were walking along with their relatives and loved ones on the streets in the city. In the most prosperous region of the business district in the capital city, the crowd was very huge. Even the shops were filled with tourists who wanted to buy some souvenirs and some local delicacies.

Colorful flags and gongs had been hung on high-rise buildings or landmark buildings on both sides of the street earlier on. The flags and other decorations were dancing along with the wind. Flowers and wines were randomly placed along the streets, allowing anyone grab them just like that. The kites and the sounds of wooden flutes were echoing through the entire city all the way up to the clouds in the sky.

That would be the carnival that Babel's capital would hold once in every ten years for the past 600 years. That carnival was held to celebrate the establishment of the city. In the day which had already become a part of their culture, everyone would laugh as much as they want, come together with their families and friends, giving flowers to each other, sharing wine and beer. Currently, the entire city had descended into the atmosphere where everyone was celebrating. They were completely closed off from the panic that was once brought about by the recent eruption of Mount Sigma.

A young child of the elves with sharp-edged ears was smiling carefreely as he was following his parents at the side. He seemed to be attempting to grab a glass of fruit wine to have a taste of it. However, he was immediately noticed by his parents. Because of that, his small little face was being rubbed so hard by his mother as if it would go out of shape. The little child could only frown in discontentment.

At that festive moment where everyone was enjoying the moment, suddenly, the loudspeakers across the entire city began to broadcast a crystal-clear sound that was being amplified with spells.

"This is the provincial governor's office in Babel. This is an urgent announcement."

The voice sounded exhausted and yet very loud at the same time. "According to the news coming fresh from the office of chief commander, a strange creature that seems to come from outer space has appeared at the mountain region in the northwest direction. The superior living being goes by the codename 'Volcanic Dragon'. It is believed that this was the culprit which caused Mount Sigma to erupt in the first place. And this creature is currently heading downtown at a very high speed. It shall arrive at the following towns and areas in sequence. White Wind Town, Canticles Town, and Yanan Business District"

"The creature will arrive at the capital city of Babel Province in approximately 2 hours and twenty minutes. For your own safety, please be advised. Get to the nearest evacuation site now. The city is under evacuation. Please cooperate with the government officials to carry out the evacuation in an orderly manner as soon as possible. I repeat. For your own safety, please be advised. Get to the nearest evacuation site now. The city is under evacuation. Please cooperate with government officials to carry out the evacuation in an orderly manner as soon as possible"

The crowd went silent for a brief moment. Almost instantly, the chatter started again. However, this time, the din was not filled with cheer and joy. They were the sounds of frustration and fear from the crowd. Truth to be told, the elves of the Bay Confederation were not unfamiliar with the attacks of monsters and the evacuations. However, this would be the first time the capital city went through this sort of incident. After all, those monsters from outer space would never land on populated places. They would normally choose the mountain areas and the forests as their target spot to land. Meanwhile, those monsters would usually be exterminated before they could make it to any city across the entire continent.

"Are you serious? Is this a joke or not?"

"Where are our government? And where are the army? How can they let that kind of monster to rampage across city by city?"

"This is an emergency my plans are completely ruined"

Some of them did not believed in the broadcast while the others believed. Those who believed in the broadcast were discontented with the news. Some of them were more concerned with their own plans instead of their own safeties. The festive mood across the city instantly disappeared. The crowd was beginning to panic. However, there were many military personnel appeared on the other end of the street. They were military soldiers and guards of the cities wearing their respective uniforms. They immediately came up to the crowd as they began attempting to maintain order of the crowd and initiated the first step of evacuation of the city.

In the meantime when the evacuation was being carried upon the city, right on the vast flatlands.

A number of platoons came prepared with their own camouflaged armored vehicles to the spot where they predicted the volcanic dragon would show up. They stationed themselves in the surroundings of that spot as they camouflaged themselves and hide their presences nicely looking like pieces of giant rocks. They were ready to ambush the volcanic dragon.

"Are the Instant Gel Cannonballs ready to be dispatched?"

"Although we urgently mobilized one batch over here, it seems that we're having far from enough. We only have enough to shoot twice."

"The movement speed of the target is more than twice that the movement speed of an ordinary magic-armored vehicle. It is very difficult to aim."

"That's why we need to plan everything out nice and steady. Let's go over the tasks and regions that each of us are assigned to."

The army were communication through the communication circles though. They did not step out of their vehicles to communicate. The instant gel was in fact the special product of Illgner Continent. It was processed from a type of resin from rare oak tree. The Instant Gel could quickly harden whenever it made contact with the elements in the air. This sort of gel was extremely tough. By applying just a small amount of it, even a military-grade armored vehicle would not be able to pull it apart. Not to mention that the gel was also resistant to elemental attacks. Regardless of whether it were the vehicles or the monsters from outer space, once they were shot with this cannonball gel, they would not be able to move even the slightest bit.

Of course, because of that, the price for this sort of gel would also be extremely expensive. In order to handle the whole situation with this volcanic dragon, the Confederation had mobilized all remaining stock of the instant gel with the hope that they could at least do something to the volcanic dragon. After all, the lives of the people of an entire capital city was obviously much more precious than those materials and resources.

