Soul Of Searing Steel Chapter 287

Chapter 287: The Promise that Went on for Millenniums

The elves of the Illgner world had lost an enormous amount of information about their ancient history. The oldest history they knew was only a thousand years ago. At that time, the first generation of the Elven Dynasty was founded among thousands of lakes in the Northern Plains of the Mountains of Origins. Because of war, the dynasty was destroyed and rebuilt until hundreds of years ago, the fourth dynasty, also known to be the last Elven Dynasty, was settled in the Mountains of Origins. Everything was only beginning to settle in.

However, due to wars, countless data were lost. They might have been burned along with the library. Or perhaps the mad Emperor of the last dynasty had given the order to destroy every single traces of those information. Meanwhile, the greatest damage to the historical documents happened 147 years ago. Golems descended upon the city of knowledge known as the Bay City. Back in the city, the monsters had slaughtered most of the elves across half of the city. They had also laid waste upon most of the stored information kept within the interior region of the city. In the meantime, the royals of the dynasty were fighting with both open and secret means over the throne. They did not have the time to focus their attention on that city at all. They were merely handling the operation to provide disaster reliefs in a perfunctory manner. They were obviously treating their own people like they were insignificant peasants. Because of that, the people who survived the calamity happened in Bay City were enraged. Without even the slightest hesitation, they rose up against the dynasty, sworn their oath to overthrow the corrupted dynasty and protect their own world.

Seventy years after that day, and seventy years ago today, the last dynasty was overthrown by the rebels of the Bay Confederation that yet to take form. And the incident of burning their historical information and data took place for one last timethe last generation of elven royals had destroyed every single trace of information and data in the Great Imperial Library. Countless precious spell books and other historical documents were scorched along by the fire that burned the entire library down to the ground, leaving only ashes and dust of everything related to the library. For that, the Confederation had no other way than to set on the path to create an all-new magic technology in their world.

Meanwhile, many myths, and even histories, were lost along the flames that burned down the library and all of the information and data along with it.

However, Vulcan was different.

Vulcan Ulla Knoll had been benefiting from his parents who were once the residents in the City of Knowledge where they had much knowledge about the past. His memory consisted of countless histories and myths unknown to the newly born elves. For instance, he knew about the myth about the large tree that lied before his eyes.

Or perhaps it was not a myth at all.

In the age where words were yet to be invented and written, the earliest elves had moved from the plains to the forests. It was perhaps they just couldn't get enough food and resources across the plains, or perhaps there were other reasons for them to move into the forests. However, none of that matters now. The important matter was that they had discovered a gigantic tree that went all the way into the sky as if it was supporting the sky from falling down to the earth. The tree was found at the center of the forest.

Around that giant tree, there were innumerable living creatures. They were mild in nature and only feed on the leaves of the giant tree. Hence, the creatures did not attack the Elves who arrived at the bottom of the giant tree. The ancestors of the Elves were curious. So they attempted to consume the leaves that fell from the branches of the giant tree. However, they were extremely surprised to find that these leaves were more delicious than any fruit existed in their world. Upon consuming the leaves, they even felt that their bodies were purified. They could feel that their physiques had improved as well. The effect would probably take place once in every two years, or perhaps once in every three to four years. Furthermore, the effect would only take place in between the period where winter was about to end and spring was about to arrive. The period of time would usually last for approximately a week. Only then, the leaves would possess the power the strengthen the physiques of whoever consumed them.

The first time they came across the magical effect of the leaves were merely their luck. However, even so, that did not stop the Elven tribe from worshipping the giant tree as their god. Worshipping the giant tree day by day, and the years glided past. Thousands of years had passed. Due to the strengthening and improving effect on their physiques, the newly born elves possessed bodies with stronger 'Gifts' and they could move much more agile than their ancestors. Their ears were slowly becoming longer than the ears of their ancestors as well. Not to mention that their faces and appearances had become much more handsome and pretty than their ancestors as well. The tree god had gradually possessed some ability that was much more divine than it previously had because of the countless praying of countless beings over thousands of years.

All the way until today, the elves were known as the elves, and the tree god was deemed to be the Tree God. Their beliefs on the Mother Tree had been rooted into their culture and histories.

Theoretically speaking, there should be sequels after that myth. However, all of the myths and histories during that period of time had been lost. Through the remaining pages of books, Vulcan only knew that his ancestor had left the tribe and walked out of the forest when the tribe had gotten too big. After that, his ancestors had also met many other races. They made contact with the other races, through either war or peaceful contact vigilantly. Afterward, the Elves had developed their own complex civilization, having their territories expanded across the continent of this world.

However, everything was ended with one simple prophecy.

The ignorant have activated the door of doom, dooming the fate of all and death shall come forth to collect everything.

As for the history after that, everything was left blank. There was no record or whatsoever to suggest what really happened during that period of time.

Vulcan shook his head as he cast those thoughts at the back of his mind.

If there were people who knew more about the history and information coming to him, he might be able to make some assumptions and make some educational guesses about some truths hidden in the dark, such as how the legendary Elven Kingdom was destroyed and how did the new Elves after that era came to this continent. However, the red-haired Elves have no clue about it at all, and he did not seem to care much about it.

Taking one step after another, he approached the gigantic rock tree which was radiating with green light. Vulcan could sense that the elemental energy that was getting denser by the moment. It was far more intense and dense than elemental energy on the outside world. The density of it was even more than places rich with magic energy such as Mount Sigma. In here, one ordinary fireball could be as powerful as a fire blast attack, and a chain of lightning could become as powerful as a lightning storm.

The closer you got close to the giant tree, the more insignificant you would feel. As the elf came before that giant tree, he looked left and right. Then he realized that he was no longer able to see the size of the tree right before his eyes. The giant tree that turned into arock was standing tall like a boundless wall right before the elf. In the meantime, Vulcan sensed that there was a gale flowing all around his body. It felt refreshing. Vulcan could feel as if the exhaustion of his body over the days was slowly flowing away as if his body had enough rest in an instant. Even his spirit had become much more relieved.

"I hope Mother Tree will respond to me this time as well"

Vulcan took a deep breath and closed his eyes. After that, he reached out his hand and placed his palm on the surface of the gigantic rock tree.

Seventy years ago when he first came here and had his first sight on the giant tree, Vulcan knew that it must be the Mother Tree that was kept mentioned in the elven myths and legends. He finally understood why the last generation of the Elven Dynasty went through so much hardship to keep their main capital here. That was because the origin of the elves was here. That spot was where their civilization's beliefs and totems lied.

Although he had no clue as of why everything existed in such a way, this gigantic tree that should have grown up among forests and thousands of lakes was remained slumbering beneath the ground. However, regardless of any saying, with the presence of this gigantic tree, the descendants of the royal family of elves would possess 'Gifts' that were deemed to be far more superior than the 'Gifts' other elves possessed. The royal family of the elves would also be admitted to countless perks and benefits from the tree itself.

As for why the god tree was not displayed publicly to all of the elves to prove their royal authority, Vulcan would not have made any assumption out of that. The red-haired elf believed that if the Mother Tree was revealed to the rebels in the early stage of their rebellion against the tyranny of the Elven Dynasty, many of them would have given up to overthrowing the Emperors. They would definitely have the guts to face the totems that had been deeply rooted in their minds.

But everything had come to pass. At this point, no one would have stopped anyway.

Of course, he had also curiously made contact with the tree that gave birth to an entirely new civilization back in the years by placing his palm upon the surface of the tree.

However, what shocked the red-haired elf was that he could sense a quiver in the surface of the rock tree upon his touch on the god tree.

Layers of green light were lit up on the surface of the rock layer as they were formed into gleaming patterns that looked like branches. Along with a hurling refreshing wind sweeping through into the surroundings, the entire underground cave was covered in grass in an instant, and the fragrance of dew and flora overwhelmed the entire area. The sudden changes in the surroundings had led Vulcan to believe that he was currently standing in the middle of a dreamland.

At that time, a voice that sounded like countless people spoken out at the same time emerged all of a sudden on his mind.

"The leader of the new era."

The voice sounded divinely sacred and gentle. The voice also carried along layers of ethereal echoes as it spoke gently to the elf, "Are you the new king of the current Elven Dynasty?"

After being overwhelmed by shock, Vulcan quickly regained his composure as he kept a trace of his rationality. In the face of the sudden occurrence of strange phenomenon and the voice, he said respectfully, "No, I'm not a king to begin with. There might not a king anymore in the future of the Elves. I'm just an ordinary man who leads the others forward."