As time went by, the earth began to rumble again and again. Dust and sand were seen flying into the air from afar. A plume of smoke that looked like a pillar was rapidly moving towards the direction of the heavily armored convoy.

The convoy immediately gave the signal at each other. "Ready to intercept!"

"Everyone, we must succeed. The Babel Province is right behind us! We've nowhere to retreat now!"

However, just when everyone in the armored convoy was fully prepared as they were waiting for the volcanic dragon to approach them, something unexpected had suddenly happened. The plume of smoke actually stopped all of a sudden and stayed on a spot.

In the astounded eyes of all the elves, the smoke began to disperse as the tall shadow of a draconic horse was revealed right before their eyes.

That was definitely a terrifying behemoth that was extremely intimidating. Its body was surrounded with a barrier of fire energy that was surging around its body like blazing winds. Its black shell and huge thorns were covered with red lava-like bands of light as they were unleashing terrifying heat. Under the influence of that sort of heat, the air was seen distorting as heat waves were shooting into the sky. Instantly, the grass on the plain instantly withered and caught fire.

Would the Instant Gel Cannonballs really work? All of the elves who had just witness the arrival of the mighty draconic horse had that thought flashed through their minds.

"What what the hell is it doing?"

One of the scouts spoke out with a trembling voice. He could feel fear creeping up his spine. "Why... why would it stop?"

"I don't know" Another scout had also spoke out in a trembling voice through the window of the armored vehicle he was in. His legs went soft. "It seems that it has already found us?"

"How is that possible?! Even though our camouflage is not perfect, we're definite not going to be found by the wild beast?"

The person who said that was initially agitated. However, he suddenly lowered his voice as his face froze. Then he stared at the scene right before his eyes without moving his eyes away at all.

The superior life form with the code name 'Volcanic Dragon' looked straight towards the direction where the armored vehicles were hiding. It then shook its head as if it had some characteristic of human nature in it. It even let a long snort as if it was making fun of the elves. Initially, the eyes of this creature was filled with an aura suggesting that it was one of the dominators belonging to the top of the food chain. However, now, the elves in the convoy noticed that the eyes of this creature was filled with contempt.

The camouflage is so bad... You people are no fun at all

The eyes seemed to be giving out that sort of message to the elves. Meanwhile, before it even waited for the elves to respond, the gigantic draconic horse charged up its four limbs that seemed muscular and explosive. Along with its muscles across its limbs tightening up, the draconic horse leaped right out using its front legs. Right at the moment when it leaped forward the earth trembled violently, leaving countless large traces of cracks on the surface of the ground. In the meantime, the huge shadow of the creature had lunged into the sky, leaping itself over the convoys that were hiding in plain sight.


Along with a deafening rumble, the draconic horse had already leaped over hundreds of meters away from where it stood a moment ago. The draconic horse turned its head around and sneered back at the elves that were still staring at it in shock from their own convoys. Then it shook its head again. It even thumped its tail onto the surface of the ground, stirring sand and dust up into the air. After that, it shifted its attention from those nave elves whose faces remained dumbfounded. Then it began charging forward with all of its strength.

Everyone on the convoy remained in shock as their jaws were dropped wide opened with their eyes staring at the back of the draconic horse that was the scene rapidly. As they were looking at the dust and sand flying in their air left behind by the draconic horse, they were only overwhelmed by one emotion right now, astonishment.

An astonished trembling voice was heard from one of the elves on othe scene. "It..."

"Possesses wisdom?"

At the same time, on the Mycroft Continent, Moldavia, Dark Forest Fortress.

"I'm sorry, my friend. I can't drink."

While being in the middle of a camp, Roland smiled and refused to drink the big glass of grape wine that the members of the expedition party handed over to him. However, under the sincere insistence of his party members, he could not help but to pick up the honey beverage and had a toast with his fellow party members.

Meanwhile, after drinking the sweet beverage, the holy knight went back to the spot he was and sat down quietly.

His hand was holding an ancient book he borrowed from the library of St. Laurent Cathedral. He was very focused on reading the book. That book contained the history of the Radcliffe family while they were in the North. Of course, while he was reading the book, he would also occasionally lift his head and entertain his friends from the expedition party with a few jokes, along with some laughter. After that, he would turn his head back to the book as he would focus back on reading the book.

After he lost the battle against Joshua, he realized that he still had a long way to go. There was much for him to learn as his strength was not optimized just yet. Since he was defeated in the battle with the warrior, he felt a little embarrassed to ask Joshua about the information on Chaos, that did not mean that the holy knight was not interested in those information. Since he could not ask, he had decided to find out about the information all by himself.

After asking a favor of Priest Artanis, he had borrowed quite a number of ancient books from the library of the church. Well, perhaps some of the books contained the truth to the questions he had been asking about.

After reading the books seriously, Roland suddenly understood some things. He blinked his blue eyes and spoke softly, "Wait a minute, it seems like I have forgotten something?"

About the books, the holy knight had given some serious thought about the contents in them. "What is it Oh! That's right!"

He recalled back on that incident! Roland suddenly furrowed his brow intensely as he reminded himself of that incident. "That's right! Joshua has asked me to take care of his horse"

"I should go and check out the horse at the volcano. I hope it stays there obediently. I really hope it won't do anything stupid and cause me trouble."