"Your body contains the beliefs of many."

This voice was undeniable. It did not express any opinion on Vulcan's statement. "Regardless of any saying, you must be the hero that leads in this era Your soul and spirit are strong, strong enough to bear our will. You've fulfilled the conditions required to do so."

"Sign the contract with us."

After remaining in silence for a brief moment, the voice spoke to propose. At the same time, an invisible pressure began to spread into the surroundings. The gigantic rock tree was trembling slightly, and the entire underground cavern was beginning to shake along with it. Vulcan raised his awareness as he remained vigilant. However, the overwhelmingly heavy pressure almost had him fall to the ground. Just when the elf was about to fall, it spoke with a serious and yet sacred tone. "On behalf of the elves, sign the contract with us, the contract that exists since the ancient times"

"But who are you exactly?"

In the face of pressure that intensified all of a sudden, Vulcan braced himself with all effort as he spat out scattered vocabulary words from his mouth. He felt that the unknown voice had yet to address itself. It was because its own existence was too powerful. As a result, as long as it got a little serious, it was not able to hold its pressurizing presence that almost oppressed the poor weak elf to such extent.

"Elf of the representative of your kind, you can call us the Soul of the Forests."

"And right before you is the will of the ancestors and kings of the past, the will of the Mother Tree."

"We are the protectors of the elves and the guardians of nature. The new reincarnation has already begun. The moment for a new contract is upon us all."

"As long as the elves have yet to forget the Mother Tree, the Mother Tree shall inevitably protect the Elves."

Countless different voices echoed on Vulcan's mind at the same time, but miraculously, he could hear every single word as clear as day.

"Is it so... is that the case? ... the Mother Tree always exist, she's always right beside us" The eyes of the red-haired elf seemed to linger for a moment here. He was mumbling to himself. However, on the next moment, Vulcan's eyes recovered and they looked determined once again. "Although I have no idea if I'm qualified for this, I will die trying."

"I, Vulcan Ulla Knoll, in the name of the leader of the Bay Confederation Army, the representative for all of the Elves today will sign this contract!"

Right after the moment he made his declaration to the powerful existence, a gratifying sigh echoed through the entire underground cavern.

The ethereal and sacred voice echoed on.

"In the name of the sky, the earth, the sea, and the world, this oath shall never be renounced."

The incident that happened seventy years ago had reappeared once again.

Just when Vulcan who was much older came into contact with the Divine Tree of Beginnings for the second time believing that the Mother Tree had gone completely into its slumber and never to respond to him ever again, a gale swept into the surroundings.

Not just the underground cavern.

The guards who were standing on top of the ruins of the fallen Elven Dynasty's capital were currently manning the flying airships. They were aiming their guns and cannons towards the Golems that kept coming from the mountains. They were resisting against the bizarrely powerful wind as they were battling against the endless horde of daemons. Because their Chief Commander had yet to return, they refused to leave the spot.

However, even so, more and more golems were emerging as they were gradually occupying the entire area of ruins. Even if their great Chief Commander return to the airship now, they might not be able to leave the spot alive. There were also traces of numerous aerial golems emerging from the distant. Some of the soldiers were beginning to hesitate whether to continue waiting for the return of their Chief Commander or to follow the final command that their Chief Commander gave them, to flee the scene the moment the situation became dangerous.

Just as they quarreled to make the decision.

A harmonious wind was hurled into the vicinity from an unknown source.

The wind was not too far nor too slow. However, it was not affected by any other winds in the vicinity. It wiped away the gale caused by the disturbance of the magic energy and swept across the seemingly endless horde of golems on the ground. In an instant, all of the golems stopped moving. Their bodies were growing green vines and grass. Meanwhile, the aerial golems that were flying in the sky were falling to the ground one after another.

With the ruins of the fallen royal city, the haze that once shrouded the entire mountain region had been swept away clean just like the refreshing winds that swept across the forest in the summer. All of the golems were turned into statues that no longer move. The guards and soldiers on the levitating airship were gazing upon the scene with their jaws dropped. They did not have the slightest clue about what exactly was going on.

In the meantime, Vulcan could hear a familiar voice in his mind.

"The leader of the new age, the king of the elves."

The voice, as always, was ethereal and sacred, as if it was an echo of voice spoken by many at the same time. "What is it that you seek?"